North Korea Slams Hostile US Military Actions

North Korea Slams Hostile US Military Actions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US has been hostile toward North Korea since the peninsula was divided in August 1945 — changing the course of history negatively.

Two Kim Jong-Un/Trump summits achieved virtually nothing toward formalizing a peace treaty, rescinding unacceptable US sanctions on the DPRK, respecting its sovereignty, resolving major differences, or normalizing relations the way they should have been all along.

Talks between the US and nations it doesn’t control most often result in unacceptable demands in return for hollow promises — time and again breached, proving the US under both extremist wings of its war party can never be trusted.

Trump is indifferent to the rights of other nations and ordinary people everywhere, notably at home.

His interest in cutting deals with North Korea and the Palestinians is all about aiming for Nobel Peace Prize recognition — warriors awarded them time and again, peacemakers shunned.

In summer 2018, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry accused the US of pursuing “unilateral and gangster-like demands for denuclearization,” calling its unacceptable actions “deeply regrettable,” sabotaging normalization efforts.

Bipartisan hardliners in Washington falsely consider North Korea a threat to US security — ignoring reality about a nation that never attacked another country throughout its history, notably not in June 1950 when victimized by US aggression.

Two Kim/Trump summit talks failed because Pompeo and Bolton sabotaged them.

Good faith DPRK efforts aren’t good enough in dealing with hegemon USA, why normalizing relations in the past 74 years has been unattainable.

In mid-July, Pyongyang slammed the Trump regime for scheduling military exercises with South Korean forces. DJT reneged on an earlier pledge to halt what the DPRK considers rehearsals for war on the North.

At the time, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said “(t)he United States and South Korea are attempting to push for a joint military exercise dubbed Alliance 19-2 in August, which is aimed at us,” adding: 

“At the Singapore summit…Trump made an official promise in public to stop the military drills and then repeated his pledge at the DPRK-US summit meeting in Panmunjom in the presence of our country’s foreign minister and the US secretary of state.”

Since the US “does not stay committed to its official promises, the motivation for us to keep our word is gradually fading away as well.”

On Thursday, Pyongyang’s Foreign Ministry slammed hostile US regional military actions that will “trigger a new cold war on the Korean peninsula and in” northeast Asia.

It cited the hostile presence of US F-35 stealth warplanes in South Korea, ignoring DPRK warnings not to deploy them near its border.

It called the deployment of “cutting-edge lethal (US) equipment” a graphic example of Trump regime “hypocrisy and double-dealing (instead of) efforts to do things more useful yet less harmful to dialogue.”

Hostile US actions compel DPRK authorities to prioritize ways of strengthening the nation’s deterrent capabilities — given the threat posed by unacceptable US/South Korean actions.

Pyongyang denounced the days earlier Pentagon tests of INF Treaty-banned missiles. US war secretary Mark Esper said they’ll be deployed in the Indo/Pacific region (near China and North Korea) in the coming months.

The DPRK considers hostile US regional military exercise and deployment of destructive weapons close to its border “detrimental to peace and stability on the Korean peninsula,” adding:

“We remain unchanged in our position to resolve all issues in a peaceful manner through dialogue and negotiation. However, dialogue accompanied by military threats is of no interest to us.”

Days earlier, China indicated that it will boost military cooperation with North Korea, both nations concerned about hostile US regional actions they consider a threat to their security.

General Zhang Youxia, Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission said the “People’s Liberation Army is ready to work with North Korea to implement the important consensus, which was achieved by the leaders of our nations,” adding:

Beijing is “ready to contribute to peace and stability in the region together” with Pyongyang.

In early August, China’s Foreign Ministry slammed Pompeo’s hostile remarks about the country, falsely accusing Beijing of “attempt(ing) to redraw the Pacific in its authoritarian image.”

The Trump regime’s war on China and North Korea by other means is more evidence of Washington’s hostile to peace and stability hegemonic aims globally.

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