Establishment Media Anti-Iran Rage

Establishment Media Anti-Iran Rage

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media are hostile toward all sovereign independent nations unwilling to subordinate their fundamental rights to US interests — notably Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Iran.

The NYT falsely blamed Iranian security forces for violence committed by likely CIA recruited anti-government hooligans.

Citing an Amnesty International propaganda report discussed in a same day article, inflating the death toll, blaming security forces for crimes committed by anti-government thugs, the Times highlighted AI’s anti-Iran disinformation — admitting that it provided no “specifics” to support its claims.

Separately, the Times slammed Iran’s Internet shutdown, falsely claiming it aims to “crush dissent.” 

It’s a short-term measure to prevent hooligans from promoting greater violence, vandalism and chaos, an action most countries would take under similar circumstances.

Reports by the Times and other establishment media ignore the illegality of US sanctions on Iran and other countries — economic terrorism the fourth estate supports.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post highlighted the same AI propaganda report. Violence, vandalism and chaos by anti-government hooligans begun Friday is largely quelled.

“(F)rustration” expressed by ordinary Iranians is over US economic terrorism on the country and their welfare, not their government’s efforts to cope with externally imposed hard times.

The Wall Street Journal claimed Iranian authorities “orchestrated pro-government demonstrations” to counter anti-government protests, no evidence cited backing the claim.

Like other establishment media, the Journal consistently fails to explain the illegality of US sanctions — imposed to crush its economy an immiserate ordinary Iranians, economic terrorism by any standard.

“(P)ublic discontent” is directed at US imperial rage against Iranian sovereignty, wanting the country returned to client state status, its resources looted, its people exploited as serfs.

An Iranian spokesman for its UN mission said reports of casualties “not confirmed by the government are speculative and not reliable,” adding Iranians are free to “exercise their right to protest in a peaceful environment.”

A Final Comment

I can attest to press freedom in Iran. I’m interviewed regularly by Iranian media, allowed to express my views freely, a number of my articles published on Iranian media websites.

In the US, I’ve almost never been interviewed by establishment media, virtually never permitted to express my views electronically or in print in my own country, my articles published on alternative media sites alone.

Iran supports speech, media and academic freedoms. In the US, censorship is the new normal, increasingly wanting views conflicting with the official narrative suppressed.

Whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning are imprisoned for exposing government wrongdoing.

Investigative journalists like Julian Assange are imprisoned, abused, and slowly killed for “crime” of truth-telling.

That’s what the scourge of fascist tyranny is all about, heading toward becoming full-blown in the US — wrapped in the American flag, supported by establishment media.

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