Are Trump and Netanyahu Regimes Upping the Stakes in Syria?

Are Trump and Netanyahu Regimes Upping the Stakes in Syria?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US launched aggression in Syria continues endlessly. There are no signs of resolution because Trump regime hardliners reject restoration of peace and stability to the country, a defeat for Washington’s imperial agenda if achieved.

The same goes for all other nations attacked — namely Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, as well as intermittent war in Iraq, Somalia, and elsewhere, along with US war by other means on Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

Longstanding US hostility toward Russia rages with practically the entire Congress, Trump regime hardliners, and establishment media hostile to the country with no letup.

The same goes for China, friction over trade the tip of the iceberg. US rage to contain the country militarily and maintain a competitive advantage for corporate American is why both sides haven’t resolved bilateral differences.

All of the above and more geopolitically is why today is the most perilous time in world history. US rage for global dominance could start WW III by accident or design — threatening humanity’s survival if waged with nuclear weapons.

Flashpoint conditions in numerous countries could launch what’s unthinkable — including all nations on the US target list for regime change, notably Iran and Syria in the strategically important Middle East with around two-thirds of proved oil reserves.

Mike Pompeo earlier slammed Russia for its involvement in Venezuela and Syria, saying it’s hostile to Western interests — meaning US rage for dominance over other nations, their resources and populations.

He blamed Iran for hardships caused by US sanctions war, accusing its ruling authorities for what’s going on instead of laying blame where it belongs. 

He turned truth on its head, falsely claiming the Trump regime is concerned about the welfare of the Venezuelan people — while its sanctions war aims to immiserate them.

He slammed China over irreconcilable bilateral differences because of Trump’s one-sided MAGA agenda.

He blamed Syria countless times for US war on the country, including false accusations of CW use no evidence suggests were ever used by its forces — while ignoring US support for ISIS and likeminded jihadists, used by the Pentagon and CIA as proxy foot soldiers.

Idlib province Syria remains the last major stronghold infested with al-Nusra and other US supported terrorists — essential to neutralize and eliminate to succeed in the struggle for Syria’s liberation.

Only recently has Russia begun to pursue this objective. On May 31, AMN News reported that “(t)he Russian Air Force has resumed (its) aerial campaign over the Idlib Governorate,” adding:

“According to a military source in Hama, the Russian Air Force carried out over ten airstrikes over the southern countryside of Idlib, hitting a number of jihadist targets…”

Strikes were launched in response to countering stepped up terrorist attacks, including against Russia’s Khmeimim airbase, foiled by its air defense system.

Over the weekend, Syrian warplanes struck jihadist targets in northern parts of the country. On Sunday, Southfront reported that Russian and Syrian warplanes conducted over 135 airstrikes on areas in Hama, southern Idlib, northern Lattakia, and western Aleppo provinces — areas controlled by US supported terrorists.

In response to these developments, Trump tweeted the following:

“Hearing word that Russia, Syria and, to a lesser extent, Iran (sic), are bombing the hell out of Idlib Province in Syria, and indiscriminately killing many innocent civilians (sic). The World is watching this butchery (sic). What is the purpose, what will it get you? STOP!”

Ignored was over eight years of US aggression in Syria, its support for ISIS and other jihadists, its aim to transform the country into a US vassal state, the same objective for Iran.

Last week, State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus turned truth on its head, falsely accusing Syrian and Russian forces of “(i)ndiscriminate attacks on civilians and public infrastructure such as schools, markets and hospitals…a reckless escalation of the conflict (sic).”

The US and its imperial partners bear full responsibility for hostilities she said “must end” — Russia aiding Syrian forces defend the country against US-led aggression.

On Monday, TASS reported the following, saying: “Since the evening of May 21, (US-supported al-Nusra terrorists) have been launching massive attacks in the southern portion of the Idlib de-escalation zone on the government troops’ positions, using the armor, multiple launch rocket systems and suicide bombers’ vehicles” — their heavy weapons supplied by the West, Turkey, and Israel.

Separately, Israeli warplanes continued to terror-bomb Syrian targets, the world community turning a blind eye to its aggression.

Over the weekend, IDF warplanes struck Syria’s T-4 military base in Homs province. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), “(t)he  Syrian Arab Army’s anti-air defense systems on Sunday evening responded to an Israeli aggression on the T4 airport in Homs eastern countryside, destroying two of the missiles that targeted the airport.”

Other missiles caused one death, two injuries, “damage to an ammo depot, and material damage to some structures and equipment,” according to SANA.

Pre-dawn Sunday, IDF warplanes struck areas south of Damascus, three Syrian soldiers reported killed.

The attack was in response to two rockets from Syria falling harmlessly in illegally occupied Golan, what Syrian forces had nothing to do with, what US/Israeli-supported terrorist likely launched to falsely blame Damascus.

Violence in Syria is a daily affair in areas controlled by US-supported terrorists, along with northern and southern parts of country illegally occupied by Pentagon forces — its bases used as platforms for aggression.

Recent developments suggest the Trump and Netanyahu regimes may escalate war in Syria more than already because they reject conflict resolution.

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