Trump Giving Up on Toppling Venezuela’s Maduro?

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June 24, 2019
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Trump Giving Up on Toppling Venezuela’s Maduro?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The Trump regime’s coup plot against Venezuela’s legitimate President Maduro never got out of the starting gate with traction.

Five months after its designated puppet Guaido illegally self-declared himself Venezuela’s interim president, a flagrant breach of its Constitution, Trump reportedly is “los(ing) patience and interest” in continuing what hasn’t worked so far, according to the neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post.

Citing unnamed Trump regime officials, WaPo said DJT believes his coup plot team “got played” by opposition and pro-government elements in the Bolivarian Republic.

According to an unnamed White House official, Trump was led to believe Venezuela is “low-hanging fruit (he) could (easily) get a win (on) and tout it as a major foreign policy victory.”

The ill-conceived scheme failed dismally. Maduro is more popular now than months earlier, while imposter Guaido is widely reviled. It shows in poll results and dwindling numbers turning out to hear his anti-government propaganda rants.

Trump reportedly “chewed out (his) staff” for the foreign policy blunder, said WaPo. His regime has no workable strategy to remove Maduro short of war, according to what unnamed White House officials told the broadsheet.

Bolton’s National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis denied the report, saying:

“The United States never said that its effort in Venezuela would be limited to one round. The (Trump regime’s) maximum-pressure policy relies upon consistency and discipline to achieve the ultimate goal” it failed to achieve despite multiple tactics tried.

WaPo: “Summer arrives this week with Maduro still in place, and little indication that he is imminently on his way out, or that the Trump (regime) has a coherent strategy to remove him.”

Is DJT giving up on the scheme to replace Venezuelan social democracy with US-controlled fascist tyranny? 

Or is WaPo’s report just an expression of disappointment by the CIA-connected broadsheet and Trump regime officials over failure to Maduro to topple Maduro easily after months of futile efforts trying.

Ordinary Venezuelans want US dirty hands kept off their country. They blame the Trump regime for hardships endured from its sanctions war, not Maduro going all-out to serve them under duress because of lost revenues.

During a closed-door meeting with campaign donors on Wednesday, Trump said nothing about his regime’s actions against Venezuela, said WaPo, citing an unnamed person at the meeting.

He ducked personal responsibility for waging war on the Bolivarian Republic by other means, blaming Obama for what going on, ignoring what began at the end of the Clinton co-presidency, intensified under Bush/Cheney and his predecessor.

Their efforts to topple Maduro were much less intense than policies Trump’s coup-plotting team regime adopted — toughness without things turning hot so far, what he appears to have no stomach for.

Pompeo, Bolton, and White House envoy for regime change in Venezuela Elliott Abrams are pushing ahead with their plot, Bolton saying:

“The United States will continue to stand firmly in support of” replacing Maduro with a US-supported puppet.

Besides wanting Venezuela’s social democracy eliminated,  Bolton earlier admitted that the White House plot against Venezuela aims to control its vast oil reserves, saying:

“It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.”

Shortly after US-led aggression on Libya in 2011, Bolton said “I’m interested in (in the country) if we take the oil. If we don’t take the oil, no interest.”

Private citizen Trump earlier supported taking Iraqi oil. Washington’s longstanding goal is controlling nations, their resources and populations worldwide.

The US has its eye on the prize of Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, the world’s largest, along with its natural gas, diamonds, gold, bauxite, and iron ore — why it’s been a prime US target for regime change since Hugo Chavez’s December 1998 election.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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