The NYT Opposes Syria’s Liberation

The NYT Opposes Syria’s Liberation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Like other major media, the self-styled newspaper of record supports all US wars of aggression — blaming unlawfully targeted nations for high crimes committed against them.

Throughout years of war to transform Syria into a US vassal state, wanting an Israeli rival eliminated and Iran isolated regionally, launched by Obama, escalated by Trump, the Times operated and continues operating as a virtual Pentagon press agent.

It pretends US naked aggression in Syria is all about humanitarian intervention and democracy building, notions it abhors.

It falsely claims war in Syria is a civil conflict. There’s nothing remotely civil about it. It calls cold-blooded cutthroat killer jihadists opposition forces or moderate rebels. They’re all radicalized extremists, operating as US proxies.

The Times pretends al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets are civil defense workers, cover for their terrorist activities, including involvement in staging CW false flags, wrongfully blamed on government forces.

It maintains the myth that US forces are involved in combatting the scourge of ISIS it created and supports, along with al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot, and other jihadist groups.

It supports unlawful US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, using areas it controls as platforms for aggression, along with covertly training ISIS and other jihadists to wage forever war on the country.

It ignores tens of thousands of Syrian refugees held hostage by US forces and their terrorist foot soldiers.

It’s silent about the same thing in Idlib on a far greater scale, about three million Syrian civilians held captive as human shields by US/Turkish supported al-Nusra terrorists. Liberating the province is essential to free them and regain control over the last remaining jihadist stronghold in the country.

The Times opposes efforts by Syrian and Russian forces to liberate Idlib, claiming it’ll “come at a high cost in life and property” — ignoring the horrendous human toll from years of US aggression in the country, killing hundreds of thousands, creating the most severe refugee crisis since WW II.

Since Syrian forces began liberating southern Idlib areas, greatly aided by Russian airpower, the Times lied claiming “bombing has destroyed or disabled at least 19 hospitals and medical centers in 20 days, leaving doctors operating in basements and patients unable to find treatment.”

Pentagon-led terror-bombing in all US wars is responsible for the above atrocities, massacring civilians, destroying vital infrastructure, turning residential areas to rubble, entire communities to moonscapes — especially in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria during campaigns supporting ISIS, not combatting its jihadists.

The Times: “Turkey is eager to keep Idlib stable in large part because it does not want hundreds of thousands more civilians fleeing across its border.”

A separate article explained that Ankara sent thousands of terrorists to Hama and Aleppo provinces to reinforce al-Nusra jihadists, helping them combat Syrian forces.

President Erdogan’s aggression in northern Syria is all about waging war on Kurdish fighters and wanting Syrian territory annexed, especially its oil-rich areas.

The Times suppresses information that conflicts with the official narrative. Falsely saying “Ankara has fulfilled its pledge to suppress extremists in Idlib” failed to explain that the US and Turkey support for them as foot soldiers against Syrian forces.

The struggle to liberate Syria from control by the US and its terrorist proxies is in its ninth year with no prospect for near-term resolution because Republicans and undemocratic Dems oppose it.

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