NATO Chief Calls for Greater Military Spending and Buildup Against Russia

NATO Chief Calls for Greater Military Spending and Buildup Against Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

NATO chiefs are front men for Washington’s imperial agenda – notably at a time when the only threats to the West are invented ones. No real ones exist.

NATO operates as a virtual extension of Pentagon militarism and belligerence, a killing machine serving US interests, waging war on humanity.

Dominated by the US, supplying about 75% of its budget, the alliance represents the greatest threat to world peace, a notion it reviles.

For the first time since NATO’s 1949 establishment, its US-installed secretary general addressed a joint congressional session – symbolic of its support for global militarism and belligerence.  

The overwhelming majority of its members support Washington’s permanent war agenda, an imperial scourge threatening everyone everywhere.

Jens Stoltenberg is current NATO chief, taking orders from Washington, saluting and obeying, reflected in his Wednesday remarks – notably hostile toward Russia.

NATO was never about adhering to UN Charter provisions, never about pursuing peace, nor about “safeguard(ing)” fundamental freedoms.

It’s against what democratic governance the way it should be is all about, along with “the rule of law” it flagrantly breaches time and again.

The US-dominated alliance threatens freedom-loving people everywhere. What Stoltenberg called its “(o)ne for all and all for one…promise” is all about advancing Washington’s imperium, all about war over peace, about destroying freedoms, not preserving them.

NATO supports the scourge of ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups, used as US imperial foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere.

Alliance activities are unrelated to providing “European security and…freedom,” just the opposite. Stoltenberg lied claiming “NATO has been good for Europe,” adding:

It’s “been good for the United States.” Indeed by its member states partnering in US wars of aggression, serving its agenda at the expense of their own interests and welfare.

Stoltenberg’s address was all about promoting greater military spending when greatly reducing it is needed.

It was all about demonizing Russia more than already, nearly the entire Congress hostile to the country and its leadership.

Stoltenberg lied claiming NATO today “face(s) unprecedented challenges,” his laundry list topped by a nonexistent “assertive Russia.”

He lied accusing the Kremlin of “annex(ing) Crimea.” He lied saying for “(t)he first time in Europe…one country (took) part of another by force since World War II” – ignoring the Clinton co-presidency’s rape and dismemberment of Yugoslavia, turning truth on its head about Russia.

He lied accusing the Kremlin of “us(ing) a military-grade nerve agent in the United Kingdom.” Ignoring Obama regime-launched aggression in Syria, he disgracefully called Assad’s government a “murderous regime” – what applies to the US and its complicit NATO partners, not Damascus.

He lied about nonexistent “cyberattacks on NATO allies and partners, targeting everything from parliaments to power grids” – while ignoring Trump regime electricity war on Venezuela, sabotaging its power grid multiple times, along with waging illegal sanctions war and a whole lot more to eliminate its democratic government.

He lied about “(s)ophisticated disinformation campaigns (and) attempts to interfere in democracy” in Western nations where it’s nonexistent.

He lied claiming US-dominated NATO isn’t about “provok(ing) conflict,” falsely saying it’s to “prevent” them and “preserve the peace” the US and other key alliance members abhor.

He lied claiming NATO “strive(s) for a better relationship with Russia.” Dominated by hostile US actions, NATO’s mission is polar opposite his fabricated claim.

He falsely blamed Russia for hostile US actions, notably by Trump regime hardliners – abandoning the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal, INF Treaty, and waging endless wars inherited from their predecessors.

Stltenberg was silent about US-led NATO forces encroaching belligerently near Russia’s borders. Ignoring clear US INF Treaty breaches, he lied claiming Moscow “is in violation of the” treaty. Its military is in full compliance. No evidence suggests otherwise.

He lied saying “(w)e do not want a new arms race. We do not want a new Cold War.” Cold War 2.0 rages more menacingly than anything earlier, risking East/West confrontation, the ominous threat of unthinkable nuclear war.

“(W)e must…prepare for a world without the INF Treaty,” he roared, urging what he called “credible and effective deterrence” – notably by increased war spending when stepping back from the brink is essential.

Stolenberg ignored endless US wars of aggression in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and aggression by other means against Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere – along with partnering in Israeli wars and other brutality against defenseless Palestinians.

He turned truth on its head claiming “NATO fully supports the peace process” – nonexistent in Occupied Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere because the US rejects conflict resolution everywhere.

He lied claiming NATO is “part of a global coalition to defeat ISIS” – the scourge it supports while pretending otherwise.

“NATO allies must spend more on “defense,” he roared – code language for promoting endless militarism and belligerence, maintaining the fiction of foreign threats.

World stability and security require less for so-called “defense,” much more for vital homeland needs in all member states, mainly increased infrastructure and social spending, especially for healthcare and education.

As long as NATO exists and expands, aiming to become a global force, world peace, stability and security will remain unattainable.

The threat of nuclear war will remain an ominous threat, the ultimate doomsday scenario if launched by accident or design.

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