Al Jazeera Propaganda Masquerading as Real News

Al Jazeera Propaganda Masquerading as Real News

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Owned, operated and controlled by Qatar’s repressive monarchy, hostile to free expression and other human rights, Al Jazeera reports (AJ below) are largely pro-Western.

During US-led 2011 aggression in Libya, AJ waged propaganda war on Gaddafi — indistinguishable from US and other western media, supporting imperial conquest, colonization, and pillaging of a nonbelligerent state and its leadership, devastating the country and its people.

AJ disinformation, Big Lies and fake news have been similar on Syria, supporting US-led aggression in its 9th year, falsely blaming Damascus for US/NATO/Israeli/Saudi high crimes against the state and its people.

One of history’s great crimes is wrongfully blamed on its victims. Instead of reporting accurately on what’s gone one, truth-telling was suppressed by AJ and Western media in deference to US imperial aims.

They long ago abandoned truth-telling journalism and objectivity, supporting aggression against nonbelligerent states instead of denouncing it.

Like Western and Israeli media, AJ calls US-supported cutthroat killer jihadists “rebels” or “opposition forces,” ignoring their atrocities, including CW attacks, wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

Last month, AJ falsely blamed Syrian forces for bombing “schools, hospitals,” and other sites, killing civilians — a US, NATO, Israeli, Saudi, UAE specialty.

It’s not how Syrian and Russian forces operate, combating the scourge of US-supported terrorists, backed by Western media and AJ.

Idlib province Syria is the last major terror-infested stronghold, thousands of jihadists armed with Western, Turkish, and Israeli heavy weapons — delivered to them by US and Turkish convoys.

On Tuesday, Fars News reported that US aircraft delivered aid “to the ISIL terrorist group’s most important base in Iraq’s Salahuddin province,” citing Iraqi sources.

Deliveries of weapons and other material support by the US to jihadists in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and elsewhere happen with disturbing regularity — ignored by Western media and AJ.

Its numerous reports on al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets pretend these jihadists are civil defense workers — a long ago debunked Big Lie.

Last weekend, its propaganda report on Syria falsely blamed government and Russian aerial operations for killing “six children…a pregnant woman and her unborn baby…in Idlib’s Deir al-Sharqi.”

On Tuesday, AJ falsely accused Syrian forces of attacking a Turkish military convoy in Idlib, killing and injuring civilians (that didn’t occur), saying it was “sent to keep open supply routes.”

Turkish forces illegally occupy northern Syrian territory. Its “convoy” and others deliver weapons and other supplies to anti-government jihadists.

Russian aircraft bombed Turkey’s supply route to prevent weapons and munitions from reaching terrorist fighters. No civilian casualties occurred as falsely reported, no Turkish deaths or injuries.

According to Sputnik News, Sergey Lavrov informed Ankara of the operation before launched against Idlib-based jihadists, Russia’s foreign minister saying:

“Jointly with our Turkish colleagues, in order to stop regular violations by these terrorists of the cessation of hostilities regime, although it does not extend to them, we have made it clear that if they carry out attacks from this zone, they will be severely suppressed. Throughout this year, these provocations have not stopped,” adding:

Ankara was warned that “we would respond, and this practice can’t stop, because the agreement on Idlib does not provide for the extension of the ceasefire regime to terrorists.”

“The developing situation has emerged due to the fact that extremists do not cease their attempts to hit from (territory they control in Idlib).” 

“Our military certainly maintains constant contact. These days, they are discussing the current situation.”

AJ reported none of the above information it had access to, featuring anti-Syria propaganda instead.

Its reports on Venezuela have been just as deceptive, falsely blaming its ruling authorities for Trump regime war on the country by other means — aiming to crush its economy and immiserate its people, maybe starve them to death if a US blockade is initiated.

AJ quoted former Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, involved in an earlier US coup plot to topple Maduro it failed to explain, now exiled in Spain, calling Venezuela “a failed state” — AJ ignoring all-out Trump regime war on the country by other means.

It lied claiming “hunger and malnutrition (are) rampant” — ignoring Venezuela’s food distribution program for all needy households. 

Around two-thirds of the population are recipients, the program administered by neighborhood committees connected to communal councils, social organizations operating nationwide, including community, environmental and feminist groups, others involved in cultural, education and various other activities.

Trump regime hardliners falsely call the program a money-laundering operation. Hostile Western and other media report the Big Lie. 

AJ falsely claimed some Venezuelans “eat dog food…stray dogs, or look for food in the trash…people…dying of hunger” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

War on the country by other means was made in the USA, supported by hostile to peace, equity and justice European and Latin American regimes.

Most world community nations oppose what’s going on. Instead of reporting accurately on Venezuela, Syria, and other nations on the US target list for regime change, AJ features all propaganda all the time.

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