Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Yemen and Venezuela

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Yemen and Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The latest from Syria after Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s report (MZ below) is another one-sided ceasefire announced by Russia’s military in terrorist-infested Idlib province.

Though failing every time initiated earlier, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced another one, saying:

“In order to stabilize the situation (sic), the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria has reached a one-side ceasefire by Syrian government forces starting from 60:00 AM of August 31, 2019.”

Urging US-supported terrorists to join the initiative was a futile gesture like every time before.

Russia’s announcement came after government forces captured the key town of al-Tamanah.

US-supported jihadists use Russian/Syrian ceasefires to increase their ranks, more easily rearm, fortify their positions, and continue attacking government forces, Russian positions, and defenseless civilians.

This time surely won’t differ from earlier failed ceasefires, an ineffective strategy repeated time and again, nothing positive ever achieved.

The situation is far from stable, polar opposite how MZ described things. Fighting continues daily. The US and Turkey illegally occupy large parts of the country.

Thousands of ISIS, al-Nusra and  other terrorists they support launch daily attacks — MZ stressing that Idlib “remains the hotbed of tensions,” adding:

Al Nusra terrorists turned the province’s deescalation zone “into a bridgehead for attacking Syrian government troop positions, including civilians (daily), from nearby locations.”

Attacks on Russian facilities continue regularly, including multiple strikes on its Khmeimim air base this month, thwarted by its air defense system.

The demilitarized zone is a hotbed of US-supported jihadist aggression, no end of it in prospect.

Days earlier, Russian and European journalists visited Kahn Sheikhoun, liberated from jihadists by government forces.

MZ: They “saw for themselves how the terrorists had used civilian facilities for military purposes and the complex network of fortifications.”

Al Nusra, ISIS and other US-supported terrorists continue aggression in northern Syria and elsewhere in the country.

Russia’s position is unchanged — restoration of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It’s unattainable as long as US-supported terrorists remain undefeated and the country remains illegally occupied by hostile foreign forces.

MZ: The “humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria remains grave,” especially in the US-controlled al-Hawl refugee camp.

Its thousands of residents endure extreme shortages of food, medical care, and other essentials to life, hundreds suffering from gastrointestinal infections alone.

MZ: “The rates of typhoid fever, flu, measles, rubella, TB, cholera and many other diseases are growing.” 

Yemenis are enduring the severest humanitarian crisis in modern times, millions harmed by war, related violence, untreated diseases, malnutrition and starvation.

Humanitarian aid getting in is woefully inadequate. Russia’s call for all parties “to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of humanitarian aid workers” falls on deaf ears in Washington, other NATO capitals, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh.

Prospects for conflict resolution are virtually nil because US hardliners reject it — despite UAE forces pulling out and Saudis losing the war to determined Houthi fighters.

If they throw in the towel after years of endless war, the US, its key NATO partners, and Israel will likely continue it.

Yemen is important for its strategic location, explained in earlier articles, why war in the country raged since launched by Bush/Cheney in late October 2001, escalated by Obama, Trump way exceeding his predecessors’ aggression.

Russia believes resolution is only possible through dialogue — never in conflicts where the US is involved, diplomacy with its hardliners a waste of time, proved time and again.

MZ: The Trump regime “continues to show complete indifference to the problems and needs of the people of Venezuela.” 

“Washington’s unilateral steps, which are contrary to international law, are creating even greater difficulties for the delivery of socially important items to the country, something that clearly worsens the situation for all Venezuelan(s).”

That’s precisely what Trump regime hardliners aim for in all its war theaters, including wars by other means — wanting the economies of targeted nations crushed, their people immiserated, what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

Fascists in Venezuela are US proxies, following orders from Washington, making a bad situation worse.

MZ: Russia “express(es) hope that the intra-Venezuelan dialogue to work out a political and diplomatic way out of the crisis will continue.”

Talks by government representatives and the disloyal opposition are futile as long as Trump regime hardliners reject conflict resolution — reality on the ground in Venezuela.

No “constructive atmosphere” exists.

Note: US sanctions war on Russia persist, new ones imposed, the same strategy used against its other adversaries.

It’s not employed to work. It never does. It’s all about inflicting pain and suffering on people in targeted countries, along with crushing their economies.

The world community fails to condemn US aggression by other means and its hot wars — why its ruling regimes get away with mass murder and countless other high crimes.

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