Cookies for Venezuelans

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February 17, 2019
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Cookies for Venezuelans

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Shades of Victoria Nuland, the Obama regime’s point demon for installing Nazi-infested putschists in Ukraine, fascist extremism in Europe’s heartland.

She handed out cookies in Kiev while US trained snipers gunned down police and others, along with creating overall chaos.

So-called Trump regime humanitarian aid to Venezuela is a similar poisoned chalice – a show, a disruptive political stunt, a Trojan horse, a pretext for invasion.

US sanctions war on the country rages, aiming to destroy its economy, inflicting pain and suffering on millions of Venezuelans.

The notion of US humanitarian aid at the same time the Trump regime aims to crush Venezuelan social democracy shows what’s going on is all about.

It’s fantasy aid, diverting attention from its coup attempt, what the US has done scores of times before worldwide successfully and unsuccessfully.

The hearts and minds of most Venezuelans support Bolivarian social democracy. They strongly oppose foreign intervention, especially war on their country, where things may be heading because of the Trump regime’s rage to transform Venezuela into another US colony – part of its war on humanity.

Venezuela’s envoy to the largely US-controlled Organization of American States (OAS) Samuel Mondada slammed hardliners infesting the group, saying:

“As the representative of the Venezuelan State and of constitutional president Nicolas Maduro Moros…the only way for me to stand up from this chair without violating international laws is that there is a resolution approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly of the OAS, where 24 member states voted for the suspension,” adding:

“The lie collapses. The fraud collapses. Do not keep lying. Get the 24 votes in the Assembly and I’ll leave here legitimately.”

Mondada responded to organization efforts to expel Venezuela on orders from Washington. A 24-member super-majority is required.

An OAS resolution passed by a 19 to four majority, 11 countries abstaining, not enough for a super-majority. The scheme failed, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced the Trump regime’s pressured vote, accusing Mike Pence of “extorting” member states to back expulsion, calling it “fraudulent.”

Moncada blasted the US for stealing over $30 billion from the Venezuelan people, offering cookies in return, fake humanitarian aid, adding:

Trump “proclaimed himself the owner and lord of the natural resources, territories and inhabitants of that colony that he now calls Venezuela, and we have a real epidemic of auto-procalmations.”

Addressing OAS members, he accused them of “buil(ding) a mountain of lies, all sorts of manipulations, accusations, (and) a fantasy world to confuse millions of people (about) what(’s) going on in Venezuela.” 

“Today I am here to stay in touch with reality and tell our truth to the world. We have to remove the fog of lies from the eyes of the majority of people and the international public opinion. Each state has a sovereign right to recognize whomever they want. To chase us from here, you need to respect the (OAS) Charter.”

Usurper in waiting Guaido supports “economic suffocation,” pretending to care about Venezuelans he doesn’t give a damn about, just his master in Washington and the Bolivarian Republic’s privileged class.

Signs point to possible US military intervention, Russia fears. Why hasn’t Putin offered military aid to Maduro, challenging the Trump regime, taking a firm stand against the attempted coup.

What neocon extremist Nuland was to Ukraine, convicted felon/unindicted war criminal Elliott Abrams is to Venezuela, appointed to head the coup d’etat attempt to topple Maduro – by brute force if other tactics fail. 

Weeks earlier, around 600 academics, human rights champions, and anti-war activists, comprising a Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity expressed solidarity with Maduro, his legitimate reelection, Venezuelan sovereignty and its people, saying:

“(W)e call on the people of the United States and the international community to not intervene, and to recognize and respect the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people, who continue to trace their own path of peace, guided by their inalienable right to free self-determination and independence.”

Sovereign independent world leaders support Maduro. Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams are trying scare him into throwing in the towel, leaving the country for an undisclosed destination.

Bolton called it “a nice beach somewhere far from Venezuela,” Guantanamo perhaps the alternative if he refuses.

Nearly four weeks after usurper in waiting Guaido declared himself interim Venezuelan president, chosen by the Trump regime as the public face of its coup attempt, Maduro remains in power.

He’s supported by most Venezuelans, the nation’s military, dozens of world leaders publicly, scores more rejecting Guaido by refusing to endorse him.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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