Roger Stone’s Politicized Lynching

Roger Stone’s Politicized Lynching

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

GOP-connected political strategist Stone’s connection to Trump was his undoing. 

On Friday, he was convicted of obstructing an official proceeding, making false statements to Congress and witness tampering.

On January 24, 2019, special counsel Mueller indicted him on seven counts. He never should have been appointed special counsel in the first place.

His politicized Russiagate witch-hunt scam was illegitimate. His conflicts of interest alone should have disqualified him.

What’s going on is all about wanting Trump delegitimized, weakened, and prevented from getting a second term — because he won an election he was supposed to lose, triumphing over media darling Hillary.

Stone’s indictment had nothing to do with Mueller’s special counsel mission, no evidence suggesting an improper or illegal Trump connection to Russia, no Kremlin US election meddling.

Targeting Stone and others close to Trump was and remains politicized, hanging them out to dry, wanting prosecutions that never should have been pursued, convictions that never should have been sought to rub off on DJT.

Prosecutors claimed Stone tried to obstruct the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian US 2016 election meddling that didn’t happen, no credible evidence suggesting it — claims otherwise fabricated.

Charges against Stone were unrelated to nonexistent Russian US election meddling or leaked information to WikiLeaks it revealed. No DNC hacking occurred, no evidence suggesting it. Claims otherwise were phony.

Stone denied charges against him, called them politically motivated. Former White House chief strategist/senior counselor to Trump Steve Bannon claimed he had close ties to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange — clearly not a criminal offense.

Stone’s attorney Grant Smith earlier said “(t)here was no Russian collusion,” so what’s going on is “a clear attempt at silencing Roger,” adding:

“This was an investigation they started as about Russian collusion, and now they’re charging Roger Stone with lying to Congress about something he honestly forgot about, and as Roger has stated publicly before, he will fight the charges.”

Following conviction, he was released on bond ahead of February sentencing on condition he observe a judicial gag order.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson urged Trump to pardon him, calling his conviction “a travesty.”

He faces up to 20 years in prison, a presidential pardon post-November 2020 elections perhaps coming to soften the blow.

Note: Two government prosecutors served on Mueller’s Russiagate witch-hunt staff.

The probe laid an egg, ending with a whimper, not a bang.

His team found no evidence of improper or illegal Trump team connection to Russia, no obstruction of justice, no Kremlin election meddling — because no evidence proves the above allegations.

The conviction of Stone and others connected to Trump had nothing to do with Mueller’s mandate, everything to do with politicizing what never should have been undertaken in the first place.

If Stone’s activities were connected to Dems, no charges would have been brought against him, no prosecution, no conviction of anything.

He and others convicted are victims of the colossal Russiagate hoax, one of the most shameful political chapters in US history — Ukrainegate its illegitimate spinoff.

They’re all about the Russiagate Big Lie that won’t die and wanting Trump delegitimized and discredited for the wrong reasons, ignoring plenty of right ones.

Note: Stone was convicted by a Washington, DC jury. In 2016, 90.9% of registered city voters supported Hillary, 4.1% backing Trump, according to the NYT.

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