Venezuelan Spring?

Venezuelan Spring?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Consistent rubbish appearing on the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page is enough to give extremist right-wing propaganda a bad name.

It doesn’t get any worse than from propagandist on Latin American issues Mary O’Grady. She never met a hemispheric tinpot despot she didn’t wholeheartedly embrace – or a bonafide democrat she didn’t revile.

Earlier turning truth on its head, calling Hugo Chavez a “strongman” in an “oil dictatorship” that supports “tyranny and aggression,” she lied accusing him of threatening neighboring countries world peace.

She relentlessly attacks Maduro the same way. Denouncing his scrupulously democratic reelection last May, she turned truth on its head, claiming “voter rolls are corrupted, there is no free press, and the national electoral council is a (Maduro) tool,” adding:

“Electronic voting machines generate fear that the vote is not secret. That possibility is scary since the government controls the food supply. Participating under these circumstances could only legitimize a sham.”

All of the above are shameless bald-faced lies. No reputable editors would touch this rubbish. Journal editors feature it. O’what’s-her-name wins awards for managed news misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies, and fake news.

On Monday, she was at it again, calling the Trump regime’s coup attempt in Venezuela the country’s “spring,” labeling democrat Maduro a “dictator,” saying what’s going on “is a pivotal moment in Latin American history.”

She’s a know-nothing, needing a history lesson. Since the late 19th century, the US staged at least two dozen successful and unsuccessful coup attempts against Latin and Central countries, plus many more worldwide, along with endless efforts to destabilize nations run by governments it wants toppled. 

She likely calls this democracy-building – for the privileged few alone, most others left out, featuring sham elections and harsh crackdowns on nonbelievers, how the US, Britain, France, Germany, and other Western countries are run.

Nothing in Venezuela’s Constitution permits anyone to usurp power the way Trump regime designated puppet Guaido is trying to do. Not according to US hardliners, media scoundrels and O’Grady, reinterpreting Venezuelan law to suit their agenda.

What they fail to explain about what’s going on is crucial. Crisis conditions in Venezuela, including hyper-inflation, were made in the USA, not Caracas.

Washington is waging economic, financial and sanctions war on ordinary people in the country, blaming Maduro for their crimes against humanity – supported by O’Grady and likeminded media scoundrels, backing tyranny over democratic rule.

Her litany of Big Lies is relentless, saying:

“Venezuelans have made numerous attempts since 2002 to restore the liberties lost when Chávez used his majority backing to dissolve civil rights and a free press. But they were never able to persuade the military high command, infiltrated by Cuba, to break ranks with the dictator.”

Fact: During the Bush/Cheney’s April 2002 coup attempt, Venezuelan liberties and social justice were lost for 48 hours. People power restored them, aiding by the country’s military failing to support regime change.

Fact: Media in Venezuela are free, dominated by corporate interests, criticizing government policies without restraints placed on them. Prohibitions are only related supporting sedition or violating other laws.

Fact: Claims of Cuban meddling in the country are Big Lies.

Fact: Venezuela’s electoral process is the world’s best. Maduro was elected and reelected democratically with majority support.

Disruptive protests were orchestrated and funded by Washington’s dirty hands – by the CIA and National Endowment for Democracy, established to eliminate democracy where it exists.

Rigged elections are a Western specialty and what goes on in US client states – polar opposite Venezuela’s free, fair and open process.

O’what’s-her-name lied claiming otherwise, Her entire piece was a beginning-to-end litany of malicious Big Lies – what she’s paid to do.

Truth-telling on major issues would get her sacked.

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