Russia Slams the Trump Regime’s INF Treaty Pullout

Russia Slams the Trump Regime’s INF Treaty Pullout

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump regime hardliners intended to abandon the INF Treaty long before announcing it last winter, formally making the move on August 2 — based on Big Lies.

It’s how the US unjustifiably justifies its hostile moves, Trump alone abandoning one agreement after another, notably the JCPOA last year and INF Treaty last week.

The White House falsely accused Russia of breaching the treaty, what the US has done at least since the late 1990s, Moscow in full compliance with its obligations.

Pulling out of the JCPOA and INF Treaty increase the risk of greater conflicts and chaos by escalating tensions instead of reducing them.

The Trump regime is now unobstructed to increase and deploy short and intermediate-range ballistic missiles able to carry nuclear warheads anywhere.

US war secretary Mark Esper said deployment is coming “sooner rather than later” — intermediate-range ones coming to the Indo-Pacific, targeting China, others for sure to be positioned against Russia and Iran, putting the US more ominously on a greater war-footing by these belligerent actions.

Neither China or Russia want an arms race. They’ll likely respond to the US buildup directly or asymmetrically, prioritizing homeland defense against a hostile adversary.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin responded to the Trump regime’s pullout, saying the following:

“The unilateral withdrawal from the INF treaty by the US, destruction of one of the basic documents on arms control, based on an imaginary pretext, has seriously complicated the situation in the world, creat(ing) fundamental risks for everyone.”

Russia will respond as needed to hostile Trump regime actions, risking “chaos without any rules, restrictions, and laws.” 

Moscow’s superior super-weapons can counter threats posed by the US. Calling for “strategic stability and security (to) be resumed without any delay” fell on deaf ears in Washington like all other times that Russia urged stepping back from the brink responsibility.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry called Trump’s INF pullout “a grave mistake. By launching a propaganda campaign based on deliberately misleading information on what was presented as violations of the INF Treaty by Russia, the United States intentionally plunged the Treaty into a crisis that was almost impossible to overcome.”

Why is clear. The Trump regime “wanted to free itself from the existing restrictions.”

“For many years Washington showed blatant disregard for Russia’s serious concerns regarding its compliance with the INF Treaty.” 

“The deployment at US military bases in Europe of Mk 41 launchers that have the capability to launch intermediate-range cruise missiles was already a grave violation of the Treaty.”

Proposals by Russia to deal with INF issues were categorically rejected by Trump regime hardliners — further proof that diplomatic outreach to the country accomplishes nothing.

Hegemons reject cooperative relations, wanting things their own way, demanding other nations bend to their will.

The Trump regime willfully and maliciously undermined the INF Treaty rendering it beyond saving.

“By denouncing the INF Treaty, the United States confirmed its commitment to abolishing all international instruments that do not suit it for one reason or another. This leads to an actual dismantlement of the existing arms control architecture,” said Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

“Russia remains open to equitable and constructive dialogue with the United States for restoring trust and strengthening international security. We hope that the United States adopts a responsible approach to this matter.”

Moscow knows diplomacy with the US is a waste of time, the way it’s been since Soviet Russia dissolved nearly 28 years ago.

Nothing suggests any prospect for improved bilateral relations — not with a belligerent hegemon wanting things its own way, seeking dominance over other nations.

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