USA v. Roger Stone

USA v. Roger Stone

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Special counsel Mueller indicted political strategist/former Trump advisor Stone on seven counts – see below. 

In a politicized show of force, Stone was dramatically arrested pre-dawn on Friday at his south Florida home by around two dozen heavily armed FBI agents in bullet-proof vests and tactical gear despite facing no threat.

The scene resembled a Hollywood sound stage production, CNN notified in advance to capture the politicized arrest on video for maximum effect – an agent banging on Stone’s door, shouting “FBI! Open the door! FBI! Warrant!” 

After his arrest, Stone appeared in federal court later on Friday morning. Charges are connected to Robert Mueller’s politicized Russiagate witch hunt probe, ongoing since May 2017, finding no improper or illegal connection between Trump, his team and Russia – because there’s nothing to find.

Indictments, including against Stone, have nothing to do with the special counsel’s stated purpose, nothing justifying what’s going on, no Russian US election meddling, no evidence suggesting it – no reason to continue a probe that never should have been begun in the first place.

Like Watergate to remove Richard Nixon from office on trumped up charges, targeting him for political reasons related to his social, environmental and geopolitical agenda, a similar scenario is playing out against Trump to delegitimize and undermine him for the wrong reasons.

Nixon threatened entrenched military/industrial/security and other interests, why he was marked for removal.

Trump favors improved relations with Russia and surprisingly North Korea as well – fire and fury evolving to friendship with Kim Jong-un, DLT saying “(h)e wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love.” Who could have imagined the unimaginable – and there’s more.

While going along with endless US wars of aggression, escalating them, allowing himself to be co-opted, Trump called for scaling back in Syria and Afghanistan in favor of other priorities – polar opposite the military, industrial, military, media complex’s agenda, supporting endless wars and more of them.

Undemocratic Dems and media scoundrels never forgave him for triumphing over Hillary, a race he was supposed to lose, not win.

All of the above reasons are why he’s a marked man – justifiable reasons ignored, unjustifiable ones why dark forces want him delegitimized, removed from office, or weakened enough to be defeated for reelection in 2020.

Stone was indicted on one count of obstruction of justice, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering. 

Charges are unrelated to nonexistent Russian US election meddling or leaked information to WikiLeaks it revealed. No DNC hacking occurred, no evidence suggesting it. Claims otherwise were fabricated.

According to Stone’s attorney Grant Smith, “(t)here was no Russian collusion,” so what’s going on is “a clear attempt at silencing Roger,” adding:

“This was an investigation they started as about Russian collusion, and now they’re charging Roger Stone with lying to Congress about something he honestly forgot about, and as Roger has stated publicly before, he will fight the charges.”

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