Russian Foreign Ministry on Iran, Libya and Ukraine

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July 7, 2019
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July 8, 2019

Russian Foreign Ministry on Iran, Libya, and Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) discussed the JCPOA.

On July 1, Iran began to exceed its 300 kg enriched uranium limit permitted by the agreement because its Western signatories breached their obligations, MZ saying:

Russia has “no concerns regarding nuclear non-proliferation in this connection. We hope that Tehran will continue to act responsibly as regards implementing the safeguards agreement and the additional protocol,” adding:

Iran voluntarily agreed to limit its enrichment provided other JCPOA signatories fulfilled their obligations, clearly not the case.

Increased “JCPOA-agreed limit (is) a natural consequence of” the US/European breach.

Illegal “US sanctions against Iran that made the latter’s implementation of the JCPOA obligations impossible.” 

The Trump regime unlawfully pulled out to try killing the agreement and wrongfully blame Iran for its dissolution, a convenient pretext for war. 

Russia supports compliance with JCPOA provisions by all world community nations. The agreement is effectively null and void because Europe followed Trump’s lead in breaching its obligations.

US-led 2011 aggression against sovereign Libya never ended, intermittent fighting persisting to the present.

The US, NATO, and their imperial allies have been involved in conflict between warlord Khalifa Haftar and the Security Council recognized/Tripoli-based so-called Government of National Accord. 

Since early April when Haftar’s aggression began, the Trump regime expressed support — on the phony pretext of what it called his “significant role in fighting terrorism (sic) and securing Libya’s oil resources, and the two discussed a shared vision for Libya’s transition to a stable, democratic political system (sic).”

Months of fighting left hundreds dead, thousands injured, along with continued immiseration of millions of Libyan victims, Africa’s most developed nation devastated by endless US orchestrated violence and chaos.

“We continue to receive alarming news from Libya,” said MZ, adding: “Hostilities around Tripoli are becoming protracted with a growing number of killed and wounded as well as internally displaced persons.” 

“It has been reported that an air attack on a detention center for…migrants in the outskirts of the Libyan capital killed at least 56 people and wounded over 130,” the latest war crime committed in the country.

Fighting continues because the US and its imperial partners won’t halt it, endless conflict and turmoil in Libya one of many supreme high crimes against peace on Washington’s blood-drenched resume.

The CIA and Pentagon deployed ISIS and other terrorists to the country, using them as proxies, the same thing going on in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

The US and its imperial partners support the scourge they pretend to oppose. Media coverup keeps most people unaware of what’s going on.

“Russia has rendered, and is ready to render all possible assistance to (restoring peace to Libya) together with all interested international partners,” said MZ, adding: 

“Once again, we emphasize the relevance of a clear and coordinated stance of the global community to oppose the ongoing power struggle in Libya in favor of an earliest possible national reconciliation with assistance from the UN.”

A new era under newly elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky hasn’t emerged since he took office on May 20.

He’s captive to US dark forces and hardline Ukrainian parliamentarians, continuing extremist policies begun by his predecessor.

Following the shelling of civilians and Russian journalists in Donbass, Moscow initiated a criminal investigation into what happened, a statement by its Investigative Committee saying:

“A criminal investigation into suspected use of prohibited means and methods of warfare has been launched in connection with the incident of mortar shelling against civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

It’s to determine whether what happened aimed to prevent Russian journalists from reporting accurately on continued Kiev aggression in Donbass, things orchestrated in Washington, US military and CIA personnel involved in what’s going on.

MZ discussed the incident, saying “Russian media have twice been subjected to shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of Donetsk,” adding: 

“On July 2, the crew of the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company correspondent Andrey Rudenko came under mortar fire from the Ukrainian security forces near the village of Aleksandrovka.” 

“The journalists were going to do a story about the consequences of the night and morning shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” 

“Luckily, no one from the crew was injured. A little earlier, on June 27, three journalists, including a Rossiya Segodnya photo correspondent, also came under fire from the Ukrainian army on the western outskirts of Donetsk.”

It falls in deaf ears in US-controlled Ukraine to demand its regime “fulfill (its) obligations to ensure the safety of media representatives” and the country’s civilian population the US, its imperial partners, and vassal leaders don’t give a damn about. 

A Final Comment

Russian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky has been illegally detained by Kiev for over a year on phony treason charges — what his lawyer Andrei Domansky called “absurd” charges.

Vyshinsky earlier explained that his arrest was “based on absurd and false accusations” by Ukraine’s fascist/Russophobic security service — because his reports in the country represent journalism the way it’s supposed to be, banned by Kiev authorities.

The hearing on his case was postponed until July 15, MZ saying: 

“(H)e suffered as he carried out his professional duties, in full accordance with the laws of Ukraine and under a completely open editorial policy,” adding:

“(N)ot only his colleagues fail to understand what this case is based on, if we talk about the charges, neither do Ukrainian prosecutors.” 

“That is what they said when they asked for another postponement. It turns out that they now need to look into the case and materials.” 

“I would call it a circus, but it already exceeds the bounds of reason. This is terrible discrimination against media representatives, the humiliation of a journalist and Ukraine itself, as Kirill Vyshinsky said yesterday. This certainly requires the close attention of the international community” — it’s not getting.

Kiev ignored calls to release Vyshinsky, part of its war against speech, media, and academic freedoms, along with its hostility toward Russia.

Moscow continues doing all it can to secure Vyshinsky’s release — dealing with its Nazi-infested, US-controlled fascist regime no simple task.

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