Amnesty International: Imperial Tool 2.0

Amnesty International: Imperial Tool 2.0

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Previous articles discussed how AI fronts for power, concerned more about its funding sources and publicity than human rights – Syria a glaring example.

It shamefully accused Bashar al-Assad of crimes committed by the US, its imperial partners, and terrorist groups it supports.

It slammed Russia, ignoring its involvement to combat ISIS, al-Nusra and other US-supported jihadists.

It called US orchestrated naked aggression a “civil” conflict. It referred to cutthroat killer terrorists as “armed opposition groups,” failing as well to explain that the US, other Western countries, and Israel supply jihadists with heavy and other weapons.

It reported nothing on the Pentagon’s rape and destruction of Raqqa, massacring tens of thousands of Syrian civilians on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS the US created and supports, using its fighters as imperial proxies.

In a new report, AI effectively backed the Trump regime’s coup attempt to replace Venezuelan social democracy with US-controlled fascist tyranny – a diabolical plot to gain another imperial trophy, control over its valued energy resources for Big Oil to loot, the Venezuelan people to be exploited as serfs.

The AI report includes shameless bald-faced Big Lies.

AI: “Venezuelan security forces under the command of Nicolás Maduro executed and used excessive force against people, and arbitrarily detained hundreds of others, including teenagers, in an escalation of their policy of repression as a means of controlling the people of Venezuela and particularly to punish residents of impoverished neighborhoods.”

Fact: The above claims turned truth on its head. Government security forces are doing their job – protecting Venezuelans by acting against elements involved in US-orchestrated violence and chaos.

Anti-government elements are responsible for excessive force, resulting in dozens of deaths, numerous injuries, and vandalism of public and private property.

AI: “The authorities under Nicolas Maduro are trying to use fear and punishment to impose a repulsive strategy of social control against those who demand change. His government is attacking the most impoverished people that it claims to defend, but instead it murders, detains and threatens them.”

More bald-faced Big Lies! AI’s remarks sound like they’ve been scripted by Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Elliot Abrams – AI acting as an imperial mouthpiece, providing propaganda services for the Trump regime and other anti-Bolivarian dark forces.

AI: “Venezuela has suffered a major crisis of massive human rights violations for years, with shortages of food, medicines, hyperinflation, violence and political repression forcing more than three million people to flee the country since 2015.”

Fact: No government responsibility for “major crisis of massive human rights violations” exists. Violence, chaos, and other abuses were made in the USA. AI suppressed what’s vital to report.

Protests are largely in more well-off and middle-income areas, less in the barrios where support for Bolivarian governance remains strong.

Maduro was democratically elected and overwhelmingly reelected last May. Calling him dictatorial or authoritarian is made in the USA propaganda, a Big Lie pushed by establishment media and AI.

Dire economic conditions in the country are the result of US war by other means, including harsh illegal sanctions, imposed-pre-Trump, intensified by his regime, along with harm caused by low oil prices.

These issues are largely responsible for “shortages of food, medicines (and) hyperinflation.” Maduro explained that around 800,000 Venezuelans emigrated to neighboring countries, not the phony “three million people” claimed by Western media and AI.

They ignored countless numbers of repressed Colombians and Brazilians emigrating to Venezuela, along with many of its nationals returning home because of unacceptable conditions cross-border under US-supported repressive regimes.

No “arbitrary” arrests and detentions were made by Venezuelan security forces, no “extrajudicial executions.” Elements involved in violence, chaos and vandalism are criminals.

Witnesses AI cited are anti-government elements, supporting the Trump regime’s coup plot.

How much was AI paid in donations to the organization to prepare its propaganda report and by whom – the CIA, National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, and/or White House?

Time and again, AI operates as an instrument against human rights, the rule of law, and democratic values it falsely claims to support.

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