Trump Regime Electricity War on Venezuela?

Trump Regime Electricity War in Venezuela?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Short of direct military intervention, so far, Trump regime hardliners are going all-out to destroy Venezuelan social democracy – tolerating it nowhere, especially at home.

Their latest stunt perhaps was sabotaging Venezuela’s electrical grid, plunging much of the nation into darkness – a failed tactic, Maduro saying the following:

“The electric energy war declared and directed by the US imperialists against our people will be destroyed. Nothing and nobody will win over the people…”

A blackout affected 21 of Venezuela’s 23 states, along with the Caracas Capital District. According to the National Electric Power Corporation reported, the nation’s Guri dam hydroelectric power plant was sabotaged, adding:

“It is a part of an electric war against the state. We will not allow this! We are working to restore power supply.”

On Thursday, Venezuela’s Electric Power Minister Luis Motta Dominguez said “(w)e are getting ready to restore power supply” in a few hours.

He blamed the outage on “deliberate sabotage” of the Guri hydroelectric power plant, adding: The nation “has been, once again, the target of an attack in an Electric War.” 

“But here we have a strong government. They will not demoralize or defeat us…They have failed in past attempts and they will fail again.”

Late Thursday, power was restored to around 60% of the country, blackout still unresolved in some areas on Friday – more Trump regime’s assault tactics sure to follow.

The outage affected metro lines and mobile services. Without power, national pubic and private services can be partly or entirely shut down – the reason behind the likely sabotage, even knowing things would be restored in short order.

Likely informed in advance of the sabotage scheme, war-mongering extremist Marco Rubio remarked nearly straightaway after the power outage, tweeting:

“ALERT: Reports of a complete power outage all across #Venezuela at this moment.” 

“18 of 23 states & the capital district are currently facing complete blackouts.” 

“Main airport also without power & backup generators have failed.

 #MaduroRegime is a complete disaster.”

Pompeo turned truth on its head, tweeting:

“The power outage and the devastation hurting ordinary Venezuelans is not because of the USA. It’s not because of Colombia.  It’s not Ecuador or Brazil, Europe or anywhere else. Power shortages and starvation are the result of the Maduro regime’s incompetence.”

“Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness. No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.”

US imperial rage for global dominance, by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives, reflects the heart of darkness, a diabolical agenda hostile to peace, equity and justice – a scourge vital to challenge and defeat.

World peace, fundamental freedoms, nations fit to live in, and perhaps humanity’s survival depend on it!

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