Tillerson Was Right: Trump Is a Geopolitical Moron

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August 6, 2019
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August 7, 2019

Tillerson Was Right: Trump Is a Geopolitical Moron

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

He’s an anti-Jefferson, anti-Eisenhower, anti-Kennedy geopolitical wrecking ball — hostile to what just societies hold dear.

His reckless agenda since taking office accelerated the US decline, notably because of his dangerously unacceptable geopolitical policies, angering allies and adversaries alike.

He’s controlled by extremist dark forces running things in Washington, out of his element on the world stage, an embarrassment to the office he holds.

He fails to understand the potentially devastating consequences of his recklessly dangerous behavior.

Along with escalating wars he inherited against nations threatening no one, he risks conflicts with Iran and Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in the wings for intensified toughness against them.

His outreach to North Korea showed it’s all about wanting its ruling authorities to capitulate to unacceptable US demands in return for exploiting the country and its people, a reality its ruling authorities reject.

Longterm strategic Sino/Russian unity is a vital anti-imperial counterforce alliance, what US political, military, and intelligence hardliners most fear.

China’s Xi Jinping earlier called bilateral ties with Russia the “best in history,” both nations “each other’s most trustworthy strategic partners.”

Xi called Putin his “best and bosom friend.” Their nations are rising world powers while bullying and belligerence pushed the US into decline.

It’s been ongoing for decades, accelerated post-9/11 — what Trump doesn’t understand.

His former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson slammed him, earlier calling him a “f…ing moron,” a remark he never denied.

Tillerson also called him “undisciplined…impulsive (with a different) value system” that doesn’t work and unwillingness to change.

It shows repeatedly by his recklessly counterproductive policies, angering the world community for abandoning international treaties and agreements, along with hostile policies toward nations unwilling to bend to unacceptable US demands — notably Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and China.

According to new US Commerce Department data, Sino/US trade declined by 25% in Q I and II — compared to the year-ago period, because of the Trump regime’s trade war.

In 2019, China now ranks third in bilateral trade with the US — behind Mexico and Canada, the shift having no effect on the US trade deficit.

Effective September 1, 10% US tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese products, including many consumer ones, will negatively affect the US economy.

China’s Global Times slammed unacceptable Trump regime policies, saying “(a)lthough the US is stronger than China and has more power in deciding whether to talk or not, China has set realistic negotiation goals for itself and has sought to staunchly protect its core interests.”

Beijing strongly opposes Trump’s tariff war, including the latest announcement. On Friday, its Commerce Ministry vowed countermeasures to defend the country’s sovereign interests.

The US will bear the consequences, according to the ministry’s spokesman. China will challenge hostile US actions as long as they continue. 

On Sunday, the official People’s Daily broadsheet called newly announced Trump regime sanctions “a serious breach of trust after the two sides reached in June consensus to restart trade talks on the basis of equality and mutual respect.”

It’s further evidence of “Washington’s untrustworthiness in striking a deal and its disturbing propensity for bullying.”

It didn’t work before and won’t this time. Trump’s unacceptable actions toward China, his regime’s failure to respect its sovereign rights, resulted in negotiations “go(ing) bust.”

From the US perspective, talks aim “to rip China off.” Beijing’s ruling authorities “will only accept a win-win agreement on the basis of mutual respect and equal treatment” — what the US affords no other countries.

A Final Comment

The Wall Street Journal reported that senior Trump regime officials opposed 10% tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, including trade representative Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, chief economic advisor Kudlow, even John Bolton.

It’s because of the negative effect the move will have on the US and world economy — what Trump doesn’t understand.

If his counterproductive policies push the US economy into recession ahead of next year’s presidential election, it’ll be easier for an undemocratic Dem to defeat him.

Based on how the US operated since the 1980s, whoever succeeds him in 2021 or 2025, Republican or Dem, will likely exceed the worst of his hostile to peace, equity and justice agenda.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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