Hong Kong Extradition Bill Withdrawn, Protests Continue

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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019

Hong Kong Extradition Bill Withdrawn, Protests Continue

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Protests since March, escalating in June, including orchestrated street violence and chaos, were made in the US — CIA dirty hands likely manipulating them.

Hong Kong’s extradition bill to mainland China was the pretext for what’s going on. If not that, it would have been something else.

Pretexts are easy to invent. The US, NATO, and Israel manufacture them to serve their belligerent interests.

Once begun, Hong Kong protests took on a life of their own, its leaders issuing further demands, more perhaps at their discretion, all of them likely scripted by their US handlers.

On June 15, Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam suspended the extradition bill, formally withdrawing it on September 4.

Weeks earlier, she said the measure “died peacefully.” She apologized for not holding public consultations and failure to properly communicate the bill’s purpose.

The South China Morning Post broke the news about the extradition bill’s withdrawal.

“The government will formally withdraw the bill in order to fully allay public concerns,” Lam announced in a televised address.

Lam “will also set up an investigative platform to look into the fundamental causes of the social unrest and suggest solutions for the way forward, stopping short of turning it into a full-fledged commission of inquiry, as demanded by protesters,” said SCMP.

Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council spokesperson Yang Guang expressed Beijing’s support for Hong Kong authorities to take “all necessary measures” to stop months of violence.

On Monday, China’s official People’s Daily broadsheet said “Hong Kong police should stop violence using necessary force…to protect order and security,” adding:

“Since June, the Hong Kong police have faced bricks and iron bars from radical protesters, as well as smears and rumors from unscrupulous (US-led Western) media” — encouraging what’s going on, backing US dirty hands involved in orchestrating it.

“The protesters have been warned…The 7 million Hong Kongers back the Hong Kong police alongside 1.4 billion Chinese people.” 

“They have various means to safeguard peace and stability, and they are determined to stop the violence.” 

China’s Global Times slammed Western media propaganda about Hong Kong protests, saying:

Their so-called “objective reports” push Western interests. They “contraven(e) truth, objectivity and neutrality,” adding:

“Washington is keen on making Hong Kong a new lever to exert strategic pressure on China. Many Western media professionals understand this.” 

“They also understand” that most Hong Kong residents oppose ongoing violence and chaos. “(I)nstead of revealing these truths, they use their influence to add fuel to” what’s going on.

US dark forces are behind months of violent protests, aiming to destabilize China through its soft Hong Kong underbelly, Beijing clearly furious about US meddling in its internal affairs.

An earlier article slammed the NYT for cheerleading Hong Kong protests, a US color revolution specialty.

The self-styled newspaper of record is at it again, calling for Hong Kong “democracy” — a notion authorities in the US and other Western societies abhor and don’t tolerate, their hostile agenda supported by the Times.

Its editors mocked the notion of an ongoing US color revolution in Hong Kong, clearly what’s going on.

“Hong Kong protesters are not waging a color revolution,” they roared, adding:

Months of disruptive protests represent “a just cause, even if the protesters have at times resorted to violence.”

At the same time, the Times turned truth on its head, calling the world’s leading human rights abuser USA “the world’s greatest champion of (these) rights.”

The Times is a propaganda machine, a lying machine, a pro-war, pro-business, anti-peace, equity and justice machine.

On issues mattering most, notably geopolitical ones, its daily editions feature state-approved propaganda, rubbish, suppressing what’s vital for everyone to know.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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