Establishment Media Cheerlead CIA Coup in Bolivia

Establishment Media Cheerlead CIA Coup in Bolivia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media never met a US war of aggression, color revolution, old-fashioned coup, or other assault on democracy and the rule of law they didn’t wholeheartedly endorse.

Defending the indefensible, they back the latest CIA coup against Bolivian democratic governance, supporting fascist Jeanine Anez’s usurpation of power with no legitimacy.

Ignoring her power grab assault on the rule of law, the NYT falsely claimed she intends to “reconstruct democracy” — what the CIA’s coup was staged to eliminate, anointing her to represent Western and internal fascist interests.

Backing her coup d’etat regime, the Times said she “rejected (truth-telling) accusations from Evo Morales…that her assumption of the presidency was illegitimate.”

Phony accusations of electoral fraud by the US imperial tool Organization of American States (OAS) were debunked by an independent analysis from the Center for Economic Policy Research.

Separately, co-director Mark Weisbrot denounced what’s going on. “This is a military coup,” he stressed. “There’s no doubt about it.” No electoral fraud occurred, he added, no OAS evidence presented suggesting it because none exists.

Morales is Bolivia’s legitimate president, Anez a usurper. The Times supports what demands rejection, despite saying Anez “served in an obscure legislative post,” earlier receiving scant voter support.

Her pre-selected cabinet of ministers is stacked with anti-democratic hardliners, no indigenous members, no one supporting the public welfare.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post falsely blamed Morales for continued violence and chaos in Bolivia.

It lied calling him “increasingly autocratic,” falsely claiming he “falsif(ied) the results of the Oct.20 vote…to hand him(self) a first-round victory” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

WaPo: What happened “was not a coup,” ignoring reality on the ground and CIA dirty hands behind it.

WaPo: “The crisis in Bolivia fits no easy political narrative.”

Fact: There’s no ambiguity about events following Morales’ October 20 democratic reelection — the latest in a long line of CIA orchestrated coups, pro-Western fascist regimes replacing sovereign independent governments.

That’s what reality in Bolivia is all about, suppressed by WaPo and other establishment media — unjustifiably justifying the toppling of Evo Morales.

According to WaPo’s reinvention of events, “observers and politicians further to the right hailed what is happening in Bolivia as a restoration of democracy (sic) and a victory against hegemonic socialism on the continent (sic).” 

“Morales, in their view, was the next Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan demagogue (sic) bent on retaining power no matter the damage to his country and its fragile democracy (sic). A popular Bolivian rebellion booted him out of office (sic).”

Fact: CIA coups are all about replacing democratic rule with pro-Western fascist tyranny.

Fact: Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is a model democrat, why bipartisan US hardliners and supportive media want him toppled.

Fact: “No popular Bolivian rebellion booted (Morales) out of office.”

Wall Street Journal editors hailed the CIA coup in Bolivia as “a democratic breakout (sic),” calling legitimate democrat Morales “authoritarian (sic),” adding:

The country’s “future…depends on its ability to hold new elections and reinstate a legitimate government (sic)” — eliminated by the coup the Journal suppressed, instead falsely saying:

Morales “is a victim of his own efforts to steal another election (sic)…(He) rigged the rules time and again to stay in power (sic),” adding:

He’s “taking another page from the Hugo Chavez playbook to attempt a comeback with the help of riots in the streets (sic).” 

He “made Bolivia part of the Cuba-Venezuela nexus, attempting to impose authoritarian socialism across Latin America (sic). Its people have suffered enormously (sic).” 

Journal editors are unapologetically hardline, supporting fascism over democratic freedoms in the US and abroad.

In the wake of overturning Morales’ legitimate reelection, the fate of Bolivia and its people hang in the balance.

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