Major Media Consider US Supported Despots Moderate Centrists

Major Media Consider US Supported Despots Moderate Centrists

 by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Centrists by definition are moderate, their views neither too far left or right. In reality, they’re rare in politics. Most figures have strong views on key issues.

Politicians are either for or against preemptive wars, social equality, democratic rule, and other major issues. There’s no in between on ones this important.

The US supports most of the world’s most repressive regimes – notably in Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states, Egypt, Latin and Central America, various Asian and African countries, along with Israeli apartheid rule over Palestinians.

Fairness & Accuracy in Media (FAIR) does some of the best work in holding establishment media feet to the fire for unacceptable managed news misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news – their specialties on issues mattering most.

Venezuela is the hemisphere’s preeminent social democracy, why the US under Republicans and undemocratic Dems want legitimate president Maduro replaced by imposter Juan Guaido.

He’s a diabolical front man for the Trump regime’s designs on the country, an anti-democratic fascist, a hooligan masquerading as a man of the people.

He supports tyranny over social democratic rule, mass privatizations of state enterprises, abolition of social programs, and neoliberal harshness replacing them – what the vast majority of Venezuelan oppose.

FAIR: Establishment media portray him “as a centrist social democrat who can unite a fractured nation…an activist…a ‘salsa-loving baseball fan…(a) center left (figure)…even ‘socialist.’ ”

Aside from whether he likes baseball or other sports, none of the above labels remotely describe his ideology – hardline, extremist, anti-Bolivarian by any standard.

The NYT turned truth on its head, claiming he “captured the heart of the nation,” adding “a vast majority of Venezuelans support him.” Polar opposite is true on both counts.

The more he rages against Bolivarian social democracy and Maduro’s legitimacy as president, the more he’s widely reviled.

Fox Business host Trish Reagan turned truth on its head, calling him a “freedom fighter leading his country to democracy.”

The mission assigned him by Trump regime hardliners is going all-out to eliminate it in Venezuela.

FAIR: His so-called Popular Will party “consistently favor(s) confrontation and violence over negotiation; a recent opposition plan to amass an army of 200 soldiers to shoot their way across the border to bring (him) back into Venezuela after an overseas tour was only stopped by a panicked Colombian government, according to Bloomberg” News.

He’s “the latest in a long line of Washington-backed Venezuelan (thugs establishment media) sugar-coated.”

Until convicted, imprisoned, then confined under house arrest for plotting against the government, “alter(ing) the peaceful coexistence between Venezuelans, defy(ing) the authority of the country’s institutions, and disregard(ing) the law,” along with involvement in anti-government street violence, damaging public property, public intimidation, and inflicting serious injuries, Leopoldo Lopez was Obama’s front man for regime change in Venezuela.

Demonstrations he led were responsible for dozens of deaths and countless injuries. The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post called him a “courageous, left-leaning moderate.”

Newsweek marveled over his  “twinkling chocolate-colored eyes and high cheekbones.” Challenging Hugo Chavez in Venezuela’s 2012 presidential election, Henrique Capriles was a Lopez/Guaido precursor.

Calling himself a social democrat turned truth on its head. Ignoring his extremism, the NYT described him as “moderate.” WaPo called him a “center-left reformer.”

The NYT was in vanguard of demonizing Hugo Chavez throughout his time in office. Following his December 1998 election, Times Latin American correspondent, Larry Roher, turned truth on its head, calling him a “populist demagogue, an authoritarian…caudillo (strongman).”

During the aborted two-day Bush/Cheney-orchestrated April 2002 coup against Chavez, Times editors shamefully said the following:

“With (the) resignation (sic) of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would-be dictator (sic).” 

“Mr. Chavez, a ruinous demagogue (sic), stepped down (sic) after the military intervened (sic) and handed power (sic) to a respected business leader, Pedro Carmona (sic).”

Ignoring the Bush/Cheney orchestrated coup, the Times lied calling Chavez’s removal “a purely Venezuelan affair (sic).”

It lied claiming he “was elected president in 1998 promising change he never delivered (sic),” adding he “alienated virtually every constituency from middle-class professionals, academics and business leaders to union members and the Roman Catholic Church (sic).”

He was one of the most highly respected and beloved leaders in Latin American history – by ordinary Venezuelans, comprising the country’s vast majority, for lifting tens of millions of people from poverty, providing everyone in the country with social benefits most Americans can’t imagine.

In December 2006, his landslide triumph topped all presidential election victories in US history – other than George Washington’s virtual anointment and James Monroe, running virtually unopposed in 1820.

Chavez could have been president for life if not assassinated by the Obama regime – poisoned or infected with cancer-causing substances too harmful to overcome.

Four cancer surgeries in 18 months and state-of-the-art treatment couldn’t save him. He knew he was marked for death, explaining it many times. The same goes for Maduro.

Media propaganda doesn’t get any worse than how the Times demonized renowned social democrat Chavez, masquerading as journalism, the real thing long ago abandoned by the self-styled newspaper of record.

It’s why I’ve said and repeated time and again that all the news it claims fit to print isn’t fit to read!

When the US wages wars of aggression, stages color revolutions, or old-fashioned coups like what’s ongoing in Venezuela, the Times salutes and cheerleads – ignoring the rule of law and democracy the way it should be, values it disdains.

The same goes for all US-led Western media – representing what prostitution of the press is all about.

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