Sergey Lavrov’s UN General Assembly Address

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September 28, 2019
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September 28, 2019

Sergey Lavrov’s UN General Assembly Address

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Like Vladimir Putin, Lavrov features straight talk in all his public remarks — polar opposite US double-talk rage to control other nations, their resources and populations.

In his UN address, Lavrov lamented that world peace never happened after “the Berlin Wall, symbolizing confrontation of the two irreconcilable systems, fell” — just the opposite.

Conflicts increased, notably post-9/11, US imperial rage bearing full responsibility — including international terrorism supported by both wings of its war party.

Lavrov: “The fragmentation of international community is only increasing.”

“In our view, the reason for the current state of affairs lies, first and foremost, in the unwillingness of the countries which declared themselves winners in the Cold War to reckon with the legitimate interests of all other states, to accept the realities of the objective course of history.”

He left no ambiguity about where blame lies. Since the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, US-dominated NATO raped and destroyed one nation after another — all sovereign independent states not controlled by Washington on its target list for regime change.

Lavrov: “It is hard for the West to put up with its weakening centuries-long dominance in world affairs” — its unipolar model transitioned to a multi-polar world, how things should be.

The US and its key imperial partners “are trying to impede the development of the polycentric world, to recover their privileged positions, to impose standards of conduct” — based on their rules, benefitting them at the expense of exploited nations and people.

Lavrov: “The aim of such a concept is obvious – to revise the norms of international law which no longer suit the West, to substitute it for the ‘rules adjusted to its self-serving schemes, which are elaborated depending on the political expediency, and to proclaim the West and only the West as an indisputable source of legitimacy.”

“(T)o justify revisionist ‘rules,’ the West resorts to manipulation of public consciousness, dissemination of false information, double standards on human rights, suppression of undesirable media, bans on practicing journalism” — how all totalitarian police states operate.

“Attacks on international law are looming large. US withdrawal from the JCPOA endorsed by UNSC Resolution 2231…repudiat(ing) its obligations…demanding…others…play by American ‘rules,… sabotaging its implementation” — killing the landmark agreement by Europe’s abrogation of its mandated commitments.

The Trump regime abandoned Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution fairness by welcoming Netanyahu’s lawless claim that Syrian Golan is Israeli territory, unlawfully moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, a UN-designated international city, and one-sidedly favoring apartheid Israel entirely over fundamental Palestinian rights.

Lavrov called these actions the “abolish(ion) (of) UN resolutions on international legal framework of the Middle East settlement” by the Trump regime.

Instead of combatting international terrorism, the US supports the scourge, Lavrov saying:

Washington “engag(es) in cooperation with (jihadists) in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.” 

From North Korea in the 1950s, to Southeast Asia in the 60s and 70s, to the rape of Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama in the 1980s, to decades of war on Iraq from the early 90s to today, to mass slaughter and destruction in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Ukraine’s Donbass, along with partnering in Israeli aggression on Palestinians, and waging war by other means on Iran and Venezuela — the US showed it’s the greatest threat to peace and humanity than any other terror-state in world history.

Lavrov: “Actions taken by the United States, which, following its withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, destroyed the INF Treaty with the overwhelming support of all NATO members, caused a huge damage to the global system of strategic stability which had been established for decades.” 

“Now the United States is questioning the future of the New START Treaty, refusing to ratify the CTBT.” 

“Moreover, it has lowered the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons in its doctrinal documents.” 

“The United States is setting course for transforming cyberspace and outer space into the arena for military confrontation.”

Since the Islamic Republic of Iran replaced US-installed tyranny in the country and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela went the same way, the US has been hellbent to topple their legitimate governments.

The Trump regime way exceeded lawless actions of its predecessors against both countries — waging terror war by other means, causing pain and suffering to their people, wanting US controlled puppet regimes replacing their sovereign independence.

Lavrov said his government is introducing “a draft resolution on Strengthening and Developing the System of Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Agreements.” 

“We invite everyone to conduct substantial talks” in the interest of furthering world peace over endless wars.

The proposal is dead before introduced, rejected by the US and its imperial partners. It’s counter to their objectives.

Lavrov’s address was thoughtful, honest, and straightforward with a keen understanding of history and geopolitical reality.

Slamming unacceptable actions by the US and its Western partners rhetorically achieves nothing without tough follow-up actions challenging them.

Moscow maintains the illusion that these nations are “partners” and “colleagues.”

Reality is polar opposite. Russia remains a key US target for regime change. No prospect for cooperative relations exists — no matter which right wing of its war party runs things.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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