Trump Admits No Iranian Threat Exists

The Mother of All Wars if the Trump Regime Attacks Iran?
May 22, 2019
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May 22, 2019

Trump Admits No Iranian Threat Exists

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday, Trump downplayed the notion about an Iranian threat, saying “(i)f they call, we would certainly negotiate but that’s going to be up to them. I’d only want them to call if they’re ready. If they’re not ready, they don’t have to bother,” adding:

“We have no indication that anything’s happened…or will happen,” referring to a possible Iranian provocation — what the US does repeatedly, not the Islamic Republic. More on this below.

The world community knows that Iran seeks regional peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries.

The notion of an Iranian threat is pure fantasy about a nation that hasn’t attacked another country in centuries, threatening none now.

On the anniversary of Trump’s unlawful pullout from the JCPOA nuclear deal, an international agreement unanimously adopted by Security Council members, making it binding international law, Mike Pompeo repeated a litany of Big Lies about the Islamic Republic.

He lied claiming the pullout aimed to “end end Iran’s destabilizing behavior (sic) and prevent Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon (sic)” it doesn’t seek and wants eliminated everywhere, ending the enormous threat these weapons pose.

Trump’s pullout was part of his  regime’s war on Iran by other means — illegal unilaterally imposed sanctions its main tactic, notably wanting Iranian energy exports reduced to zero, the policy opposed by the world community but doing nothing to counter it.

Pompeo lied claiming Iran aims to hold the US and West “hostage to…nuclear blackmail…” The Islamic Republic abhors these weapons, making its position clear about them time and again, leaving no ambiguity about its views and policies.

Israel is the region’s only nuclear armed and dangerous nuclear power, violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty it refuses to sign, its capabilities supported and encouraged by the US, highlighting its double standard on this issue — both nations and NATO representing an unparalleled threat to world peace.

Iran is in full compliance with the JCPOA, the UN Charter, other international law, and its obligations in dealing with other nations. 

The US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners are serial offenders, time and again breaching the rule of law, operating by their own rules exclusively.

Separately days earlier, Pompeo lied claiming “(t)he Islamic Republic of Iran has engaged in an escalating series of threatening actions and statements in recent weeks (sic).”

He lied accusing Iran “of killing American soldiers, attacking American facilities, and taking American hostages (sic),” threatening a belligerent Trump regime response.

On Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he “favor(s) negotiation and diplomacy (with other nations), but do(es) not approve of it under the current circumstances at all” with the Trump regime, adding:

“The circumstances of the day (indicate that it’s inappropriate) for negotiation at all. Today, our situation (demands) resistance and steadfastness” against a nation hostile to the Islamic Republic’s sovereign rights and interests.

If Trump was sincere about wanting to talk with Iran in good faith, he’d rejoin the JCPOA and rescind illegal sanctions on the country.

Failure to take these steps shows hostility of his regime is unbending, that talks with his Iranian counterpart will achieve nothing.

The US under Republicans and undemocratic Dems seek dominance over other nations, demanding they subordinate their sovereign rights to US interests — what Iran won’t ever agree to.

Nor will China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other independent nations the US doesn’t control.

On Monday, a letter by Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht-e Ravanchi to Secretary General Antonio Guterres was disclosed, warning of the “alarming security situation in the broader Persian Gulf region” because of hostile Trump regime actions, heightening tensions instead of responsibly stepping back from the brink for regional peace and stability.

The Trump regime’s policy of “maximum pressure” against Iran risks unthinkable war on the country, madness if launched by the US.

Ravanchi accused Trump regime hardliners of provocatively stoking tensions by using “fabrications, disinformation, fake intelligence, and fake news,” along with “relying on…support (from Israel, the Saudis and UAE a well as belligerently) dispatching naval (and aerial) forces to the region,” adding:

“Iran has always rejected and continues to reject conflict and war.” It seeks diplomatic resolution of differences with other nations through dialogue.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) commander General Hossein Salami said the nation seeks regional peace, not war, but “(w)hen a threat is posed from afar, we think about it on a strategic level…(W)hen it comes close, we become active on operational levels as well,” adding:

“We are not after war, but we are not afraid of war either. Though, before us, enemies do not have the will to wage war and are afraid of fighting.”

If attacked, the Islamic Republic will respond with the full force of its capabilities against aggressors.

Slamming Washington’s hostile imperial agenda, Salami said “(g)reat powers suffer attrition from within gradually, but their fall is abrupt,” adding: 

“Today, we are witnessing the gradual erosion of this power (in the US), and in the near future, we will bear witness to the fracturing of the pillars holding it in place.”

Hostile US rhetoric, saber rattling, and actions against the Islamic Republic rule out normalizing relations.

What hasn’t happened since its 1979 revolution is highly unlikely while the most extremist regime in US history remains in power, along with a hostile Congress and media.

Believing otherwise is unrealistic wishful thinking, what Iran’s ruling authorities understand well.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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