Imperial Tool Michelle Bachelet at it Again

Imperial Tool Michelle Bachelet at it Again

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Most UN high commissioners for human rights mock the principles they’re mandated to uphold, largely serving US-led Western interests instead — notably Bachelet and her recent predecessors.

Since appointed last August to the post, she echoed hostile Big Lie US talking points on Venezuela, ignoring its world-class social democracy, falsely blaming President Nicolas Maduro for US-led high crimes against the country.

While criticizing Israeli crimes against Gazans, she sounded like Secretary General Guterres, calling on both sides to show restraint, ignoring peaceful Gazan protests while failing to address daily Israeli viciousness against defenseless Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories.

She also failed to address US-led NATO Nuremberg high crimes against peace in multiple war theaters, raging endlessly with no prospect for resolution because Washington’s bipartisan criminal class rejects world peace and stability.

On July 26, she falsely blamed Syrian and Russian forces for Pentagon-led high crimes of war and against humanity against the Syrian people.

Nor did she explain US-NATO-Israeli-Saudi-UAE-Turkish-Joranian support for ISIS and other jihadists in Syria.

Government and Russian forces are battling the scourge they represent — what Washington’s so-called coalition of the willing supports.

Over the weekend, AMN News reported that Russian airpower destroyed a (US-supported) al-Nusra convoy near Idlib city, adding:

“Typically, the Russian Air Force concentrates their strikes along the demilitarized zone; however, as of late, they have been launching airstrikes as far north as Idlib city and the town of Taftanaz” — combating US-supported terrorists, going all-out to avoid civilian casualties.

A separate AMN News report said Russian and Syrian warplanes “wiped out…jihadist special forces” in Hama province’s northwestern countryside.

Bachelet’s Friday report featured disinformation and Big Lies, saying the following:

“Despite repeated calls by the United Nations to respect the principle of precaution and distinction in their conduct of hostilities, this latest relentless campaign of airstrikes by the government (Syria) and its allies (Russia) has continued to hit medical facilities, schools and other civilian infrastructure such as markets and bakeries (sic),” adding:

“These are civilian objects, and it seems highly unlikely, given the persistent pattern of such attacks, that they are all being hit by accident.” 

“Intentional attacks against civilians are war crimes, and those who have ordered them or carried them out are criminally responsible for their actions.”

Fact: Syrian and Russian aerial operations strike US-supported terrorists, not civilians or civilian-related targets.

Fact: Pentagon, UK, French, Israeli, and other US coalition partners indiscriminately massacre civilians while terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure targets, along with providing air cover for ISIS and other terrorists.

Fact: In Raqqa and elsewhere in Syria, Pentagon warplanes alone mass-slaughtered tens of thousands of defenseless civilians, countless tens of thousands more murdered by ISIS and other jihadists — supported by the US and its imperial partners.

Fact: Bachelet was silent about illegal US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, using unlawfully established bases as platforms for aggression and locations to train jihadists.

Fact: In its 9th year, Obama regime-launched aggression on Syria, escalated by Trump, shows no prospect for resolution because hardliners in Washington reject restoring peace and stability to the country.

There’s not a word by Bachelet in her report on Syria about who’s responsible for reality on the ground.

Saying “(s)everal hundreds of thousands of children, women and men have been killed in Syria since 2011” failed to lay blame for the carnage and devastation were it belongs.  

She continued saying “(n)ow, airstrikes kill and maim significant numbers of civilians several times a week, and the response seems to be a collective shrug, with the Security Council paralyzed by the persistent failure of its five permanent members to agree to use their power and influence to stop the fighting and killing once and for all,” adding:

“This is a failure of leadership by the world’s most powerful nations, resulting in tragedy on such a vast scale that we no longer seem to be able to relate to it at all.”

Fact: Deaths and destruction happen daily in Syria and all other US war theaters. Its ruling authorities bear full responsibility for what’s going on.

Instead of setting the record straight, Bachelet ignored US-led war crimes while bashing efforts by Russian and Syrian forces to liberate the country from US-supported terrorists.

As for a “paralyzed” Security Council, Bachelet falsely means Sino/Russian veto power. Both countries support Syria’s sovereign independence.

They reject US-Western resolutions opposing its liberating struggle. Russia is working for it by combatting US-supported terrorists.

Bachelet’s report bashed the victim while failing to denounce US-led aggression.

She highlighted humanitarian concerns in Idlib province while failing to lay blame where it belongs.

Her report ignored countless thousands of US-supported terrorists infesting Syria, using the misleading term “non-state armed groups” instead.

She pretended they’re a legitimate opposition force in the country by failing to explain who they are, the crimes they commit, and who supports them.

She ignored their CW attacks (falsely blamed on Damascus) and other atrocities, saying nothing about their Western/Israeli supplied heavy and other weapons.

In conclusion, she said “(i)nfluential parties, including those that agreed to reduce hostilities as part of the de-escalation agreement, should urgently use their influence to halt the current military campaign and bring the warring parties back to the negotiating table.” 

“It is essential that there is a cessation of hostilities in order to give the on-going political negotiations room to breathe. The alternative is just more mindless death and destruction in a war without end.”

Since 2012, Russia has gone all-out trying to resolve the conflict diplomatically in vain.

Endless war continues in Syria and other US war theaters because its bipartisan warrior class rejects world peace and stability.

The notion defeats their imperial agenda. What Bachelet should have stressed, she swept under the rug, substituting disinformation instead — how imperial tools are suppose to operate.

She’ll keep her post through the end of her term, maybe get another, as long as she doesn’t forget who’s boss.

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