Refugee Camps Used by the US to Recruit Jihadists

Refugee Camps Used by the US to Recruit Jihadists

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Refugee camps in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon are fertile grounds for jihadist recruitment. US war on the Syrian Arab Republic created the gravest refugee crisis since WW II.

The US uses ISIS, al-Nusra, and other jihadists as imperial foot soldiers, aided by Pentagon-led terror-bombing.

Endless war in Syria, now in its ninth year, rages because the US rejects resolution, and the supply of jihadists is plentiful. No matter how many are eliminated, lots more take their place.

One of the dirty secrets about the war is that the US and its imperial partners recruit, arm, fund, and train jihadists, using them as proxy foot soldiers.

Deplorable conditions leaves refugees in camps vulnerable to recruitment as a possible way to relieve their suffering, shifting them from one horrific situation to another of no return in most cases.

According to Russian National Defense Management Center General Mikhail Mizintsev, conditions at the Rukban and al-Hol refugee camps in Syria are inhumane, saying:

“All fundamental norms of international law are violated in (camps) controlled by the US. The situation at…Rukban and Al-Hol (is) critical.” 

“By artificially creating inhuman conditions at the refugee camps on the illegally occupied territories in Syria, the US is creating a basis for the return of terror organizations with the goal of maintaining instability in the country and the region.”

Head of Russia’s reconciliation center in Syria General Viktor Kupchishin added the following;

Conditions in refugee camps controlled by the US are responsible for “10 (to) 20 people dy(ing) each day” because of lack of food, medical care, and overall inhumane conditions.

After visiting the al-Hol camp in May, ICRC President Peter Maurer said he was “shocked” by stories “of children and women dying in big numbers because of all the difficulties.”

Good faith efforts by Russia to aid Syrian refugees return to liberated areas are largely rejected by US authorities.

The Obama regime and now Trump prevent conflict resolution.  Russia’s General Staff earlier accused the Pentagon of training terrorists at its illegally established 55-square km At Tanf area base in southern Syria.

Russia’s General Staff called the area a staging ground for US armed struggle against the Syrian government, using ISIS and other terrorists, Kurdish YPG fighters used for the same purpose in northern areas near Turkey’s border.

Jihadists recruited from refugee camps and by other means are supplied with heavy and other weapons by the US, European countries, Israel, Turkey, the Saudis, and their imperial partners – including tanks, large-caliber mortars, HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, anti-aircraft artillery and missiles, along with training on how to use CWs.

US-supported terrorists in Pentagon/CIA controlled camps recruit refugees to join their ranks. Denied food, clean water, and other essentials to life leaves them vulnerable to an alternative they hope improves their current status.

Western media largely ignore reality on the ground, pretending what’s gone on throughout the war is a US-led noble cause.

Tens of thousands of jihadists have been recruited from scores of regional, Western, and other countries to wage it — financed by the US, NATO, the Saudis, and their imperial partners.

In 2017, AMN News reported about a “pro-ISIS school in Indonesia recruit(ing) child fighters for Syria jihad.”

Tens of thousands of displaced Syrian children are vulnerable to recruitment. Social media are used to recruit jihadists.

In April, Russia’s main intelligence directorate (GRU) head Igor Kostyukov said ISIS and al-Qaeda are promoting their extremism and recruiting fighters in Latin America at “jihadist training camps and hideouts in the region” — the CIA likely behind what’s going on, perhaps Israel’s Mossad as well.

Kostyukov explained that Latin America’s six million Muslims make the region a fertile ground for recruitment.

The same goes for other areas with large Muslim populations. Islam is a major world religion with an estimated 1.8 billion adherents, mainly in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, along with parts of Africa.

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) head Alexander Bortnikov said jihadist cells in Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, Libya, elsewhere in Africa, and Afghanistan pose a major threat.

Trump’s earlier claim about the US “knocking the hell out of ISIS” ignored Washington’s support for the terrorist group it created, along with al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot in Syria, and other jihadist groups.

The US didn’t wage war in Syria to quit, Pentagon forces operating from numerous bases in the country.

They’re used as platforms for endless aggression, some as training camps for jihadists as well, recruited globally, including from refugee camps the US controls.

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