Mike Pompeo: Bully Boy!

Mike Pompeo: Bully Boy!

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The same applies to John Bolton and Elliott Abrams, a warmongering trio hostile to world peace and stability, a menace to humanity, a psychopathologically impaired troika.

Perhaps the only way to save humanity “from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind,” as the UN Charter’s preamble states, is by replacing these extremists with peacemakers instead of leaving them in charge of their portfolios.

It’s Trump’s call. Much rides on whether he’ll continue their destructive agenda or go another way.

The militantly right-wing London Guardian surprisingly called Pompeo “a bully boy” in response to his hostile May 8 remarks in London.

Calling him “Machiavellian,” the Guardian slammed his “messianic drive to force regime change in Iran…recently suggest(ing) Donald Trump had been sent by God to save Israel from Tehran’s mullahs.”

He operates “as bagman for Trump…belong(ing) to a cold war generation that, despite mounting evidence of relative US decline, clings to delusional myths of American exceptionalism and US hegemony.”

Further critical remarks followed, surprising for a broadsheet press agent for US-led NATO aggression and other hostile actions.

On May 8 at London’s Lancaster House, Pompeo raged against US adversaries, his hostile remarks mainly directed against Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Along with falsely accusing Russia of involvement in last year’s US/UK-staged Skripal incident, he lied saying its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project aims to exert “leverage over Europe.”

Trump regime opposition to the project is all about wanting to sell more expensive US liquid natural gas to European countries, along with seeking to marginalize, weaken, contain, and isolate Russia. The same goes for China, Iran, and its other adversaries.

Pompeo lied about ISIS, pretending US opposition to the scourge it created and supports. He lied about the US and UK seeking conflict resolution in Yemen — the longest US war in modern times along with Afghanistan, aggression against both countries beginning in October 2001, no end of both wars in prospect.

He lied about US concern for starving Yemenis neither he or other Trump regime hardliners give a damn out.

He lied about US aims v. North Korea, making unacceptable one-sided demands in return for hollow promises to be broken.

He lied claiming the US seek Asia/Pacific peace, the same globally — a notion Republicans and undemocratic Dems abhor.

They support endless US wars of aggression in multiple theaters, more in the wings to be launched if or when ordered, all against nonthreatening sovereign independent nations, based on bald-faced Big Lies.

He lied claiming the US faces “a new kind of challenge” in dealings with China. A litany of bald-faced Big Lies and distortions followed, warning about nonexistent Beijing militarism and “appetite for expansion” — US specialties, not how China operates.

He lied claiming Chinese tech giant Huawei menace US and EU security. He and other Trump regime hardliners threatened to cut off UK access to US intelligence if it grants the company access to its 5G network, falsely claiming it’ll help Beijing spy on nations doing business with the firm.

He lied accusing China of “want(ing) to divide Western alliances through bits and bytes, not bullets and bombs.”

He lied claiming Iran “operat(es) in defiance of the UN’s ballistic missile resolution.” He lied saying the country “fund(s) terror across the Middle East, and across the world” — longstanding US/NATO/Israeli policies, polar opposite how Iran operates, championing regional peace and stability.

All of the above was too much for the London Guardian, adding to its above remarks:

“Pompeo and Bolton are…running US foreign policy. (They’re) fervent ideologues-in-arms…”

“If there has been a less impressive, more dangerous US secretary of state, it is hard to name one. Pompeo’s reactionary views” are matched by Bolton, a hugely dangerous duo.

“(T)hese hard-faced Washington bully boys…think they run the world.”

Who could have imagined that the militantly right-wing Guardian, supporter of US wars, would resemble peace advocates by harshly criticizing the two heads of Trump’s geopolitical agenda.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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