Russian Foreign Ministry Plan for Persian Gulf Security – Part II

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Russian Foreign Ministry Plan for Persian Gulf Security — Part II

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

A days earlier article discussed Russia’s call for collective Persian Gulf security in the most oil rich part of the world and most plagued by US wars of aggression.

Moscow’s ideas for peaceful cooperative security, stressing adherence to international law, are polar opposite US-led NATO/Israeli aims for dominating the region by brute force.

On Friday at a BRICS ministerial meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sergey Lavrov promoted Russia’s plan, urging cooperation from its member states, adding:

Iran fully adheres to its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations, affirmed by IAEA monitors.

Lavrov stressed that “(t)he situation (in Iran and the region) is a cause for serious concern” — because of hostile Trump regime policies, Britain going along with them.

Former UK ambassador, historian, human rights activist Craig Murray expressed alarm over new PM Boris Johnson’s extremist cabinet — calling it “the most right wing British government since 1832,” to the right of Margaret Thatcher and her successors, stressing the following:

“Thatcher never had a Home Secretary remotely as illiberal as Pritti Patel, never had a Foreign Secretary remotely as xenophobic as Dominic Raab, never even had a Chancellor as anti-State intervention as Sajid Javid (though came closer there) and never had a (war) Secretary as bellicose as Ben Wallace.”

Britain will likely be closer to anti-Iran Trump regime hardliners than his predecessor, a disturbing sign for where things may be heading in the Middle East.

Lavrov stressed that it’s “counterproductive to demand (that Tehran) unilaterally keep its commitments under the JCPOA when” when the US, Britain, France, Germany, and the EU breached theirs.

Calling on European countries “to recognize (their) responsibility for maintaining the ‘nuclear deal,’ keeping their promises on the development of economic ties with Iran without any obstacles” likely fell on deaf ears in their capitals.

With Johnson-led Tories heading Westminster, Britain will likely march in lockstep with Trump regime hardliners on Iran, France, Germany, and the EU likely close behind in the wrong direction.

Russia’s Persian Gulf security concept, introduced days earlier, is highly unlikely to get out of the starting gate, given disturbing events of the past year, including hostile regional ones in the past few months, falsely blamed on Iran.

“Under the current circumstances, active and efficient steps at the international and regional levels are needed to normalize and further improve the situation in the Gulf area, overcome the protracted crisis phase, and turn this subregion towards peace, good-neighborliness, and sustainable development,” said Russia’s Foreign Ministry, adding:

Moscow aims to establish Gulf security it called “essential for consolidating political and diplomatic efforts in this region.” 

“It implies a long-term program of action aimed at normalizing the situation, improving stability and security, resolving conflicts, identifying key benchmarks, and parameters for a future post-crisis architecture, as well as ways to fulfill the related tasks.”

The initiative is based on the following principles:

1. Mutual cooperation to eliminate regional extremism and terrorism in Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere in the region.

The idea is dead in the water because the US, NATO, Israel, and their rogue partners support regional jihadists, using them as proxy foot soldiers.

2. Mobilizing and influencing regional public opinion about the threat posed by terrorist groups and need to counter them by collective action.

Again, this aim is polar opposite how the US-led West and its imperial partners operate, Washington responsible for creating ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups, its coalition of the willing supporting them.

3. “All parties should adhere to international law, to the UN Charter, and UN Security Council resolutions in the first place. We all aim for a democratic and prosperous Middle East that would encourage inter-faith peace and coexistence.”

Russia’s noble aim is strongly opposed by the US-led West and imperial partners. Achieving it destroys Washington’s imperial objectives.

4. Peaceful conflict resolution in all war theaters depends on adhering to UN Charter provisions, other international laws, and Security Council resolutions.

The US wages endless wars of aggression, wanting all sovereign independent nations transformed into vassal states — notably Russia, China, and Iran, why the threat of eventual nuclear war is ominously possible.

5. Gulf security “should be based on respect for the interests of all regional and other parties involved, in all spheres of security, including its military, economic and energy dimensions.”

Longstanding US policy calls for dominating other nations and their resources, notably world oil and gas reserves.

6. Establishing regional security “should be achieved on a step-by-step basis starting with most relevant and urgent problems.”

The greatest problem overwhelming all others is US responsibility for launching and pursuing endless regional wars of aggression.

7. Russia urged Gulf states to follow its proposed “step-by-step approach.”

8. Regional peace, stability, and security depends on respecting the sovereign rights and territorial integrity of area nations — and all others, what the US doesn’t respect and is highly unlikely to change its spots ahead, barring a grassroots revolution for change, no sign of it in prospect.

Russia’s call for regional and world community cooperation to establish and secure Middle East peace and stability won’t work because of longstanding US aims to dominate the region.

It virtually assures endless wars of aggression against invented enemies. Is Iran next on the Trump regime’s target list for war? 

What’s madness is possible. Where no responsible leadership would go can happen by accident or design.

Imperialism is a scourge threatening everyone everywhere. Its thirst to dominate isn’t easily quenched.

Since WW II, the US has been at war directly or though proxies worldwide, abhorring peace, feeding Wall Street, its military, industrial, security, media complex, and other corporate predators.

Peace and stability defeat its ambitions — why Russia’s proposed Gulf security proposal, a noble initiative, is dead before arrival.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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