Putin’s Futile Yearend Diplomatic Outreach to the US and UK

Putin’s Futile Yearend Diplomatic Outreach to the US and UK

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If diplomacy worked with Washington, Britain, and their imperial partners, world peace and stability would replace endless wars. They rage with virtually no prospects for resolution, things likely to worsen in the new year.

On Sunday, Putin extended holiday season greetings to ruling authorities in numerous countries, as well as to heads of international organizations.

It’s a gracious diplomatic gesture any time of year, a waste of time in dealings with the US and UK, partners in Russophobic rage, Moscow considered their mortal enemy, wanting its government toppled, preparing for possible nuclear war.

Russian diplomacy works with most countries. It’s ineffective and foolhardy in dealings with US and UK ruling authorities, partnering in war on humanity, abhorring world peace and stability.

Their imperial allies go along with what demands rejection. Britain is complicit with Washington’s political, economic, financial, and sanctions war on Russia and other countries with no let-up – Cold War 2.0, risking things turning hot.

Wishing Theresa May “good health, happiness and every success, and the British people well-being and prosperity” flies in the face of her regime’s hardline destructive policies.

She, Tories, most other MPs, and their US counterparts want Russia undermined, plotting other provocations and dirty tricks against the country, falsely blaming Putin for crimes she and the US cooked up against the Kremlin – on top of numerous phony accusations.

Putin extended outreach to Trump, saying “Russia-US relations are the most important factor behind ensuring strategic stability and international security, and reaffirmed that (he’s) open to dialogue with the United States on the most extensive agenda.”

He ignored numerous US hostile actions against Russia and him personally. After nearly two years in office, only one summit between both leaders was held, achieving nothing toward improving dismal relations.

At the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina weeks earlier, Trump snubbed Putin, refusing to meet with him one-on-one, canceling a scheduled meeting over the November 25 US/UK-orchestrated Kerch Strait incident – Ukrainian vessels provocatively entering Russian waters uninvited, flagrantly breaching the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

There was no ambiguity about what happened, Russia wrongfully blamed for the US/UK-cooked up incident implemented by Kiev putschists, a hostile act.

Differences between the world’s leading nuclear powers are too irreconcilable to fix, world’s apart from each other on virtually all major geopolitical issues mattering most.

Russia pursues world peace, stability, mutual cooperation among all nations, and multi-world polarity.

America seeks unchallenged global dominance, wars of aggression its favored strategy, all sovereign independent countries targeted for regime change, peace and stability considered rejected.

Russia’s word is its bond. The US can never be trusted, consistently breaching international treaties, conventions, and bilateral agreements.

Moscow’s good faith efforts for improved relations achieve nothing. Bipartisan US hardliners consider diplomatic outreach a sign of weakness, easy to exploit to their advantage.

The only language they understand is toughness, the message through actions Russia should have delivered long ago – in Syria, along its border with Ukraine, in dealings with US-dominated NATO, and at the UN.

The world body, notably its Security Council, is the only venue where Russia holds its own, standing up for fundamental rule of law principles, refusing to go along with Washington’s imperial agenda.

Increasingly hostile US actions against Russia and other sovereign independent states heads things toward possible WW III.

Russian Federation diplomatic outreach to Washington doesn’t work. It hasn’t since Soviet Russia dissolved, nor will it going forward as long as Republicans and undemocratic Dems seek unchallenged global hegemony, compromise not in their vocabulary.

Toughness is the only way to deal with them, the only effective strategy, perhaps the only way to avoid catastrophic nuclear war.

When confronted by someone able to hit back as hard as it takes, bullies usually back off. Washington rolls over weaker countries because they’re no match against US might – Syria the exception because Russia intervened.

What’s working in the Syrian Arab Republic can be effective overall. Challenging US imperialism globally is long overdue.

When will Russia stop pretending diplomacy is the only way to deal with Washington? When will it cease calling the US its partner?

When will the Kremlin give Trump regime hardliners a taste of their own medicine. The same goes for Britain, France, and Israel.

A good start would be downing a few of their warplanes during terror-bombing attacks on Syrian targets, including Israeli ones in Lebanese airspace.

Russia’s message would be unmistakable, clearly indicating similar aggression no longer will be tolerated – perhaps the only way to stop it.

Diplomacy with the US, UK, France, Israel, and their imperial partners accomplishes nothing – toughness the only language they understand.

It’s time to feed them a belly full – a long overdue strategy, the only one with a chance to work.

Diplomacy with the US and its imperial partners always fails before it can get its pants on. A new approach is vitally needed. The alternative risks WW III.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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