Pompeo’s Mass Deception on Syria

Russian/Turkish Agreement on Northern Syria
October 23, 2019
US War Secretary Esper in Iraq
October 24, 2019

Pompeo’s Mass Deception on Syria

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The Trump regime escalated Obama’s wars in multiple theaters, along with economic terrorism on Iran and Venezuela.

All of the above are high crimes of war and against humanity, Trump, regime officials, and vast majority of congressional members guilty of Nuremberg-level criminality — accountability not forthcoming because the world community and UN do nothing to enforce the rule of law.

Trump is the US liar-in-chief, most everything he says suspect. Pompeo operates the same way. Take nothing he says at face value. 

Interviewed on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, he recited his usual litany of bald-faced Big Lies, unchallenged by the program’s host and others on their programs.

His public remarks are exercises in mass deception, propaganda Big Lies to readers, listeners and viewers.

The Obama regime preemptively Syria in March 2011, using ISIS and other jihadists as proxy troops, supported by Pentagon-led terror-bombing still ongoing.

So-called “SDF forces” are infested with anti-government Kurdish traitors and US-supported cutthroat killer terrorists.

No Trump regime “counter-ISIS coalition (exists) to take down that caliphate” the White House, Congress, Pentagon, and CIA support.

Pompeo lied claiming otherwise, adding: Trump “believes we have accomplished a significant part of our mission (sic) and he wants our folks to come home (sic), and we’re beginning to work that on that (sic).”

Fact: The US came to all its war theaters to stay, directly and/or by installed puppet regimes to serve its interests at the expense of their people.

Trump’s pullout from Syria is partial. Pentagon and CIA operatives continue to illegally occupy northern and southern parts of the country.

Forces withdrawn were deployed cross-border to Iraq where they’re not wanted, able to return quickly to Syria or elsewhere regionally if ordered.

Thousands more coming to Saudi Arabia increase the Pentagon’s regional footprint, their presence unrelated to Middle East security. It’s all about advancing Washington’s imperium, naked aggression its favored strategy.

Post-9/11 alone, millions of corpses attest to its ruthlessness, its wars against nonbelligerent nations threatening no one raging with no near-term prospect for resolution.

Iran has been a prime US target for regime change since its 1979 revolution ended a generation of US-installed fascist dictatorship hardliners in Washington want resurrected under new puppet leadership.

Pompeo slammed Obama for agreeing to the JCPOA the Trump regime illegally withdrew from, adding DJT is “push(ing) back against Iran,” the region’s leading peace and stability proponent he failed to explain.

“I’m proud of the work that our team has done” in the Middle East, he roared, ignoring Trump regime high crimes in multiple theaters, still ongoing with no endgame in prospect.

He falsely claimed the Trump team’s “primary effort…is to make sure we keep the American people safe from the threats from radical Islamic terrorism wherever we find it.”

Reality is polar opposite his Big Lie. The so-called US/Turkey ceasefire is all about partitioning Syria, ruling regimes of both countries aiming to illegally control parts of its territory, including its resources.

What was agreed on was arranged before Pence and Pompeo arrived in Ankara, Trump going along with Washington’s imperial agenda as he’s done across the board since taking office.

Time and again he says one thing, then goes another way, notably on issues of war and peace, corporate empowerment, and serving privileged interests exclusively.

That’s what his real offenses are all about, not the phony Russiagate witch hunt or its Ukrainegate spinoff — anti-Trump scams by undemocratic Dems, CIA character assassins, and establishment media, further proof of America’s deplorable state.

Separately in Brussels with US installed secretary general Stoltenberg, Pompeo falsely said he and other Trump regime hardliners seek peace in Syria — US aggression in its 9th year with no prospect for conflict resolution in sight, nor in its other war theaters.

Adopted in December 2015, Security Council Res. 2254 mandated ceasefire and diplomatic conflict resolution.

Time and again, the US (under Obama and Trump), NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners breached its provisions unaccountably, why endless war continues in parts of Syria infested with US-supported terrorists.

Pompeo turned truth on its head, falsely claiming the Trump regime is “driven” by the resolution “to make sure that we get the outcomes that the United States and, frankly, most of the member-nations at the UN have agreed is the right outcome to get the proper political resolution in broader Syria – not just in the northeast, but more broadly.”

He failed to explain that Washington’s aim is regime change, US-controlled puppet rule replacing overwhelmingly popular Bashar al-Assad, isolating Iran regionally ahead of further efforts to topple its legitimate government.

That’s what the scourge of imperialism is all about, featuring endless wars of aggression and by other means to transform sovereign independent nations into US vassal states — the reality of Washington’s agenda suppressed by major media and US officials from both wings of its war party.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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