The NYT Lying Machine on Syria

The NYT Lying Machine on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Lies, damn lies, and Big Lies are NYT specialties, notably on  geopolitical issues, especially about US adversaries — Syria one of many targeted countries.

Since the Obama regime launched naked aggression on the country in March 2011, the Times falsely blamed and continues to blame Bashar al-Assad for crimes of war and against humanity committed against the Syrian people by US-supported terrorists, aided by Pentagon-led terror-bombing.

War in its 9th year rages, resolution unattainable because Republicans and undemocratic Dems reject it.

They want Assad toppled, Syria partitioned, Iran isolated ahead of escalated actions to return the country to US client state status, no matter the human toll in either nation or any others attacked by Washington.


Instead of exposing and denouncing US dirty wars, the Times wholeheartedly supports them, providing propaganda services. 

The same goes for other Western establishment media, a collective lying machine for wealth, power, and privileged interests.

A fake news Times report said the following: “(T)he pace of arrests and executions is accelerating” in Syria (sic) — a bald-faced Big Lie, followed by a litany of more malicious misinformation and disinformation.

Not a shred of evidence backs the Times report, material in it fabricated, perhaps supplied by the CIA and Pentagon, the self-styled newspaper of record providing press agent services.

The Times: “Nearly 128,000 people are missing inside a sprawling system of secret prisons run by the Syrian government (sic).” 

“Hundreds of thousands of people are believed (sic) to have passed through it (sic) since the Syrian uprising (sic) began in 2011, as the authorities used torture (sic) — and the fear of it — to crack down on opposition to President Bashar al-Assad (sic).”

So-called “documents smuggled out of the country show that officials who reported directly to Mr. al-Assad ordered crackdowns on civilians and knew of atrocities (sic).”


“They ordered ‘harsh treatment’ of specific detainees and complained of increasing detainee deaths as corpses piled up and decomposed (sic).”

“The prison system is an integral part of the war effort (sic)…the government’s main weapon against the civilian opposition (sic). Imprisonment and torture crushed the civil protest movement (sic) and helped drive the opposition (sic) into an armed conflict it could not win.”

None of the above passes the smell test. So-called documents are fake. The vast majority of Syrians support Assad and the country’s military.

When cities, towns and villages are liberated, civilians embrace soldiers warmly, thanking them for ending their captivity at the hands of ISIS, al-Nusra, and other US-supported terrorists.

No “uprising” occurred in March 2011. There’s nothing civil about what’s gone on for over eight years — planned, orchestrated and launched by Washington, supported by NATO, Israel, the Saudis, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and Western media.

So-called opposition “rebels” are cutthroat killer jihadists, recruited from scores of countries, supported by al-Qaeda-linked, Western financed White Helmets. 

Their mission is unrelated to civil defense, everything to do with backing regime change, staging CW false flags one of their tactics, wrongfully blamed on Assad.

Tim Anderson’s book, titled “The Dirty War on Syria” is a definitive account of the conflict. Separately, he explained Obama’s dirty war, now Trump’s, as follows, saying:

“Washington and its allies tr(ied) another ‘regime change’ in Syria. A fake ‘revolution’ uses Islamic gangs, during an ‘Arab Spring.’ The Western media constantly lie about this covert, dirty war.”

“A political reform movement is driven off the streets by Islamic violence. (The misnamed pro-Western) ‘Free Syrian Army’ slaughters minorities and government workers.”

“Saudi and Qatari backed Islamists carry out a series of massacres, falsely blaming them on the Syrian Army and President Assad.”

“Most of Syria’s opposition backs the state and army against terrorism. Washington calls a puppet exile group ‘the Syrian opposition.’ “

“Washington (using Saudis, Qatar, Turkey and Israel) backs all the armed Islamist groups, pretending some are ‘moderate rebels.’ ”

“A resistance coalition rallies to Syria. Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and Russia join the Syrian Army in destroying western backed terrorist groups.”

Anderson’s book explains all of the above and more in detail about what’s going on – polar opposite Times and other establishment media propaganda. 

Syria, its people, and government are victims of US-led aggression, using jihadists as imperial foot soldiers.

In February 2017, a fake news Amnesty International report on Syria, titled “Human Slaughterhouse: Mass Hangings and Extermination at Saydnaya Prison, Syria” included no evidence backing up phony claims.

AI admitted having no physical evidence, nothing indicating torture or other atrocities, just so-called testimonies from anti-government sources. Its field workers never visited a Syrian prison.

Early in the war, Denmark television showed images of alleged torture in Syrian prisons. They were taken in Iraq years earlier, falsely attributed to Damascus, a typical propaganda stunt.

Similar reports by Human Rights Watch throughout the war were fabricated, titled:

“Tracking down torture in Syria (July 2012)”

“Caught in the Act (November 2012)”

“Syria: Visit Reveals Torture Chambers (May 2013)”

“Mass Deaths and Torture in Syria’s Detention Facilities (December 2015)

“Syria: Coordinated Chemical Attacks on Aleppo (September 2017)”

The above reports included no hard evidence backing accusations made because none exists.

Throughout years of war, CW attacks were conducted by US-supported terrorists alone. No evidence whatever suggests government forces committed these high crimes.

The same goes for torture, mass executions, and other atrocities in Syrian prisons or elsewhere. When no credible evidence backs these and other claims, they’re baseless.

When the NYT, other media, AI, HRW, and other groups fail to put their evidence where their accusations are, they’re guilty of complicity with US wars of aggression — Nuremberg-level high crimes.

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