Establishment Media Response to Detention of Guaido Henchman

Establishment Media Response to Detention of Guaido Henchman

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since US designated puppet/usurper in waiting Guaido, a political nobody, self-declared himself Venezuelan interim president illegally, his declaration scripted by the Trump regime, major media supported the coup plot with nary a dissenting voice.

In unison, they denounced the overnight detention of Guaido henchman Roberto Marrero, in custody for reported involvement in a “terrorist cell,” allegedly planning crimes, including a plot to kill Maduro.

Screaming headlines followed, continuing support for the Trump regime coup plot against democratically elected and reelected Nicolas Maduro.

The NYT: “Venezuela Crisis Escalates as Guaido’s chief of staff (sic) arrested,” saying:

Detaining (accessory to the coup plot) Roberto Marrero is “the most significant attack on the opposition camp since Mr. Guaido declared himself the country’s interim president two months ago.”

Neither the Times or any other establishment media denounced what’s going on as an illegal coup plot to eliminate Venezuelan social democracy, wanting US-controlled puppet rule replacing it.

Media support for the imperial scheme makes them criminal accessories before and after the fact – wanting Chavez and Maduro toppled, cheerleading what’s going on now.

The Times: “In the past, Mr. Maduro’s government has quashed challenges to his rule by jailing opposition leaders, forcing them to flee the country or disqualifying them from elections.”

The above remarks are bald-faced Big Lies, what goes on in the US, other Western countries, Israel, and their imperial partners, not in Venezuela. Its authorities observe rule of law principles these other nations consistently flout repeatedly.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post headlined “Venezuelan opposition aide is seized, US and allies protest,” saying:

“The arrest represented a sharp increase in police pressure on the opposition after a period of relative calm.” 

“Guaido (claimed) the operation (is) sign that Maduro is losing his grip on power in a country (sic) suffering from years of economic hardship and political polarization.” 

WaPo ignored illegal US sanctions war begun by Bush/Cheney, escalated by Obama, greatly toughened by Trump – largely responsible for economic hard times in the country.

The Wall Street Journal headlined “Venezuela Intelligence Police Detain Top Opposition Aide: Arrest threatens to raise tensions and provoke US punitive measures.”

The Journal quoted opposition National Assembly member/Marrero co-conspirator Sergio Vergara, saying:

“This is the repression of 21st-century socialism (sic), of a failed revolution (sic). It’s a repeated strategy by this dictator Maduro (sic) to try to force us to back down. But we are going to keep on the streets.”

Other establishment media headlines were as follows:

AP News: “Venezuelan opposition aide is seized, US and allies protest”

Reuters: “Venezuela detains top aide to Guaido in move US calls ‘big mistake’ ”

Fox News: “Venezuelan intel agents arrest top opposition aide after allegedly planting firearms, grenade in night raid”

CNN: “Venezuelan intelligence agents raid homes of Juan Guaido’s top aides (sic), opposition says”

ABC News: “Venezuela’s Guaido says government doesn’t dare’ arrest him”

CBS News: “Masked men broke down a door and took away a key aide to Venezuela’s opposition leader. The US is calling for his immediate release.”

National Public (aka Pentagon) Radio: “Guaido Says Venezuelan Agents Detained His Chief Of Staff (sic) In Pre-Dawn Raid”

The BBC: “Venezuela crisis: Guaido condemns ‘vile’ arrest (sic) of aide (sic)”

London Guardian: “Juan Guaido chief of staff (sic) arrested by Venezuelan agents.”

Al Jazeera: “Venezuela detains top aide (sic) to Guaido, opposition says”

All stories behind the above and similar headlines suppressed what’s most important to report about Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Republic is the hemisphere’s leading democracy, devoting most of its wealth to providing vital social services to all its people, serving them equitable as constitutionally mandated.

The Trump regime and vast majority of others in Washington want Venezuela transformed into a US-controlled vassal state, its resources looted, its people exploited.

That’s what imperialism is all about – supported by establishment media instead of responsibly condemning it.

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