Failed Trump Regime Coup Plot Against Venezuela Continues

Failed Trump Regime Coup Plot Against Venezuela Continues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Over six months since Trump regime designated puppet/usurper in waiting Guaido illegally declared himself interim Venezuelan president, a flagrant constitutional and international law breach, White House hardliners continue pursuing their failed coup plot.

On Saturday in Caracas, Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly President/Bolivarian Vice President Diosdado Cabello told Latin American progressive/anti-imperial participants at the Sao Paulo Forum that he believes “US marines (will) likely…enter” Venezuela illegally and aggressively, adding:

“Their problem will be getting out of Venezuela.” Over five million of its people are voluntarily armed and mobilized in citizen assemblies to defend the revolution from internal and external efforts to undermine it, Maduro earlier explained.

Venezuela’s military stands with him against US regime change tactics, committed to protect the republic and its social democracy, its forces trained and able to wage protracted guerrilla war against Yankee imperialism.

Hosting the Forum’s 25th meeting, Cabello stressed that “(t)he Latin American left has to increase its power so that the people have more power in each country,” adding:

“Leaders have to include the demands of the people to generate the changes that the territories need.”

“From this crisis and from this war, we are going to get stronger because we are united…We are not willing to give up. Whatever happens, we will continue to raise the flags of socialism.”

Trump’s war on Venezuela by other means continues, supported by right-wing European, Latin American, and other regimes — opposed by over two-thirds of world community nations.

On Saturday, Venezuela’s military reported that US spy planes continue provocatively entering the nation’s air space illegally — “insult(ing) our country.”

After Venezuelan warplanes were scrambled to intercept the latest intruder, the plane “changed course and left the area,” according to the country’s military.

Bolivarian Republic Communications and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez explained that Pentagon aircraft illegally and provocatively breached Venezuelan airspace 78 times this year.

Hawkish/anti-Bolivarian USCENTCOM commander Admiral Craig Faller said he’s prepared to intervene in Venezuela militarily if ordered. 

The USS Comfort hospital ship (likely with combat marines on board) is “very close” to the country’s territorial waters, adding:

The vessel is ready to assist an illegitimate US supported puppet regime he called “legitimate” if installed in Venezuela. “We could make that happen,” he claimed.’ 

The USS Comfort’s deployment has nothing to do with helping Venezuelans in need, everything to do with aiding the Trump regime’s war on the country’s social democracy, harming the rights and welfare of its people.

Faller falsely accused Maduro of high crimes against Venezuela’s economy and people — committed by Trump regime hardliners, breaching the UN Charter and other international law.

If they order aggression against the country, Faller will likely command the operation.

Separately on Friday, Venezuela’s Supreme Court ruled against Guaido’s attempt to reenter the Bolivarian Republic into the 1948 Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR).

From 2004 to 2013, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Mexico withdrew from the so-called Rio Pact.

Venezuelan High Court justices called Guaido’s move “an assault on the rule of law and the power of the Venezuelan people,” nullifying it because “it lacked legality.”

The Washington-based/US-controlled Organization of American States (OAS) overseas TIAR.

Justice Juan Jose Mendoza slammed the OAS and so-called Lima Group of fascist-run Latin American nations for complicity with the Trump regime’s coup attempt against sovereign Venezuela, adding:

“Any intent to apply the TIAR within Venezuela will be considered an act hostile to national sovereignty and an aggression against the territory, the people, peace and international law.”

Venezuela’s military also rejected Guaido’s attempt to reenter Venezuela into TIAR — Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino tweeting the following:

“This Treaty is precisely an instrument of domination and interventionism that goes against the independence and sovereignty of the people, a product of the already obsolete imperialist doctrines that have done so much damage to Latin America.”

Like NATO’s collective defense Article 5 in similar language, TIAR states that “an armed attack by any State against an American State will be considered an attack against all American States.”

Reentering the Bolivarian Republic into TIAR at a time that the Trump regime is using Guaido, other internal fifth column elements, and fascist Latin American countries against Venezuelan social democracy could facilitate possible US-led military intervention against its sovereign independence.

Months earlier, Venezuelan Law Professor Pablo Aure tweeted: TIAR “will be the instrument that allows the entry of a foreign military coalition” against the Bolivarian Republic.

Venezuelan High Court justices stressed that President Maduro alone is constitutionally authorized to enter into or pull out of international agreements.

US imperial tool Guaido has no constitutional authority for anything. Guilty of treason for betraying his nation and people, an eventual day of reckoning awaits him.

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