Trump Regime Upping the Stakes in Venezuela

Trump Regime Upping the Stakes in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Replacing Venezuela’s Bolivarian social democracy with US-controlled fascist tyranny is a key Trump regime aim in Latin America – wanting Big Oil able to exploit the country’s world’s largest oil reserves, along with Washington gaining another imperial trophy.

That’s what years of US political, economic, financial, sanctions, and propaganda war on the country is all about, Trump regime hardliners upping the stakes.

Despite earlier failures, another US coup attempt may be coming. Pompeo made Trump regime intentions clear, calling democratically reelected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro “illegitimate” – a bald-faced lie.

Democracy is America’s deadliest export. Pompeo’s warning about “restor(ing)” it in Venezuela is all the Trump regime’s pure evil intentions.

According to CNN en Espanol, its Spanish-language channel, Trump may (illegally) recognize Venezuelan opposition leader/National Assembly head Juan Guaido as the nation’s president, a coup d’etat if this occurs forcefully.

In April 2002, the Bush/Cheney regime forcefully installed Federation of Chambers of Commerce head Pedro Carmona as interim president, replacing Hugo Chavez, the coup aborted after two days.

Do Trump regime hardliners have a similar scheme in mind, Guaido their designated puppet? On Tuesday, Mike Pence contacted him, praising he called “his courageous leadership (and) decision (to) “declare the country’s presidency vacant” – wanting Maduro’s legitimate reelection reversed.

Pence expressed the Trump regime’s “resolute support for the National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela as the only legitimate democratic body in the country.”

For illegally swearing in three contested legislators in January 2016, Venezuela’s Supreme Court held the opposition-controlled AN in contempt, ruling its decisions null and void. At the same time, pro-Maduro lawmakers boycotted parliamentary sessions.

Things remain unresolved in standoff. US and other Western media falsely claimed the AN was dissolved.

It’s very much intact – in contempt of the judicial system, a resolvable situation if the three MPs in question, accused of gaining their seats by electoral fraud, resign or are removed.

Article 336.7 of Venezuela’s Constitution authorizes the Supreme Court to “declare an unconstitutional default in the national, state or municipal legislature…and establish, if necessary, corrective measures” at the court’s discretion.

In cahoots with the Obama regime and now Trump, AN opposition members have focused almost exclusively on trying to oust Maduro and Supreme Court justices.

In July 2016, the High Court struck down an AN motion to remove its 13 justices, falsely alleging constitutional violations for ruling against the legitimacy of three contested AN members discussed above. In its ruling, the Court called the AN commission “illegitimate and constitutionally nonexistent.”

Under Article 265 of Venezuela’s Constitution, High Court justices can only be removed by a two-thirds AN super-majority in cases of major misconduct.

The scheme by Venezuela’s hard right in cahoots with Washington is all about delegitimizing Maduro, calling his democratic credentials authoritarian or dictatorial – a Big Lie.

Trump regime hardliners may be bent on doing whatever it takes to oust him from office, military intervention a possible option.

Following Maduro’s inauguration, Guaido invoked a constitutional provision that permits transferring power to the AN if the presidency becomes vacant.

Is he part of a US-planned coup plot? Rejecting Maduro’s legitimacy, he’s promoting himself to replace him with “support of the armed forces, the people and the international community” – most of all backing by Washington if this is what the Trump regime is planning.

OAS secretary general Luis Almagro, a notorious US puppet, hostile to Venezuelan social democracy shamefully tweeted:

“We welcome the assumption of @jguaido as Acting President of #Venezuela in accordance with article 233 of the Political Constitution.”

The US-controlled 13-nation Lima Group issued a statement, refusing to recognize Maduro’s legitimacy. Caracas slammed what it called a “humiliating subordination” to US imperial interests. 

Pence urged Venezuela’s military to remove Maduro. Pompeo tweeted: “The US condemns #Maduro’s illegitimate usurpation of power and urges those who support the Venezuelan regime, including security forces sworn to support the constitution, to stop enabling repression and corruption. The time is NOW for a return to democracy in #Venezuela.”

The Trump regime’s scheme may be to recognize an illegitimate parallel government in Caracas. His State Department called for “begin(ning) the orderly transition to a new government.”

Opposition AN members illegally adopted a so-called “Transition to Democracy” measure, a coup d’etat attempt by any standard if invoked and enforced.

Efforts appear to be underway in Washington to oust Maduro by coup d’etat. If it fails along with other hardline tactics, is military intervention the Trump regime’s next option?

A Final Comment

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump hardliners may sanction Venezuela’s oil industry, the same illegal tactic used against Iran.

How long will the world community put up with its bullying, belligerence and lawlessness? What the world needs now is unity against Washington’s destructive imperial agenda – rejecting it, slapping it down hard, isolating the US in the process.

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