Venezuela’s Chief Supreme Court Justice Calls for Stripping Guaido of Immunity

Venezuela’s Chief Supreme Court Justice Calls for Stripping Guaido of Immunity

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump regime designated puppet/usurper in waiting Guaido is a serial law breaker.

He’s Trump regime front man for the ongoing coup attempt to topple democratically elected and reelected President Maduro, along with aiming to replace Bolivarian social democracy with US-controlled fascist tyranny.

Guaido openly called for toppling Maduro, the highest of high political crimes against a legitimate government. Urging support for the coup attempt from Venezuela’s military and most ordinary people fell flat.

He flouted a Supreme Court order, prohibiting him from traveling abroad. He illegally accepted foreign funding. By his own admission, he’s been involved in sabotage attacks on Venezuela’s electricity grid.

He betrayed his country and vast majority of its people. They want Bolivarian social democracy preserved and protected. He’s allied with US dark forces to eliminate it.

Polls show Venezuelans strongly oppose foreign intervention. They’re overwhelmingly against military force for regime change.

Guaido has been under investigation by Venezuela’s chief prosecutor’s office. So far, no warrant was issued for his arrest, no official charges made against him by ruling authorities. More on this below.

Last week, Maduro’s government banned him from holding office for 15 years for financial disclosure irregularities.

State comptroller Elvis Amoroso said he spent nearly $100,000 on 91 foreign trips, the amount way exceeding his income, funds illegally received from abroad and perhaps internal sources.

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly was established by national referendum to revise or rewrite the nation’s Constitution, above all restore and maintain order, along with serving all Venezuelans equitably.

Article 349 of Venezuela’s constitution states no other power can “in any way impede the decisions of the National Constituent Assembly” – not the president, National Assembly legislators and Supreme Court justices. 

On Monday, Venezuelan Chief Supreme Court Justice Maikel Moreno called on the Constituent Assembly to strip Guaido of parliamentary immunity for the above offenses, his statement saying:

The Supreme Court “orders to hand a certified copy of this decision to the head of the national Constituent Assembly in order to recall the parliamentary immunity of Juan Gerardo Guaido Marquez.”

“The court had previously banned Guaido from traveling abroad without the permission of the court. It is well known that he violated this ban.”

He’s been investigated for inciting rebellion against Venezuela’s legitimate government, along with promoting violence and receiving banned funding from abroad.

Enacted in 2010, Venezuela’s Defense of Political Sovereignty and National Self Determination Law prohibits political organizations and individuals from receiving foreign funding.

The law was enacted to protect the Bolivarian Republic from foreign interference through financial support from interests abroad.

It applies to political parties, other organizations involved in promoting political participation by individuals, as well as public officials and candidates running for office.

Penalties include fines of up to double the amount of illicit funds reached and exclusion from political involvement for up to eight years.

“52 US Code § 30121 – Contributions and donations by foreign nationals” prohibits US politicians, aspirants, parties and related organizations from receiving foreign funding or “other thing(s) of value” in connection with federal, state or local elections.

Short of ordering his arrest, President Maduro called for Guaido to “face justice” for involvement in the Trump regime’s coup plot.

A Final Comment

On Monday, unidentified armed figures in civilian clothes opened fire on an anti-government demonstration in Caracas’ Libertador district.

Two wounded individuals were hospitalized. Video images showed two gunmen, one with a rifle, the other with a pistol.

Venezuelan corporate media blamed what happened on Maduro. It had all the earmarks of US-orchestrated violence, similar to earlier incidents.

Much more of the same is likely ahead, part of the Trump regime’s plot to topple Maduro. So far, everything thrown at him and his government failed.

Support for Guaido is waning, evident by much smaller crowds turning out to hear him, according to eyewitnesses on the ground.

At times when searching for anti-government protests, they’re unable to find any ongoing, a positive sign, but by no means indicating Trump regime hardliners intend abandoning efforts to topple Maduro.

Polar opposite is true, further tough tactics ahead virtually sure to come.

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