Trump Regime Puppet Guaido Barred from Public Office for 15 Years

Trump Regime Puppet Guaido Barred from Public Office for 15 Years

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, Venezuelan state comptroller Elvis Amoroso barred Guaido from holding public office for 15 years. 

It’s the severest punishment for the offense he’s charged with – illegally receiving foreign funds and lying about his personal finances.

Enacted in 2010, Venezuela’s  Defense of Political Sovereignty and National Self Determination Law prohibits foreign funding of political organizations and individuals.

The measure was and remains all about preventing foreign interference in Venezuelan affairs of state by financial means.

The penalty to Venezuelan recipients of foreign funding can be up to double the amount received. They and parties or organizations they represent can be barred from political involvement for a designated period.

Political organizations that invite foreign sources to meddle in Venezuela’s political process in a way that “offends state institutions, civil servants or the exercise of sovereignty” face stiff penalties.

Adoption of the law was all about aiming to counter the CIA, anti-democratic National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID, and other foreign entities from interfering in Venezuela’s political process.

US law prohibits political parties, office holders, and candidates from receiving foreign funding – to prevent external meddling in America’s (money controlled) political process.

The action against Guaido followed an ongoing investigation of his personal financial disclosures. Irregularities were found. He failed to disclose his funding sources.

Amoroso explained that since his elected to the National Assembly in 2015, he took 91 unauthorized international trips without accounting for around $100,000 in expenses.

He’s also accused of harming Venezuela by improper communications and actions with foreign governments, punishable actions.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab opened two criminal investigations into his actions, along with freezing his assets.

Amoroso explained it’s “presume(d) that he falsified data in his (financial) declaration and (illegally) received money from international bodies” – violating Venezuelan law.

“We’re going to continue in the streets,” Guaido roared in response, dismissing the first official blow to his pretended legitimacy, more likely to follow.

Running his own anti-Bolivarian foreign policy from his Senate office and other venues, neocon hardliner Marco Rubio turned truth on its head, tweeting:

“This decision to ‘bar’ @jguaido was made by illegitimate official (sic) appointed by illegitimate alternative legislative body (sic).” 

“He & they have no power to do anything but issue statements & jail or kill opponents (sic)” – the latter actions a US specialty, not how Bolivarian Republic officials operate.

A media host inviting me on as a guest called Pompeo and Bolton “a 4-legged monster.” Along with Trump, Abrams, Rubio, and other US neocon extremists, it has many more destructive legs – operating globally at home and abroad.

Separately, Maduro on Wednesday said the following:

“In April, a high-level working session on intergovernmental cooperation between Russia and Venezuela will take place. We will sign over 20 documents on cooperation in economy, trade, culture, energy and education,” adding:

“Our cooperation is mutually beneficial, and our relations will only get better with time.” Maduro thanked Moscow for its mutual cooperation with the Bolivarian Republic, including hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid.

Russia is countering the Trump regime’s plot to topple Maduro, along with wanting Bolivarian social democracy eliminated – Kremlin aid essential to help preserve and protect what’s too important to lose.

Ruling authorities of both countries intend continued political, economic, financial, and trade cooperation. The same goes for China, Cuba, and other countries, maintaining normal relations with the Bolivarian Republic.

So far, the Trump regime’s plot to topple Maduro and gain another imperial trophy failed. Short of possible but unlikely direct military intervention, Bolivarianism triumphed over the US imperial scheme to crush it.

At the same time, the struggle for Venezuela’s soul continues, Trump regime hardliners not about to quit trying to transform the country into another US vassal state.

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