NYT Rage to Impeach Trump for the Wrong Reasons

NYT Rage to Impeach Trump for the Wrong Reasons

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite plenty of justifiable reasons, the Times consistently ignores them — a broadsheet to be ignored, not followed, its mission all about misinforming and deceiving readers in deference to wealth, power and privileged interests it serves, scorning popular ones.

Paul Craig Roberts minced no words calling the NYT “despicable,” adding: “The scum sheet, written and edited by scum, is not even fit to be used as toilet paper.”

The self-styled newspaper of record gives new meaning to yellow journalism — defined as irresponsible and sensationalist reporting that distorts, exaggerates or misstates the truth — a Times specialty.

For the broadsheet and other establishment media, it’s also about providing press agent services for the imperial state, Wall Street, and other corporate interests at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Its common features include fear-mongering, fake, distorted, deceptive, and misleading news, views, photos, and graphics instead of truth-telling — acting as thought control gatekeepers for powerful interests.

The Times has been in the vanguard of bashing Trump, largely for the wrong reasons, ignoring the most important right ones.

They include his high crimes of war and against humanity, supporting monied interests at the expense of ordinary people everywhere, spurning Palestinians in deference to apartheid Israel, waging war by other means on Iran, Venezuela and other countries, among other high crimes too egregious to ignore.

To their shame, the Times and other establishment media support all of the above crimes instead of condemning them — what reliable alternative media alone do, why everyone should follow these sources, no others, the only way to be informed about major issues affecting our lives and well-being.

The self-styled newspaper of record has been hostile to Trump for triumphing over media darling Hillary, winning the election he was supposed to lose.

Its editors, columnists, and contributors want him impeached and removed from office — for invented reasons, not the above high crimes.

The Mueller report exposed the Russiagate hoax. It showed no improper or illegal Trump ties to Russia, no obstruction of justice. 

It repeated bald-faced Big Lies about Russian US election meddling that didn’t happen, not a shred of evidence suggesting otherwise. When repeated enough, Big Lies and willful deception take on a life of their own — how propaganda works as intended.

Since release of the Mueller report, the Times has been pushing for impeaching Trump. Before it came out, the self-styled newspaper of record called him “demonstrably unfit for office.”

Calling for impeachment, it said: “What are we waiting for? The cost of removing (him) from office is smaller than the cost of allowing this president to remain.”

Times editors lied claiming “Trump broke federal law on numerous occasions by attempting to shut down or interfere with the nearly-two-year Russia investigation.”

Fact: He cooperated with Mueller’s probe, didn’t shut it down by invoking executive privilege, didn’t fire anyone involved in it, nor withhold or destroy evidence.

Yet Times editors called for congressional action to hold him accountable for nonexistent obstruction of justice — by impeachment and removal from office.

In its latest edition, the Times claimed  “(t)he danger (is) not impeaching Trump,” saying “Congress has a responsibility to act,” adding:

Dems “would…run enormous risks if they didn’t hold to account a president who has clearly abused power and the Constitution, who has not honored the oath of office…” — ignoring his serious high crimes, inventing fake ones instead.

Days earlier, the Times falsely claimed the Mueller report showed “attempts (by Trump) over and over to obstruct justice, which in some cases succeed,” adding:

“What are we going to do about it? Obstruction of justice is a crime. If Trump committed that crime, he’s a criminal. Are we simply going to allow a criminal to sit in the Oval Office and face no consequence?”

Separately a Times article asked “Is it time to Impeach Trump — not before more dirt about him is uncovered to pile on more charges, according to one of its co-called correspondents, omitting what’s most important to hold him accountable for.

Still another turned truth on its head, falsely accusing Trump of “conspir(ing) with the Russians, adding “(b)y the standards of a potential impeachment inquiry, the evidence is clear.”

Indeed so! Nothing in the Mueller report remotely warrants impeachment.

In the same edition, the Times turned truth on its head, calling pro-war, pro-privilege over equity and justice, longtime establishment figure Wall Street favorite, imperial spear carrier Joe Biden “(y)our average American Joe (sic)…a populist in his person and makeup (sic), (reflecting) middle class decency (sic), personal loyalty and practical sense (sic).”

Separately, the Times said “(h)e’s nice, he’s experienced…and everybody has stories about what a lovely guy he is in person.”

In politics since the 1970s, he’s got more skeletons in his closet than an orthopedic warehouse.

He’s polar opposite all of the above Big Lies. “Your average Joe” is an unindicted war criminal, a Wall Street/military/industrial/complex tool, an anti-populist, a figure to be scorned, not supported.

Straightaway, the Times endorsed Biden without admitting it in so many words, stumping stumping for him to be undemocratic Dem standard bearer, no other party aspirant.

No one should support anyone from either wing of the one-party state. Rare exceptions prove the rule. 

Virtually never does anyone worthy of being a presidential material end up as a Dem or GOP nominee.

The US political process is too debauched to fix. Ordinary people have no say over how they’re governed — what fantasy democracy is all about.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.


My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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