Undemocratic Dems and Media for Regime Change in Venezuela

US Media Back Elimination of Venezuelan Social Democracy
May 1, 2019
Trump Regime Coup Plotters Not Quitting in Venezuela
May 1, 2019

Undemocratic Dems and Media for Regime Change in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

What’s going on in Venezuela is a classic good v. pure evil struggle, the latter headquartered in Washington — with branch offices in EU capitals, Latin America, Tel Aviv, and other world capitals.

The ongoing struggle to preserve and protect Venezuelan social democracy from US rapaciousness is crucial to win.

If the Bolivarian Republic goes, Cuba and Nicaragua are next, freeing up US dark forces to go all out against the Islamic Republic — Russia and China on their target list ahead.

The alternative for people cherishing peace, equity and justice is freedom or fascist viciousness the US aims to impose worldwide, wrapped in the American flag.

On Tuesday, undemocratic Dems showed their true colors like countless times before, supporting the Trump regime’s coup plot in Venezuela instead of responsibly condemning it.

Creepy Joe Biden tweeted the following: “The violence in Venezuela today against peaceful protesters (sic) is criminal. (Maduro) is responsible for incredible suffering (sic).” 

“The US must stand with the National Assembly & Guaido in their efforts to restore democracy (sic) through legitimate, internationally monitored elections (sic).”

Throughout his time in Congress and as vice president, Biden consistently supported and continues to support privilege exclusively at the expense of the general welfare — along with endless wars of aggression, color revolutions, and coups like what the Trump regime is attempting in Venezuela.

Longtime pro-war/capitalist tool Speaker Nancy Pelosi is just as deplorable, on the wrong side of virtually every issue important to ordinary people.

On Monday, she tweeted the following: “Venezuelans must be allowed to peacefully protest without fear of government retribution (sic),” adding: 

“Maduro needs to acknowledge the will of the Venezuelan people (sic), whose moving calls for democracy (sic) have been heard around the world (sic).”

Dem Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer earlier said the following on Venezuela: “It is time for the entire international community to come together to support interim president Juan Guaido (sic) and the Venezuelan people (sic) in their efforts to restore democracy (sic).”

Senate Dem whip Dick Durbin earlier issued a similar statement. On Tuesday, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) said a survey it conducted of “US opinion journalism on Venezuela found no voices in elite corporate media that opposed regime change in that country” — from mid-January to mid-April 2019, adding:

No one in print or electronic media spoke out against the Trump regime’s coup plot. Between them, the NYT and neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post published 44 commentaries either for toppling Maduro, presenting an ambiguous message, or not stating a position — none opposing what’s going on, none with a Chavista viewpoint, none reporting truthfully on what’s going on.

FAIR: “Corporate news coverage of Venezuela (including from NPR and PBS) can only be described as a full-scale marketing campaign for regime change.”

Ignored in establishment media commentaries are majority Venezuelans wanting US hands off their country. Nor was the illegality of what’s going on addressed, notably Trump regime sanctions war, harming ordinary Venezuelans and the economy, not the country’s ruling authorities.

International law is clear and unambiguous. No nation may legally interfere in the affairs of another country at any time for any reasons — except in self-defense if attacked or an attack is clearly imminent.

Beyond the time frame of FAIR’s survey, Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman partially proved the exception to the rule.

Calling himself a “minority of one,” he headlined “The US should keep its hands off Venezuela, saying:

“You would think that our many bitter failures over the past two decades would have fostered humility in the White House,” adding: 

“But the Trump administration showed no hesitation in greeting Tuesday’s uprising in Venezuela with a demand that President Nicolas Maduro hand over power.”

“Does anyone in the administration remember the Arab Spring (yet to bloom)? And where is the democracy in President Donald Trump’s cherished ally, Saudi Arabia?”

Chapman’s column included views I strongly disagree with. He ended saying “the best course (for the US) is to keep quiet and stay out” of Venezuela. 

He failed to explain that the coup attempt was made in and supported by the USA, Guaido an expendable and replaceable convenient stooge, lots more like him around.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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