Venezuela’s Usurper in Waiting Guaido Didn’t Emerge Like Topsy

Venezuela’s Usurper in Waiting Guaido Didn’t Emerge Like Topsy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Venezuela’s envoy to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa explained that “Guaido was recruited (by the US) 10 years ago.”

“(S)ent to Serbia to study,” what’s ongoing now started this way. Guaido didn’t emerge out of nowhere to be chosen by the Trump regime to be an interim puppet president, his illegitimacy of no consequence, a minor detail airbrushed from discussion, Tortosa adding:

“The time came…They said he was prepared, but he is totally unprepared for this task. He is just a puppet, and is placed where he is so that the US could stand behind him and speak.”

His actions and remarks are entirely scripted in Washington. He’s a convenient right wing extremist stooge, a coup d’etat attempt frontman – a lightweight to be discarded when no longer needed.

The notion of an interim president doesn’t exist in Venezuelan constitutional or statute law. Claims otherwise are transparent attempts to reinterpret the letter and spirit of the law about which there’s no ambiguity, especially on an issue this important.

Tortosa called US humanitarian intervention a “trap” that could be followed by military invasion. Key for the Trump regime is enlisting high-level support from Venezuela’s military not forthcoming so far to betray their nation in service to Washington’s imperial aims.

Gray Zone Project’s Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal call Guaido a “product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers” – groomed for what’s ongoing now, others like him in the wings in case he falters, the same thing going on in other countries.

He’s the Trump regime’s public face in Venezuela to try eliminating social democracy, falsely claiming he wants “restor(ed)” what already exists – while wanting state assets and enterprises handed to Western corporate predators for plunder, notably Big Oil.

Sociologist Marco Teruggi commented on Guaido’s power grab, saying as frontman for Washington’s imperial project in Venezuela “it isn’t clear how (he) can succeed.”

He, others around him, and Trump regime coup plotters fail “to grasp the social reality of the Chavista base,” deeply ingrained in Venezuelan society.

Teruggi observed it firsthand, participating in communal projects. Chavismo “has not been demobilized,” he explained, evident by large turnouts for Maduro, ignored by establishment media.

Two right-wing myths exist, said Teruggi. “First, that popular support is based on a system of patronage, and second, that those who are mobilized in support of Maduro do so out of obligation.”

Millions of Venezuelans consider themselves Chavistas, economic crisis conditions taking its toll on some, most others “ready to close ranks” in defense of the republic against the threat of a US takeover, returning the nation to its pre-Chavez ugly past they oppose.

Dedicated Chavistas are highly organized and politicized in neighborhoods and rural areas. They’re involved in “communal councils, communes, local supply and production committees, communal markets, peasant councils, productive enterprises and Bolivarian militias, among other phenomena,” Teruggi explained.

Right-wing elements have “no organized presence in these territories. They employ for-hire armed groups to create focos (spotlight attention) in hopes of gaining popular support.”

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela is Chavismo’s base, its main political instrument, showing “no signs of splitting,” said Teruggi, adding:

Party unity “has been overwhelming” despite right wing efforts to fracture it, including by encouraging desertions with little success so far.

Venezuela’s military and government agencies oppose toppling Maduro. They oppose foreign intervention. Polls show Venezuelans overwhelmingly against it, especially by military force.

Teruggi: “Chavismo’s much touted frailty is a rightwing fabrication belied both by the nation’s popular layers and its upper echelons. Can the Venezuelan right still really believe their own assertions?

Still, US war by other means has taken its toll, devastating Venezuela’s oil-dependent economy, harmed further by low prices.

Venezuelan dark forces are entirely dependent on foreign support, mainly from the US. Its scheme is playing out as orchestrated, neighboring countries Colombia and Brazil perhaps intending to get more actively involved – taking orders from Washington like Guaido, key EU countries acting as willing co-conspirators.

It’s unclear how things will turn out. Teruggi believes Venezuela’s right wing keeps underestimating Chavismo strength and cohesion. Will the Trump regime make the same mistake, he asked?

If it intervenes militarily, all bets are off. A big unknown is whether and how Russia and/or China will respond if things play out this way.

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