Will US Dark Forces Kill Guaido to Blame Maduro?

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May 5, 2019
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May 6, 2019

Will US Dark Forces Kill Guaido to Blame Maduro?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Eliminating him, if planned, would be the latest in a long line of false flags, a US specialty for launching wars and other hostile actions to achieve imperial aims. More on this below.

Guaido was chosen for the role he’s playing because firebrand coup plotter Leopoldo Lopez is unavailable — convicted of inciting violence and related crimes.

Imprisoned, then released to house arrest for alleged health reasons, he violated mandated terms by appearing in public with Guaido during last Tuesday’s fiasco coup plot — a classic snafu (situation normal all f..cked up) scheme likely intended to fail, not succeed.

Spain gave Lopez safe haven in its Caracas embassy to avoid capture and re-imprisonment, a warrant issued for his arrest. He’s unavailable to perform imperial services, Guaido a pathetic substitute. 

His failure to achieve Trump regime objectives makes him expendable and replaceable, perhaps the next shoe to drop. 

Earlier I suggested that he might be targeted for elimination — a scheme to try arousing greater anti-Maduro sentiment, falsely blaming him for taking out Guaido if a CIA hitman is assigned the task of killing him.

He’s more valuable dead than alive, his ineptness evident to his Trump regime handlers. Trained for years by the US for his current role, the same goes for others in Venezuela to replace him, likely figures far more competent.

Other analysts are suggesting the same possibility. Eliminate Guaido, blame Maduro, rev up anti-Maduro media more than already, and give Trump regime hardliners a pretext for greater toughness to try achieving so far unattainable objectives.

They want Venezuela transformed into a US vassal state, its resources looted, its people exploited, the same aim sought against all nations unwilling to subordinate their sovereignty to US interests.

Guaido is guilty of crimes similar to offenses Lopez was convicted and imprisoned for. Holding him accountable is long overdue.

Venezuelan authorities should get him out of circulation post-haste to prevent his elimination if that’s what Trump regime hardliners have in mind to escalate regime change tactics.

They include stepped up proxy war or military intervention, what Bolton, Pompeo, and likely Abrams have been pushing for after it was clear that war by other means failed, notably because the vast majority of Venezuelans want US hands kept off their country, along with Guaido’s ineptness.

Arresting him would give the Trump regime a pretext for escalated toughness. Killing him would be much more effective for selling military intervention if plans are for this next.

Despite accomplishing nothing more than making a bad situation much worse if the Trump regime goes this far, enraging the vast majority of Venezuelans more than already, Pompeo and Bolton et al are extremist enough to do anything to try achieving their objectives.

Guaido is a lost cause. Widely reviled, he more a liability than asset, more valuable if arrested — far more so if killed and portrayed him as a martyr, perhaps what Trump regime hardliners have in mind.

He erred in the eyes of most Venezuelans by colluding with elements in Washington contemptuous of human lives and welfare — targeted assassinations and mass slaughter considered small prices to pay for objectives sought.

Expendables are a US tradition. Hollywood films portrayed how they fought and died in US wars, damn fools portrayed as heroes, failing to explain they never should have been waged — none of them, not the WW I war to end all future ones, the misnamed WW II good war, any before or after them.

All wars are waged for power and profit, the human cost of no consequence, unjustifiably justified by Big Lies. Peace is abhorrent to US policymakers. Why else would they wage endless wars of aggression.

Is Venezuela next? Will a false flag elimination of Guaido be used as a pretext to launch it?They’re a US tradition since the mid-19th century, 9/11 the mother of them all. 

Weeks after puppet Guaido self-proclaimed himself interim president, nothing in Venezuelan law permitting it, I suggested Trump regime hardliners might have a false flag in mind to unjustifiably justify US military intervention in Venezuela, saying the following:

If past is prologue, a violent false flag may be planned, provoking a Venezuelan military response to contain it – perhaps a pretext for one of two options:

1. either US use of proxy Venezuelan foot soldiers (perhaps together with extremist elements from neighboring Colombia and/or Brazil or even getting ISIS or al-Qaeda involved), armed with US supplied assault weapons flown in from south Florida, smuggled to insurgents cross-border, staging violence along the borders of these nations, perhaps combined with other attacks in Caracas and elsewhere in the country, or

2. direct US military invention by invasion and/or targeted aerial attacks on strategic targets.

Trump regime hardliners are hellbent for regime change in Venezuela. Despite two-and-a-half months of failure, chances of them signaling defeat and quitting are virtually nil in my judgment.

As long as Trump remains president surrounded by hardline extremists, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Syria will remain targets for regime change, North Korea as well if its leadership fails to bend to US will.

The same thing is planned for Russia and China if the above countries are transformed into US vassal states, leaving them the last two sovereign independent states standing, the only ones left in the way of unchallenged US global dominance.

For now, Venezuela and Iran are prime US targets for regime change, regionally disruptive war against them possible if other tactics fail.

The US drive for global hegemony is recklessly dangerous, why unthinkable nuclear war with Russia and/or China is ominously possible, maybe inevitable. 

Iran is a potential target for going this far, perhaps the only way the US could eliminate its sovereign independence, a much more powerful nation than Iraq or Syria. While no match against superior US power, it’s militarily strong enough to hit back hard against US regional and Israeli targets.

Defeating Iran and Venezuela would be much harder if Russia intervenes on their behalf as it did in Syria, turning the tide of battle.

Putin prevented the Obama and Trump regimes from gaining another imperial trophy. The same strategy could work to preserve and protect Venezuelan and Iranian sovereign independence.

Perhaps the threat of Russian intervention would give Trump regime hardliners pause about attacking nations with a powerful ally able to hit back hard if attacked.

Body bags returned to US shores in large numbers are the stuff one-term US presidential terms are made of.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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