Anti-Venezuela Propaganda Some of the Worst in Memory

Anti-Venezuela Propaganda Some of the Worst in Memory

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Press prostitution characterizes how US establishment media operate, turning truth on its head consistently on major issues, notably geopolitical ones.

Sticking to the official narrative suppresses what’s vital to report. Managed news misinformation and disinformation drown out truth-telling — the public consistently lied to.

Throughout Bolivarian Republic history, malicious US media propaganda maligned its leadership and social democracy. 

Fake news on the country has been at a fever pitch since Trump regime designated puppet Guaido illegally self-declared himself interim Venezuelan president, a flagrant constitutional violation — establishment media going along with the ruse.

Activists visiting Venezuela see firsthand how followers of establishment media are lied to about the country.

Weeks earlier, a Venezuelan woman said “(w)e are not starving…(W)e have shortages” because of hostile US actions…”There have been so many lies about us,” notably by US media propaganda reports.

Hardball US actions bear full responsibility for hardships millions of Venezuelans face. Its envoy to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa said Washington’s “economic embargo” since 2015 caused $130 billion (in) financial damages.”

On Wednesday, neocon hardliner Senator Lindsey Graham called for US military intervention against Venezuela if Maduro doesn’t step down and against Cuba for maintaining ties to his government — pretending Washington “st(ands) for democracy and freedom around the world,” notions it abhors and tolerates nowhere.

Trump regime hardliners want all Venezuelan imports and exports blocked. On Thursday, it threatened illegal sanctions on nations selling jet fuel to the country.

An unnamed State Department official said the Trump regime continues “to engage with companies in the energy sector on the possible risks they face by conducting business with (state oil company) PDVSA.”

According to the independent media watchdog group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting), major media coverage of events in Venezuela is deplorably “distort(ed),” saying:

They continue saying US designated puppet Guaido represents the country’s “pro-democracy movement.” 

Failing to call what’s going on a Trump regime orchestrated coup attempt, major media reports don’t explain that hostility toward Maduro and his government is all about wanting Bolivarian social democracy eliminated.

Pretending Maduro’s democratic May 2018 reelection was illegitimate ignored a joint statement by independent observers saying: “The technical and professional trustworthiness and independence of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela are (i)ncontestable.”

The Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America observer group said the “results communicated by the National Electoral Council (accurately) reflect the will of the voters who decided to participate in the electoral process.”

Along with the NYT, the Wall Street Journal has been especially hostile to Venezuela’s social democracy.

Its lead Latin America propagandist Mary O’Grady recites a litany of bald-faced Big Lies in all her disinformation pieces no responsible editors would touch.

She turned truth on its head, calling Venezuela “occupied” by Russia and Cuba, adding “Tehran has likely planted sleeper cells throughout the country.” She considers Bolivarian social democracy “tyranny.”

Her prestitution of the press reflects it at its worst. NYT, WaPo, Journal and most other US establishment media call democrat Maduro a “dictator,” Venezuelan participatory democracy “tyranny.”

According to FAIR, “ ‘Venezuela’s democratic leaders’ are those who sat out the country’s election, claimed it was unfair, and then declined to file an appeal with the country’s National Electoral Council (CNE),” adding:

What’s indisputably undemocratic is imposter “Guaido not running for president and then declaring himself president even as 80 percent of Venezuelans had never heard of him at the time.”

Imagine the world community’s reaction if a Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Venezuelan, or Cuban national opposed the result of a US presidential election and declared himself or herself the nation’s interim president.

US major media fail to report that Washington’s major geopolitical aim is gaining global control over other nations, their resources and populations.

Its favored tactics include naked aggression, color revolutions, and old-fashioned coups like what going on in Venezuela, no matter how unlawful and harmful to ordinary people everywhere.

FAIR quoted London-based law lecturer Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, saying the Trump regime’s agenda in Venezuela should be called “a white supremacist foreign intervention.” 

Major media reporting on the country has been a tragedy, farce and disgrace — how they cover virtually all major issues, deceiving readers and viewers, not informing them.

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