Trump Regime Wants $500 Million for Intervention in Venezuela

Trump Regime Wants $500 Million for Intervention in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

At his Monday press conference, Mike Pompeo said “we’ve asked (Congress to appropriate) up to $500 million…to restore the economy of the Venezuelan nation (sic) (and) help Juan Guaido.”

He failed to explain the ongoing Trump regime coup plot, nor that it’s all about replacing Bolivarian social democracy with US-controlled fascist tyranny – DLT and hardliners surrounding him wanting control over Venezuelan oil, gas, gold, and other valued resources.

It’s what the scourge of imperialism is all about, Guaido an illegitimate US designated puppet, usurper in waiting, traitor to Venezuela and its people, belonging in prison longterm for his highest of high political crimes.

What the Trump regime calls “democratic transition” in the Bolivarian Republic and other targeted countries is all about gaining imperial trophies – intolerant of democracy everywhere, notably at home.

Trump’s dystopian FY 2020 budget proposal calls for 23% less State Department funding, USAID’s budget reduced from $52 billion to $40 billion, and other funding for Latin America cut by 27% from $158 million to $116 million. 

At the same time, he wants half a billion dollars for regime change in Venezuela – certain to want more later for the same thing in Cuba and Nicaragua.

Claiming funds sought for intervention in Venezuela is also for “respond(ing) to the crisis,” Trump’s budget proposal failed to explain what’s going on in the country was largely made in the USA – by unlawful economic, financial and sanctions war.

Pompeo announced the withdrawal of remaining US embassy and consular staff from Venezuela, ominously saying their presence “has become a constraint on US policy” – likely indicating planned escalation of violence, bloodshed and chaos.

US point man for regime change in Venezuela, convicted felon Elliot Abrams, expanded on Pompeo’s remarks, saying it’s “prudent to take these folks out” because their presence makes it “more difficult for the United States to take the actions that it needed to do to support the Venezuelan people (sic).”

US proxy war is most likely ahead, short of direct Pentagon intervention other than support for anti-government guarimberos – thugs enlisted by Trump regime hardliners to do their dirty work.

When asked about possible US military intervention in Venezuela, the response by Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, and Abrams is always the same, saying: All options are on the table, meaning they intend doing whatever it takes to achieve their imperial objectives.

Abrams said the Trump regime intends imposing “some very significant” new sanctions on Venezuela “in the coming days,” targeting financial institutions supporting the Bolivarian Republic.

Pressure is being exerted on China, Russia, Turkey, and other countries opposing the Trump regime’s coup plot with no success so far. Around 50 countries back the scheme, the rest of the world community and UN against it.

On March 12, a State Department travel advisory said the following:

“Do not travel to Venezuela” because of the risks involved. “US citizens residing or traveling in Venezuela should depart” the country. Consular services in Caracas are no longer being provided.

Was warning US citizens in Venezuela to leave ahead of planned escalated Trump regime violence to topple Maduro? Are Pompeo, Bolton, and Abrams intending to turn the country into a virtual war zone – with Pentagon and CIA help?

Bolton warned the Bolivarian Republic separately, saying “(w)e will continue to intensify our efforts to end Maduro’s usurpation of Venezuela’s Presidency (sic) and will hold the military and security forces responsible for protecting the Venezuelan people.” 

At the same time, Trump regime policies aim to inflict maximum pain and suffering on them, aiming to enlist popular support for the coup plot, a failed scheme every time tried before in other countries.

Bolton also said insurance companies and flag carriers were put “on notice” to cease facilitating Venezuelan oil shipments.

He, Pompeo and Abrams are trying to form an anti-Bolivarian coalition for regime change, Bolton saying:

“We are trying to rally support for the peaceful transition of power (sic) from Maduro to Juan Guaido, whom we recognize as president (sic),” adding:

“I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro, to replace the whole corrupt regime (sic). That’s what we are trying to do.”

Days earlier, he said “we’re not afraid to use the phrase ‘Monroe Doctrine,’ ” adding Venezuela “is a country in our (sic) hemisphere. The US wants “to have a completely democratic hemisphere (sic).”

Republicans and undemocratic Dems abhor the notion at home and abroad, tolerating it nowhere, wanting it eliminated it wherever it exists, notably in Venezuela – a longtime threat of a good example US hardliners want prevented from spreading to other countries.


A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said “electricity supply had been restored almost completely throughout the whole national territory.”

Whether it’s sustainable is uncertain. Further cyberattacks on the electrical grid may happen if targeting it to cause economic harm is part of the Trump regime’s plan.

On Tuesday, Maduro said he’ll ask the UN, Russia, China, Iran, and Cuba for help in protecting against further cyberattack-caused blackouts.

He appointed a “special presidential commission to investigate” what happened. He seeks help from “international specialists,” adding:

Power nationwide was largely restored. “We now need to reinforce it, to make it reliable and impregnable again.” 

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