Trump Regime’s Anti-Venezuela Coup Plot Shows Signs of Desperation

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March 17, 2019
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March 17, 2019

Trump Regime’s Anti-Venezuela Coup Plot Shows Signs of Desperation

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Seven weeks of Trump regime tactics to oust democratically elected and reelected President Maduro, along with wanting Venezuelan social democracy eliminated failed.

Establishment media support for the plot hasn’t helped. Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams, and Marco Rubio have been waging Twitter war on Maduro.

Rubio is especially over-the-top, running his own anti-Bolivarian foreign policy campaign, repeatedly tweeting anti-Maduro venom to his online followers, earlier saying: “Time running out for certain (Venezuela) leaders to make their choice. It will soon be too late.”

A bald-faced Big Lie tweet said: “Under the direction of Cuban agents dressed as #Venezuela National Guard officers (sic), forces are attacking civilians in Urena, Tachira (sic). Very tense & dangerous situation developing.”

Political analyst Chris Meserole said the following about his anti-Venezuela Twitter rage:

“I can’t think of an example of a sitting senator effectively bypassing the White House on a key foreign policy issue and drumming up support via social media. It is the first time it’s happened on this scale,” adding:

“To some extent, he’s giving (President Donald) Trump a taste of his own medicine and following that playbook to put an issue on the map in a way he controls.”

He’s pushing for US military intervention in Venezuela. The NYT called him “Ouster in Chief,” raging daily against Maduro, saying it’s “time for (him) to go,” adding:

“It’s just a matter of time. The only thing we don’t know is how long it will take — and whether it will be peaceful or bloody.”

He made these remarks in late January. He’s still waiting, wanting the failed coup plot reinvigorated by greater toughness.

In one tweet, he posted a bloody image of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, no remarks with it, suggesting the same fate awaits Maduro if he doesn’t step down.

On Saturday, he tweeted: “The resistance to #Maduro, especially outside of Caracas is growing very strong (sic).” He got it backwards, support for Guaido waning, drawing smaller crowds than earlier, Bolivarian ones impressive in size.

In 2011, Rubio cheered Gaddafi’s death, saying: “If you’re an enemy of the United States and we have a chance to take a shot at you in a way that doesn’t hurt us, and has a chance of being successful, we’re probably going to take it. There’s a price to pay for being an enemy of the United States.”

Rubio claims 3.83 million Twitter followers. If able to reach anything approaching these numbers, he can’t be ignored.

Following the Trump regime’s failed Trojan horse “humanitarian aid” PR stunt, Pompeo turned truth on its head calling Maduro “the worst of the worst of a tyrant,” adding “the days of his (rule) are numbered.”

“Every option is on the table. We will do the things that need to be done.” Maduro remains Venezuela’s president. Lots more Trump regime toughness is coming.

UN Human Rights Council Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order Alfred-Maurice de Zayas explained how propaganda campaigns work, saying:

“(T)he Romans had a saying. Be audacious in lying. Be audacious in defaming the opponent because always something is going to stick.” 

“So if you call Maduro corrupt, people will gradually believe if there is smoke there is fire. So he must be at least somewhat corrupt” even if not true.

Not enough stuck to make a difference. Most Venezuelans, the country’s military, and three-fourths of world community nations oppose the coup plot. They’re especially against military intervention, the favorite US option, its fallback one when other tactics fail.

False flags are a US tradition, used to unjustifiably justify military action. Two attempts in Venezuela failed – the February 23 Trojan horse “humanitarian aid” PR stunt and cyberattack on the nation’s electricity grid, Maduro wrongfully blamed both times.

Blocking fake US aid failed to rally Venezuelan military commanders against Maduro. The week-long blackout in most of the country failed to get most Venezuelans to demand he step down.

Trump regime plotters and Guaido proved inept, everything thrown at Maduro failed. DLT and hardliners surrounding him itch for military intervention, world community and popular support needed.

Pompeo and Bolton warned of “serious consequences” if Guaido is harmed. He’s expendable. Will they order him assassinated to create a pretext for military intervention? It’s very possible.

My best guess is they’ll opt for Contra-type war, using armed anti-government insurgents for planned violence, bloodshed and greater chaos than already, pretending it’s a popular uprising.

If Venezuela’s military crushes it, the coup plot will likely be defeated. If Guaido is assassinated with direct US intervention in mind, all bets are off. 

A Latin America Libya, Syria or Iraq could follow – even though US Latin and Central American allies oppose Trump regime military intervention. They fear likely fallout affecting their countries, notably bordering ones, possible violence and a refugee crisis spilling cross-border.

March 16 was Hands Off Venezuela Day in the US, the Bolivarian Republic, Argentina, Peru, other Latin American countries, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Bolivarian Republic supporters rallied in Washington, denouncing Trump regime efforts to topple Maduro, chanting: “No coup! No war! No sanctions! Hands Off Venezuela!”

Speakers included whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, constitutional rights attorney Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, actor Danny Glover, Codepink’s Medea Benjamin, and many others.

The rally was organized by the Answer Coalition, endorsed by over 150 organizations, a statement saying the following:

“The aggressive (Trump regime) policy against Venezuela repeats the ugly pattern of wars for regime change in the oil-rich countries of Iraq and Libya.”

“It is time to stand up and with a clear voice say NO to the newest example of the ‘Monroe Doctrine,’ used (by the US) for over two centuries to repeatedly invade Latin America and the Caribbean, control its politics and extract its resources.”

On March 16, activists for peace, equity and justice rallied in Washington, saying:

“US hands off Venezuela! 

NO to the coup. The US does not have the right to select other country’s leaders!

NO to the sanctions, oil embargo and economic war on Venezuela that aims to cause suffering for ordinary people in the country.

NO to intervention and war from the US and their proxies in the region.”

In Caracas on Saturday, former Bolivarian National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello led a march of thousands for Bolivarian solidarity against the Trump regime’s coup plot, saying:

“The right was wrong again. The people decided to be free and sovereign. No matter what they try, we will resist!”

Venezuela needs a legitimate opposition, not puppet Guaido “controlled by the US” – serving its interests and his own, opposing the country’s sovereignty and people.

His actions are scripted by Trump regime hardliners. Everything they tried so far failed. It remains to be seen what dirty tricks they intend next.

The struggle to protect and preserve Venezuela’s soul has miles to go.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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