The NYT Gives Feature Op-Ed Space to Venezuelan Coup Plotter

The NYT Gives Feature Op-Ed Space to Venezuelan Coup Plotter

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled newspaper of record finds new ways of disgracing itself – featuring propaganda rubbish by anti-Bolivarian Julio Borges.

His fascist credentials are indisputable. The former National Assembly opposition president (January 2017 – January 2018) fled to Colombia to avoid prosecution for high crimes against the state.

According to a Venezuelan Supreme Court statement, “(t)here exist elements which implicate (him) for the crimes of continued public incitement, treason, and frustrated intentional homicide” – as well as “terrorism (and) financing terrorism.”

He was involved in last August’s foiled drone assassination attempt against Maduro. Others arrested implicated him in the plot. A warrant was issued for his arrest and detention.

He was involved in the aborted April 2002 coup plot against Hugo Chavez. He belongs in prison, not given protective status in neighboring Colombia.

He’s protected in Bogota by the Colombian narco-terrorist Duque regime, refusing to extradite him to Venezuela to be held accountable for high crimes.

His NYT op-ed was a litany of beginning-to-end bald-faced Big Lies. Falsely claiming Cuba “highjacked Venezuela (sic),” he turned truth on its head, saying “Venezuelans “are not victims of a single dictatorship (sic), but of two (sic),” adding:

Havana is “holding (Venezuela) hostage (sic).” The Bolivarian Republic is the hemisphere’s preeminent social democracy, not a “regime” like neighboring Colombia and Brazil, like most other regional countries, most of all like EU/NATO/Israeli/US regimes waging war on humanity.

Venezuela treats all its people equitably, especially its most disadvantaged citizens. Seeking cooperative relations with other countries, it’s not attacking or threatening any the way the above “regimes” operate, the US doing it globally against humanity.

Chavismo is model democratic governance, the threat of a good example Republicans and undemocratic Dems fear, why Venezuela was targeted for regime change nearly straightaway after Chavez’s election – the Trump “regime” hellbent for it far more aggressively than its predecessors.

Borges: “Important government decisions are being made in Havana, not in Caracas” – a bald-faced Big Lie.

Borges: Cuba’s influence “extend(s) to several Venezuelan governmental institutions, including the armed forces and the offices of immigration and health services” – another bald-faced Big Lie.

Fact: Cuba “infiltrate(s)” nowhere. Its main exports are doctors and other healthcare providers treating patients worldwide at no cost, free education, other free social services and good will.

Fact: Main US exports are mass slaughter, destruction, human misery, and occupation of other countries, bludgeoning them into submission by brute force.

Borges: Maduro “consolidate(d) power and dismantle(d) democratic institutions” – another Big Lie by a figure guilty of attempted murder and treason, hostile to democratic governance, wanting tyranny replacing it in Venezuela.

Calling Maduro’s democratic reelection last May a “sham” turned truth on its head. Saying it “was not recognized by Venezuelans and many of the world’s democracies” is another bald-faced Big Lie.

Borges is a despicable figure. Giving him safe haven in Colombia protects him from accountability.

His disinformation piece was pure rubbish. No responsible editors would touch it. To their disgrace, Times editors featured it – making them complicit with his Big Lies.

In wanting Bolivarian social democracy replaced with US-controlled fascist tyranny, they’ve published volumes of their own – proving time and again the self-styled newspaper of record is a national disgrace.

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