Geopolitical Know-Nothing Trump

Geopolitical Know-Nothing Trump

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

His tweets and other public remarks are a dead giveaway. 

He and GW Bush are likely the most ignorant US presidents in the nation’s history, embarrassments to the office — along with their high crimes against peace.

GW couldn’t put a complete sentence together, Dick Cheney his eminence grise, running the regime’s affairs.

In Trump’s case, he only knows what White House, State, war department, and CIA hardliners feed him, along with Fox News rubbish, his favorite TV channel, manipulating his mind, filling it with mush on major geopolitical issues.

US cable and broadcast channels feature propaganda and junk food news exclusively, real news, information, and analysis suppressed, viewers treated like mushrooms — well-watered and in the dark.

In response to Iran’s rejection of talks with Trump, Pompeo and other regime officials unless unlawfully imposed sanctions are removed and the White House rejoins the illegally abandoned JCPOA, DJT tweeted:

“(T)he Iranians never won a war,” his remark one of countless examples of geopolitical ignorance.

The Islamic Republic never waged a war to win. Nor did pre-1979 Iran, known as Persia for millennia, attack another country for centuries.

Trump notoriously eschews reading, not even intelligence briefs longer than a page or less. 

His staffers were told to distill everything in writing to one-page or less max, with bullet points and graphics, reading books out of the question.

He’s not intellectually gifted like Jefferson, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Madison, Lincoln, Wilson and Jack Kennedy.

He favors oral to written communications, pre-inauguration admitting that he prefers “bullets or…as little as possible” in print, adding:

“I don’t need…200-page reports on something that can be handled on a page. That I can tell you.”

He instructed his national security council to keep policy explanations to a paragraph or two.

His daily briefings are far shorter than for most of his predecessors. He doesn’t want to be bothered with details he lacks interest in and may not understand.

In summer 2017, his aides prepared a crash geopolitical course to enlighten him on what’s going on in the world.

In the Muslim world, he doesn’t know a Suni from a Shia, geographically likely little more knowledge about nations his regime is at war with than their approximate location, nothing about their history, people, neighboring countries, or atrocities committed by Pentagon and allied forces in all US wars of aggression.

He likely doesn’t know that the US created and supports ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups. He probably believes myth about the US “knocking the hell out of ISIS” in Syria and Iraq.

Russia, Syria, and Hezbollah have been “knocking the hell out of ISIS,” the US war machine supporting the scourge it represents. The same goes for al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot, and other terrorist groups.

Trump likely doesn’t know their foot soldiers are recruited, armed, trained, funded, and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, used as US proxies in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

He’s ignorant about international, constitutional, and US statute laws, likely knowing little or nothing about the legal limits of his duties and powers.

He once admitted knowing less than a drunk in a bar about America’s healthcare system.

He’s clueless about disastrous US foreign policies preceding him and on his watch, ignorant of the human toll, aware of trillions of dollars wasted on militarism and warmaking, but doing nothing to change things.

He’s so out-of-touch with reality geopolitically, he likely believes the Big Lies he’s fed and puts in daily tweets.

He ran for president with little understanding of what the job entails, and how decisions US leader make can shake the world disastrously when violate the rule of law and ignore the rights of other nations.

Presidential politics isn’t like business deal-making. Trump is more reality TV president than statesman, the first US president with neither government or military experience. 

On the stump campaigning, he criticized wasteful spending for wars instead of using the nation’s resources for long neglected domestic needs.

As president, he’s gone along with reckless military spending, supporting wars of aggression, perhaps others on his plate to launch, along with waging war on social justice and ecosanity, notions he abhors.

He complained that “it is getting harder for me to make a deal with Iran.” Time and again, evidence shows diplomacy with the US is a waste of time.

Its agenda toward Iran and other sovereign independent nations is regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing their legitimate leadership.

For 40 years, the US has been hostile toward Iran, Trump’s war on the country by other means harsher than his predecessors.

Pompeo, Bolton and their henchmen want war on the country. Will vulnerable to manipulation Trump go along?

Is a major CIA false flag wrongfully blamed on Iran coming, perhaps something involving US casualties, maybe a Tonkin Gulf-type incident?

Attacking Iran would be madness. What’s unthinkable is ominously possible.

The Middle East and elsewhere are endangered by US rage for eliminating all sovereign independent governments its ruling class wants toppled.

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