Media Rage and Deception Following Release of Mueller’s Report

Media Rage and Deception on Steroids Following Release of Mueller’s Report

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The establishment media propaganda bullhorn rages without letup – producing managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish on issues mattering most.

They’re a pernicious force inimical to what free and equitable societies are all about, serving wealth, power, and privileged interests exclusively, hostile to peace, equity, justice, truth-telling, and the general welfare.

Following release of Mueller’s politicized witch hunt report, exposing the colossal Russiagate hoax, establishment media have been on a tear.

They maliciously twisted its contents, repeated its Big Lies about Russia, falsely accusing the Kremlin of US election meddling – despite no evidence proving it because none exists. 

Some extremist voices called for Trump’s impeachment – despite no evidence of his involvement in collusion or obstruction of justice.

In their latest editions, the NYT and neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post largely drowned out all else, focusing on Mueller’s report, Trump and Russia. 

Here are their headlined reports, columns, op-eds and editorials – a virtual blitzkrieg of utter rubbish, first from the NYT, the self-styled newspaper of record lying machine.


“Reaction to Mueller Report Divides Along Partisan Lines”

“Americans Agree on One Thing About the Mueller Report: Disgust With the Country’s Leaders”

“A Darker Portrait Emerges of Trump’s Attacks on the Justice Department”

“Mueller Report Likely to Renew Scrutiny of (dodgy) Steele Dossier” utter rubbish

“(Sarah) Sanders Counterattacks After Report Reveals False Statement”

Columns and Op-Eds:

“The Mueller Report Is Out. What Now?

“In a Functional Country, We Would Be on the Road to Impeachment (sic)”

“How Barr and Trump Use a Russian Disinformation Tactic (sic)”

“Conservatives Should Thank Mueller”

“Robert Mueller in the Age of the Unicorn”

“Mueller Hints at a National-Security Nightmare (sic)”

“How (former White House counsel) Don McGahn Handled a Dishonest President”

“A Nixonian Attorney General (sic)”

Editorials for the past three days:

“The Mueller Report and the Danger Facing American Democracy (sic)”

“Mr. Mueller’s Indictment (sic)”

“Don’t Trust Barr. Verify His Redactions.”

Count ‘em – 16 in total, 14 in a single day on one topic, devoted to turning truth on its head.

In a can you top this contest, the neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post bested the NYT:


“Investigate Trump or impeach? After report, Democrats split over endgame”

“Reactions to the report: Romney slams Trump; Warren calls for impeachment”

“ ‘I have no recollection’: Trump turned to familiar refrain in response to Mueller questions”

“Trump blames McGahn after Mueller paints damning portrait with notes from White House aides”

“Mueller report offers clues to what’s behind the redactions”

“The Mueller report isn’t just a legal document. It’s also the best book on the Trump White House so far”

“Cartoonists skewer Barr and Trump amid release of Mueller report”

“The Mueller report is riddled with Trump’s lies and manipulation”

“What’s in the Mueller Report”

Columns and Op-Eds:

“Trump shows us a report that is heavily ‘redoctored’ ”

“Trump’s Mueller mirror image”

“Can Easter bring an end to this ungodly episode in American history?”

“Impeachment would be a terrible thing for our country. We have another option” – calling for removing him electorally in 2020

“Donald Trump is lucky. Vladimir Putin is luckier” – falsely claiming DLT’s triumph over Hillary helped him.

Overwhelming bipartisan hostility toward him and Russia is at its greatest fever pitch in modern memory.

“Robert Mueller failed to do his duty” – no just cause for appointing him special counsel in the first place

“Why was Trump so afraid of the Mueller investigation? We may never know”

“To impeach or not to impeach? That is now the question” – falsely calling Trump guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice

“Russia attacked us (sic). The Mueller report still doesn’t give us the full story”

“Both Republicans and Democrats could use some serious post-Mueller introspection”

“Mueller’s report rocked Washington. Storm Lake, Iowa, not so much”

“While the Russians attacked (sic), Trump looked the other way (sic)

“William Barr’s incredibly misleading words”

“Mueller’s biggest bombshell? Trump told the White House counsel to lie.

“Barr Tried to Exonerate Trump. That’s not how the special counsel rules work”

“How Mueller revived a law that protects us all against foreign money”

“William Barr gave this country an extraordinary gift” – by releasing a heavily redacted Mueller report? He suppressed information the public has a right to know.

“Trump tried to obstruct justice. But he was too inept to do it”

“John Yoo: It’s now impeachment or bust. As it should be”

Note: Neocon extremist John Yoo served as Bush/Cheney’s deputy assistant attorney general, Office of Legal Counsel, US Department of Justice.

His infamous “torture memos” falsely claimed legal justification for what international law categorically prohibits at all times, under all circumstances, with no allowed exceptions.

His criminality includes serious breaches of the Constitution, US War Crimes Act, Geneva Conventions, UN Charter, UN Torture Convention, and Nuremberg Principles. Yet he remains unaccountable, including for supporting naked aggression.

“John Podesta: The Mueller report shows an attack on our democracy (sic). It’s time to act.”

Note: Podesta served as the Clinton co-presidency’s White House chief of staff, Obama’s counselor to the president, and chair of Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

His emails were leaked by a Dem insider to WikiLeaks along with DNC material, not hacked by Russia or anyone else as falsely claimed.

Previous day editorial:

“The Mueller report is the opposite of exoneration”

Box score: WaPo 30 – NYT 14: 34 reports, columns, op-ed’s, and an editorial on the same topic in the latest editions of these broadsheets – misinforming and disinforming readers, journalism polar opposite how it’s supposed to be.

Rarely ever was so much time and effort in a single day devoted to one topic, material produced utterly deceiving readers, suppressing what’s essential to report.

It’s standard establishment media practice, how they consistently operate.

They’re a collective bullhorn lying machine, disseminating misinformation, disinformation, and bald-faced Big Lies on major world and national issues.

Their staff is paid big bucks to lie, distort, deceive, and suppress vital information essential to report.

Lying pays well, truth-tellers shunned and abused – how all totalitarian states operate.

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