Pompeo Addresses the Davos Billionaires’ Ball

Pompeo Addresses the Davos Billionaires’ Ball

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The World Economic Forum features super-rich elites together with political leaders serving their interests, along with other elitists, attendance by invitation only.

The event is an annual celebration of wealth power, and privilege, attendees committed to gaining greater power, influence, and super-wealth by exploiting ordinary people everywhere.

Numerous heads of state and other senior political figures show up, genuflecting to the power of money by their appearance.

Trump stayed home. Along with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Pompeo represented him and imperial America, delivering an address via satellite to participants.

At the same time back home, he and other regime officials are presiding over Washington’s latest coup d’etat attempt, wanting Venezuela transformed into another US vassal state, a designated puppet serving its interests if successful.

At a time when America’s only foreign threats are invented, Pompeo recited a fake list. 

He named North Korea’s nuclear program, solely for defense, threatening no one; 

China’s economic development, a boon to the world economy, not a threat, not a relationship “determined by (US) principles,” focused on dominance over all other nations, an arrangement Beijing rejects;

Sovereign Iran threatening no one. Longstanding US hostility toward the country is over its refusal to bend to its will;

Russia’s sovereign independence and opposition to Washington’s imperial agenda, falsely blamed for high crimes committed by the US and its imperial partners; and 

“Radical Islamic terrorism” – created and supported by the US Pompeo failed to explain, not “defeated” by America and its imperial partners as Pompeo falsely claimed.

Washington demands all countries operate by its rules, sacrificing their sovereignty to its own, nonbelievers targeted for regime change.

Wherever the US shows up, mass slaughter, vast destruction, and human misery follow. Commenting on his just completed Middle East tour, Pompeo turned truth on its head, claiming America is “a force for good in the region…”

Endless wars of aggression and chaos define its presence, partnered with NATO, Israel and despotic Arab regimes – an unparalleled axis of pure evil.

Pompeo lied claiming “Iran is striving to reduce Iraqi freedom.” The US stole it by a generation of endless wars, destroying the cradle of civilization, occupying the country illegally, intending to stay, puppet leadership permitting it.

Yemen remains a festering sore, Washington’s war, the country raped, its people immiserated, victims of US imperialism killing them slowly by starvation, disease, overall deprivation or Saudi, UAE and Pentagon terror-bombing.

Pompeo discussed the latest US no-peace/Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, Trump’s version yet to be released because it’s entirely one-sided for Israel – prohibiting Palestinian self-determination the way it should be, leaked details discussed in earlier articles.

Reworking and updating the scheme continues. Along with the US war OF terrorism, pretending it’s on it, for decades the so-called Israeli/Palestinian peace plan has been the greatest hoax in modern times.

What’s fundamental for Palestinians, the US and Israel won’t ever agree to – including  ending occupation, self-determination within June 1967 borders, no Jews-only settlements in a Palestinian state, control over their own borders, airspace, waters and resources, diaspora Palestinians’ right of return, and East Jerusalem as Palestine’s exclusive capital.

For decades, these issues remained unresolved. Palestinians are consistently cheated and betrayed. Each time talks begin, they’re stillborn, dead on arrival – before arrival for what Trump has in mind.

Former Israeli war minister Moshe Yaalon earlier explained what Palestinians are up against, saying Jews have “an unassailable right (to) settle anywhere, particularly here, (in) the land of the bible.”

The peace process is a useful fiction. It “sear(s) deep into the consciousness of Palestinians that they are a defeated people.”

Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said he wanted talks dragged out for a decade or longer, giving Israel maximum time to steal all valued parts of Judea and Samaria, Palestinians to be isolated in cantons on worthless scrubland.

Netanyahu earlier called talks “a waste of time,” categorically refusing to accept the notion of Palestinian statehood the way it should be.

Their people have no say over their lives, rights and welfare, held hostage under militarized apartheid rule – betrayed by the Palestinian Authority, established to serve as Israel’s enforcer for special benefits its key appointed officials receive.

Since the mid-1970s when peace talks first began, they’ve been little more than an empty slogan, Israel stalling for time for endless land theft, along with developing settlements, outposts, closed military zones, tourist sites, commercial areas, no-go ones, its apartheid wall, Jews only roads, numerous checkpoints and barriers, along with Jerusalem as its exclusive capital.

In his Davos address, Pompeo reinvented how peace talks are being conducted under Trump, turning truth on its head, saying things “won’t be a US-driven process,” adding:

“…Israelis and the Palestinians will have to come to an agreement. But we think that the foundations that we have laid and the work that we’ll do immediately following the Israeli elections will set conditions where we can have a constructive conversation.”

“(W)e’re at a point in time where there are ways that we can resolve the primary differences and encourage those two places, the Israelis and the Palestinians, to come together to resolve their differences and get a solution there that has bedeviled the world for an awfully long time.”

“(W)e’ve begun to share elements of this across the region.” Palestinians reject the scheme Trump hardliners want foisted on them.

Betrayal again looms like every time before, the fate of most all hugely persecuted people – worse for Palestinians than before because of the Trump regime’s contempt for their fundamental rights.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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