Pompeo Threatens Iran

Pompeo Threatens Iran

by Stephen Lendman

For nearly 40 years, the US sought regime change in Iran, stopping short of waging war.

Will Trump regime hardliners change strategy and tactics in the new year? Will they dare wage war on the Islamic Republic, what Israeli Ziofascists have been pushing for under Netanyahu?

On January 3, Pompeo tweeted: “#Iran plans to fire off Space Launch Vehicles with virtually same technology as ICBMs. The launch will advance its missile program.” 

“US, France, UK & Germany have already stated this is in defiance of UNSCR 2231. We won’t stand by while (Iran) threatens international security.”

Iranian weapons development, deployment, and military related activities are entirely legal, threatening no one – not America, Israel, or international security.

The US, NATO, and Jewish state threaten everyone. Their reckless agenda needs no elaboration.

Separately, Pompeo said “(t)he United States will not stand by and watch (Iran’s) destructive policies (sic) place international stability and security at risk.”

“We advise (Tehran) to reconsider these provocative launches (sic) and cease all activities related to ballistic missiles in order to avoid deeper economic and diplomatic isolation.”

Tehran and its the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps reject any interference int their legitimate internal affairs. It won’t tolerate the Trump regime’s attempts to halt its legitimate missile tests and other legal development of weapons.

They’re solely for defense, polar opposite endless US aggression. Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles aren’t designed to carry nuclear warheads. Claims otherwise are false.

Its ruling authorities and military are in full compliance with Security Council 2231 (July 2015), unanimously adopting the Iran JCPOA nuclear deal. Trump breached it by pulling out.

On Tuesday, Pompeo and Netanyahu discussed Iran, a statement saying “(t)hey discussed the (nonexistent) threat that regional aggression and provocation by Iran and its agents poses to Israeli and regional security” – a bald-faced lie, adding: 

“The secretary reiterated the United States’ commitment to Israel’s security and unconditional right to self-defense” – at a time when neither country faces regional or other threats.

They threaten everyone. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earlier called Israel “a cancerous tumor in the region” – an extension of Washington’s destructive imperial agenda.

On Thursday, Iranian envoy to Britain Hamid Baeidinejad slammed US foreign policy, calling it “hostage to the Israeli regime,” making it impossible for Washington to “think about establishing constructive relations with regional countries, and all its attempts to meddle in the region will again end in failure.”

On the same day, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said no nation can dictate to others. Iran rejects US interference in its internal affairs.

On Wednesday, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said the Islamic Republic’s duty is to stand up for the oppressed against the oppressor(s) – clearly indicating the US and Israel.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) commander General Mohammad Ali Ja’fari believes “no superpower even dreams of aggression” against the Islamic Republic – meaning the US, adding:

“When we compare the US power now with 40 years ago, we see that America is on the decline and today, they themselves confess to their weakness…”

Hopefully he’s right about US reluctance to wage war on Iran. It’ll be devastating to the country, its people and region if launched.

I’m less optimistic about the intentions of Trump regime hardliners than Ja’fari. Hopefully my fears are unjustified.

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