US Dirty Hands Escalate Hong Kong Violence

US Dirty Hands Escalate Hong Kong Violence

by Stephen Lendman

Months of violence and chaos in Hong Kong have US dirty hands all over them.

Orchestrated by the CIA in cahoots with other anti-democratic US agencies and anti-government Chinese hooligans, there’s nothing spontaneous about what’s going on endlessly.

Days earlier, the Trump regime’s State Department (up to its ears in what’s happening) expressed phony grave concern about violence and chaos in the city — ignoring US responsibility for what’s ongoing.

Pompeo threatened China, saying all options are on the table, including direct US intervention, if Beijing’s military intervenes to quell what’s unacceptable and must be stopped.

Over the weekend, masked hooligans clashed with police at Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University.

On Sunday, police surrounded the campus, warning elements involved in rioting and vandalism to leave or be dealt with harshly.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that a “sedan without license plates tried to ram a group of police officers,” a live round and rubber bullet fired at the vehicle.

“(M)asked radicals” occupying the campus clashed violently with police, dozens arrested, hundreds more involved.

Highly inflammable “dangerous materials” that can be used for explosives were seized from elements arrested — “stolen” from the university’s labs, adding:

“(R)adicals shot arrows and hurled petrol bombs and bricks (at police) – sometimes from catapults mounted on the roof of campus buildings.” 

“Police fired a large quantity of tear gas and deployed two water cannons and armored vehicles.”

Clashes raged for hours, a police statement saying: “Anyone who enters or stays on the campus and assists the rioters in any way will risk committing the offense of ‘taking part in a riot.’ ”

Hooligans arrested were not university students.Police called them outsiders. On Monday, classes at all Hong Kong universities were suspended — a Polytechnic Univ. statement saying in part:

“All classes have been forced to be suspended and all operations on the campus have been halted,” adding: 

“The University is gravely concerned that the spiraling radical illicit activities will cause not only a tremendous safety threat on campus, but also class suspension over an indefinite period of time.”

“They are concerned about the safety on the campus, and they do not want to see the campus being destroyed further.”

A commentary published by Beijing’s official People’s Daily broadsheet on Monday said ending months of violence and chaos in Hong Kong “is a critical matter,” adding:

In multiple parts of the city, “rioters have been rampantly committing acts of vandalism and arson, paralyzing public transport, trashing rail tracks, hurling petrol bombs at running trains, indiscriminately causing bodily harm to civilians and even turning campuses into battlefields.”

If what’s going on isn’t stopped and the rule of law restored, “there would be no guarantee for the peaceful life of residents, to say nothing of Hong Kong’s future development.”

On Monday, SCMP’s deputy executive editor Zuraidah Ibrahim said the following:

“Hardcore mobs upped their violent game when they took over tertiary campuses last week, as bureaucrats came under fire for doing little and the police warned the city was on the brink of total breakdown,” adding: 

“In the north, radicals occupying Chinese University took over the Tolo Highway. At Polytechnic University, they have shut down the Cross-Harbour Tunnel for five days, the longest forced closure ever.” 

“The mobs broke into the campuses’ chemical laboratories and set up petrol bomb mills overnight and practiced throwing fire bombs with catapults and arrows.” 

“Fiery battles between protesters and police spread across several universities, as mainland and international students evacuated.” 

“The radicals finally withdrew, except at PolyU where a stand-off continues as I write this. Last week, the People’s Liberation Army soldiers took to the streets with brooms – not guns – to clean up, as did volunteers fed-up with the violence and their pockmarked streets. We still don’t see an end in sight.”

US dirty hands are all over months of violence, vandalism, chaos in the city, attacking China’s soft underbelly, trying to destabilize and weaken the country.

Beijing knows what it’s up against — US imperial rage challenging China’s sovereign independence.

Failure to curb what’s going on encourages more of it, Hong Kong’s future at stake.

Ruling authorities nowhere should tolerate what’s happening, orchestrated from abroad, following the CIA’s color revolution playbook — thuggish pro-Western 5th column elements involved.

Tougher tactics appear necessary to counter the threat posed by US imperial rage against China — toughness the only language its hardliners understand.

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