GOP Hardliners Want China Sanctioned

GOP Hardliners Want China Sanctioned

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, the US, its key NATO allies and Israel blame their victims for wrongdoing committed against them.

According to the Daily Beast, Republicans are pushing for sanctions on China over how Hong Kong authorities are handling months of protests — US dirty hands all over them the website failed to explain.

Trump regime and congressional hardliners are discussing ways “to officially punish China” over what’s going on in the city, said the Daily Beast (DB) — despite restraint shown by Hong Kong and mainland authorities, toughness used only in response to violence no governments tolerate.

Sino/US relations are already badly strained over Trump regime-initiated trade war. Upping the stakes further will make resolution all the harder.

According to an unnamed White House official, “China (is) a national security concern (sic). The protests in Hong Kong are just another example of why we should be focusing our attention on finding ways to push back against Beijing,” adding:

“We’ve been taking other routes to confront China, especially economically. This would be another step in the game plan. The draft legislation is in a lot of ways going to look like some of the sanctions we implemented with Russia.”

Washington is threat to China and all other nations it doesn’t control — not the other way around.

The US uses illegal sanctions as weapons of war by other means. What’s going on in Hong Kong is a US color revolution attempt on China’s soft underbelly, aiming to destabilize the country.

On Monday, Beijing’s official People’s Daily slammed “(a)nti–China forces in the US (not only involved in) openly cheer(ing) the violent protesters on…but provid(ing) money, benefits, and advice to the rioters” — from the hostile to democracy National Endowment for Democracy, CIA dirty hands likely involved as well.

“(D)ata released by NED in 2018 revealed that of all the countries (it) allocated funds to, China topped the list at $6.5 million,” said the broadsheet, adding:

“These figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as it’s believed that most NED spending was not disclosed due to its ‘sensitivity.’ ”

“(T)he US (is) fanning the flames of the confrontation with advice, action and money.” 

Earlier I explained that China’s emergence as a world power threatens Washington’s aim to control planet earth, its resources and populations.

Beijing’s successful economic model, producing sustained growth, embarrasses the US-led unfair, exploitive Western “free market” system.

The US eliminated the Japanese economic threat in the 1980s, a similar one from the Asian Tiger economies in the 1990s, and now it’s China’s turn to be taken down.

That’s what Trump’s war on the country by other means is all about, understood in Beijing, countering hostile US tactics its own way, taking a longterm approach to achieve its objectives.

Separately an “exclusive” DB report said elements involved in Hong Kong protests “flew to Montana last week for an under-the-radar meeting with US lawmakers…according to sources familiar with the meeting.”

Earlier they met with a US consulate official in Hong Kong, notably with US officials in Washington as well.

Orchestrated protests gripped Hong Kong since last March, turning violent weeks earlier, creating intolerable conditions for majority city residents wanting none of it. 

On Thursday, an annual change of the guard occurred in Hong Kong. According to state-run Xinhua:

“The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conducted the 22nd rotation of its members in the wee hours of Thursday since it began garrisoning Hong Kong in 1997,” adding:

“Approved by the Central Military Commission, the move is normal routine annual rotation in line with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Garrisoning the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which stipulates that ‘the Hong Kong Garrison shall practice a system of rotation of its members.’ ”

Troops underwent special training related to ongoing protests in Hong Kong so they’re able to defend the city and national sovereignty if needed.

China rotates troops in Macau the same way. The South China Morning Post said announcements of previous Hong Kong rotations were made after they occurred, this year in advance because of ongoing disruptive/violent protests.

NYT disinformation headlined: “Chinese Military Sends New Troops Into Hong Kong,” suggesting it was something other than a normal rotation.

The Times and other US establishment media ignore US dirty hands behind what’s going on.

In mid-August, Times editors falsely claimed “protesters in Hong Kong are not…pro-Western troublemakers,” adding:

“They are young people, a great many of them, who ardently don’t want to come further under the repressive rule of the Chinese Communists.”

So-called “Chinese Communists” have been capitalists for decades, their model superior to the Western one. 

The US wants China transformed into a client state, the country exploited, its development as a world power checked, what Trump’s trade war aims to achieve, what Beijing is challenging to prevent.

The Times and other Western media fail to explain that Hong Kong residents are freer under Chinese rule since its 1997 takeover than as a UK crown colony from 1843 until that time.

Britain and France fought two opium wars against China — from 1839-1842 preceding UK annexation of Hong Kong, and from 1856 – 1860, exploiting the Chinese for profit-making. 

A Final Comment

Sputnik International reported that US troops are training in Poland under harsh conditions for “possible war” against China or Russia — the only nations able to challenge US rage for global dominance.

According to US Col. Donn Yates, Pentagon forces are enduring (combat) field-like conditions — claiming “(t)he more it sucks out here…the higher the morale is.”

Having experienced a week of similar conditions in the 1950s during army training, I and others with me yearned for the ordeal to end.

There was nothing remotely related to morale uplifting about living in the field, sleeping on the ground, eating awful food, being pushed hard, and using slit trenches we dug to relieve ourselves.

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