Cheerleading Tyranny, NYT-Style

Cheerleading Tyranny, NYT-Style

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled newspaper of record never met a bona fide democrat it didn’t want forcibly toppled and replaced by a US-installed tyrant — subservient to its imperial interests, Wall Street, and other corporate America predators.

The Times cheerled Bolivian President Evo Morales’ Sunday resignation, ignoring the CIA-orchestrated coup plot to topple him and eliminate democratic rule in the country.

There was nothing “disputed” about his October 20 reelection, the claim invented to mobilize rent-a-thugs to rampage in the streets, set buildings ablaze, and commit other violent actions.

Planned and orchestrated by the CIA, its dirty hands are all over what’s been going on in Bolivia, the plot similar to countless others Langley staged throughout the post WW II era.

Democratic values and the rule of law are incompatible with its existence. As long as the agency exists, sovereign independent nations worldwide are threatened by US-installed fascist tyranny.

Governance of, by, and for everyone equitably at home and abroad is considered a threat to national security.

The Times deplores peace, equity and justice. It falsely said Morales resigned Sunday because “protest(ors) accused him of undermining democracy to extend his rule.”

Most Bolivians support him, why he was democratically elected and reelected four times, including on October 20.

A CIA-mobilized mob rampaged against him post-election, a plot well-planned in advance, how fascists running the agency operate.

The Times stressed “widespread concern about (electoral) fraud,” failing to explain claims were invented, not real, as part of the CIA plot to topple him.

The broadsheet quoted former hardline president/US favorite/lead Morales opponent Carlos Mesa, falsely calling Morales’ resignation “the end of tyranny” — what’ll replace him if the CIA coup plot works as planned.

The Times: “Mr. Morales’ increasing grip on the country had been worrying critics — and many supporters — for years (sic).”

Fact: He won four elections democratically. Bolivia’s process under his leadership mocks the US money-controlled system — a one-party state with two extremist right wings, politicians bought like toothpaste.

Bribing and otherwise co-opting Bolivian military and police officials facilitated the CIA’s coup plot, the scheme ignored by the Times — falsely calling Morales a “dictator” based on signs in La Paz put up by CIA-supported fascists calling him one.

The broadsheet reinvented reality, falsely claiming pro-Morales supporters “roughed up people protesting the government.” 

Polar opposite happened. CIA-recruited thugs rampaged in La Paz and elsewhere in the country, their actions straight from Langley’s playbook.

Venezuela’s Maduro, Argentina’s President-Elect Fernandez, and former Brazilian President Lula da Silva condemned the anti-Morales coup plot, Lula saying:

“Latin America has a financial elite that does not know how to abide by democracy and the social inclusion of the poorest people.”

Maduro issued a statement saying: “We have to take care of our brother Evo Morales. We must declare a vigil in solidarity to protect him.”

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called for “(t)he world (to) be mobilized for the life and freedom of Evo.”

Argentina’s Fernandez said “the institutional breakdown in Bolivia is unacceptable.”

Morales stepped down to avoid CIA-orchestrated blood in the streets — the final chapter of this sordid episode yet to unfold.

Freedom or fascism in Bolivia depends on how things turn out.

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