Media Scoundrels for Coup d’Etat Rule in Venezuela

Media Scoundrels for Coup d’Etat Rule in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When America goes to war against nations threatening no one, US major media cheerlead naked aggression instead of denouncing it.

The same goes for its color revolutions and old-fashioned coup d’etats, scores of successful and unsuccessful attempts post WW II alone – including against Venezuelan social democracy and democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Trump is the latest in a long line of US usurpers, seeking extrajudicial aims, wanting all sovereign independent governments replaced by pro-Western puppet rule – Pompeo and Bolton orchestrating his imperial agenda. 

Supporting what demands denunciation, US major media are a national disgrace, operating as mouthpieces for wealth, power and privilege – featuring managed news misinformation and disinformation, suppressing hard truths, backing America’s military, industrial, security complex, Wall Street, and other corporate interests.

Their cheerleading for coup d’etat rule in Venezuela over social democracy and rule of law governance is deafening.

NYT editors never met a tinpot despot allied with US interests it didn’t support, a war of aggression it didn’t welcome, or a coup d’etat it didn’t endorse – consistently on the wrong side of major issues, including what’s going on in Venezuela.

Democratically elected and reelected Venezuelan president, Maduro’s indisputable legitimacy isn’t good enough for Times editors, disgracefully calling him a “strongman,” disgracefully adding “(t)hat (he) must go has been obvious for some time.”

The Times falsely blamed him for “br(inging) the country to ruin” – ignoring years of US-war on Venezuela by other means, the main reason for economic and financial turmoil, ordinary people harmed most, low oil prices worsening things.

Throughout the Bolivarian Republic’s existence, the Times backed toppling it by coup d’etat or other means, its reporting on the country saturated with disinformation, Big Lies and fake new, including the fabricated claim that Maduro “orchestrated his own reelection last May” by foul means.

The nation’s electoral process is scrupulously open free and fair, democracy the way it should be, polar opposite America’s illegitimate money-controlled system, war party rule with two extremist right wings.

Ignoring international and US constitutional law, the Times shamefully said the Trump regime “is right to support Mr. Guaido” – elected by no one in 

Venezuela to serve as president, illegally recognized by Trump officials, designated by Pompeo and Bolton as a convenient US puppet if their scheme gains traction and sticks.

Demanding Maduro “must go,” the Times endorsed the rule of law and democratic governance going with him.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post backs the same thing, calling the hemisphere’s leading democracy “authoritarian and corrupt,” denouncing its world’s best electoral process as “fraudulent,” saying Maduro’s legitimate reelection was illegitimate, calling US designated puppet pretender Juan Guaido a “dynamic new leader…”

Ignoring an attempted Trump regime coup d’etat, a longstanding US specialty, it reinterpreted Venezuelan constitutional law, falsely claiming the attempted ouster of Maduro is well “grounded” in it – a bald-faced lie on two counts.

Nothing in Venezuelan constitutional or international law permits what’s ongoing, just the opposite, including the prohibition of interference by any nation in the internal affairs of others – no exceptions other than in self-defense if attacked.

WaPo is a mouthpiece for CIA lawlessness against other nations worldwide, along with supporting US aggression against one country after another. It’s a propaganda operation, not a legitimate news service.

The same goes for the NYT and other US major media when it comes to reporting on geopolitical issues and many others.

Supporting actions contrary to the rule of law smacks of complicity with it, virtually all US major media guilty of operating this way.

Wall Street Journal editors are some of the most extremist US ones, calling the Trump regime’s attempted coup d’etat against Venezuelan democratic governance support for “return(ing) democracy” to the country – wanting it replaced with fascist tyranny left unexplained.

They called democratically elected and reelected President Maduro a “dictator,” a phony label thrown at numerous figures by the US imperial state and supportive media.

Journal editors lied claiming “Cuba controls Mr. Maduro’s personal security detail and has built a counterintelligence network around the high command.”

They denounced Russia for supporting Maduro’s legitimacy and Venezuelan democracy. They turned truth on its head calling Cuba “the imperial power in Caracas,” disgracefully adding:

“Russia certainly wouldn’t mind a Syrian-style civil war (sic) in Venezuela that spread more chaos in the Americas and more opportunity to undermine democratic governments (sic).”

Few in the region exist, none in the US and its regional colonies, saluting and obeying orders from Washington, operating extrajudicially.

Journal editors want Cuba held jointly responsible for actions Maduro may take to defend the country against the Trump regime’s coup attempt.

Are they for another Bay of Pigs invasion, along with the same thing against Venezuela?

US major media support naked aggression, tyranny over democratic rule, and fake news over journalism the way it should be.

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